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If you do headcannons, can I request jealous! F.a.c.e? If you don't do headcannons can I request a scenario where f.a.c.e is jealous of their s/o best guy friend?

My goodness anon, you have discovered my weakness.

France (Francis Bonnefoy):

  • Will ignore his s/o’s guy friend at all times. Ignore, ignore, ignore.
  • If his s/o says that they are going to hang out with their guy friend, he’ll practically beg them to stay in with him
  • Tries to get his s/o to stay home with him and guilts them for “not spending enough time with him” lately
  • He trusts them with all his heart and soul, but doesn’t trust others around his s/o
  • If he knows that his s/o is going out with their guy friend that day, he’ll try to convince his s/o to come to bed with him if you know what I mean, just reassure himself that they are his to love

America (Alfred F. Jones):

  • Will kiss his s/o anytime he sees their guy friend come around
  • Gets really touchy and holds his s/o close to him all the time whenever their guy friend is around
  • “Forgets” about his insane strength and hugs his s/o’s guy friend til they can’t see straight or shakes their hand harshly and nearly breaks it
  • Every time his s/o comes home from hanging out with their guy friend, he’s all up on them. (He “just wants love” is his excuse)
  • Tries to encourage his s/o to see their other friends more often instead of hanging out with their guy best friend

Canada (Matthew Williams):

  • He doesn’t get too jealous tbh, he’s pretty chill and trusts his s/o completely; mind, body, and soul
  • When he doesn’t feel a bit jealous, he clings to his s/o like a lost puppy
  • When his s/o comes home from hanging out with their guys friend, he’s all neck nuzzles and cuddles
  • Wants to know exactly what the two of them do together when he’s not around (he’s not suspicious, he just wants to make sure that his s/o doesn’t find spending time with their best guy friend is more fun or exciting than spending time with him
  • Will shower his s/o with “I love you”s and kisses every time they come home from spending time with their guy best friend, just so he knows his s/o is certain of how much he loves them

England (Arthur Kirkland):

  • “What are you even talking about, he’s not jealous.” He is so totally jealous.
  • He’ll hold his s/o tighter when he notices their guy friend coming around.
  • Kisses them more often whenever their friend comes around
  • Tbh, he’s not very publicly affectionate unless it’s that particular friend coming around
  • Will glare daggers at his s/o’s friend whenever they aren’t looking
  • Gets into verbal arguments with his s/o’s friend a lot. He can’t seem to help but dislike the guy’s every opinion.
  • Will complain about how stupid his s/o’s friend his to his own friends
  • Grumbles and mopes around the house when his s/o is out with their guy friend instead of with him
  • Silently demands that his s/o spend time with him whenever they get home from hanging out with their guy friend (he’ll change the TV channel to play their favorite show or leave tickets to some play laying around where they’ll find them or something along those lines or make dinner reservations for the next night and claim that he’d booked them weeks before)

Hope this is what you wanted!

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boyfriend headcanons for France?

- If the two of you live together, he will make you take turns making the bed each morning before you leave. It’s a slight tick for him to come home to an unmade bed, and he absolutely hates it. 
- Date night is every Friday night. Usually at the beginning of a relationship he tries to make it extravagant with 5 star restaurants and walks along the Seine, but as you two grow closer he’ll occasionally plan something as simple as game night at home or watching a movie together in your pajamas. 
- He likes to cook breakfast every Sunday morning before he goes to church. He leaves out pretty early, and may try to encourage you to go with him, but won’t press you if you don’t want to go. If either Roman Catholicism or waking up early isn’t your cup of tea, he leaves you a plate of whatever he made in the microwave for whenever you do get up. 
- He’s obsessed with closeness. He loves to be near you. In public, he’ll sit as close to you as possible and hold your hand. At home, he loves to wrap himself around you on the couch and spooning is always a must. 
- He’s pretty poetic, so on holidays or anniversaries, he loves to gift you poems he wrote himself about how wonderful and important you are to him. 
- If you have long enough hair to braid, he will absentmindedly play with and braid your hair while he talks to you or while you are both watching television. 
- He doesn’t understand the internet. He always asks you to help him. (”And this, is the mouse, right? So I take the mouse… no wait, the mouse is over here, oops… and I click once on the little blue ‘e’ right? Why is nothing happening? I clicked it!”)
- Likes to intertwine your fingers with his and sit together in silence, preferably with one of your heads on the other’s chest or lap. 
- In the summers when the weather is nice, he likes to sit out and stare at the stars if there are any that can be seen, and if not, he’ll just look the city skyline. He’s very happy when you come out and join him and grant him a wonderful conversation about whatever is on your minds while you sit and look around together.

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allies + nordics reaction to their s/o bringing home an abandoned baby.

The Allies

America/Alfred F. Jones: Alfred would warm up to the idea of a baby almost immediately, holding the child and watch as its tiny fingers wrap around his. He would question you at first, wondering if you wanted to keep the child to take care of, or if you wanted to try to find it a suitable home; he would be accepting of either option, as long as the baby was properly cared for.

China/Wang Yao: Yao would say you must not have thought it through very well but would help you to take care of it, not wanting to let it be alone and finding the fact that someone could abandon a baby to begin with to be horrifying. He would quickly grow attached to it, denying the strong bond he felt with it if you asked him.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur would be worried about possibly having to raise another child, wondering if he still had it in him, but would find that he couldn’t deny that he loved children. He would speak to the baby in a soft voice, reassuring it that the two of you would take care of it until it found a loving family, or promising to keep it close until it’s all grown up.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Francis’ eyes would sparkle as he holds the baby, horrified as you tell him how you found it. He would dramatically promise to give the baby a better life, starting by cleaning it up and giving it a silly blanket to curl up in. He would cradle it, softly singing in French to lull it to sleep as he takes on the responsibility of a loving father.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan would wonder why you had bothered to pick up the child, and after being scolded by you for appearing cold-hearted, he would sigh and state that he thought you were much too kind for your own good. He would take in the child only because you seemed adamant about caring for it, seeing your attachment to it and not wanting to upset you further.

The Nordics

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Mathias would be confused about why you’d bring him home a baby instead of sending it off to an orphanage or immediately calling someone else to help. He would end up growing attached to it, however, and wanting to keep it as the days went on and he grew fonder of it.

Norway/Lukas: Lukas would ask for an explanation, and after listening to your story, would hold the child and nod, saying that it was both of your duties to raise the child properly or to give it a good home. He wouldn’t mind the decision you made, whether it was to keep it or to give it up to more prepared people, but while the child was under his roof he’d be sure to keep them well cared for.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Emil would be surprised to see that you’ve brought home a child, pausing before asking if it was yours, and then realizing how dumb he sounded. He would ask to hold the baby out of curiosity, and would fall in love immediately as it reached forward to touch his face, cheeks turning pink in excitement as he prods the babies’ chubby cheek.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino would be surprised, having a million questions he wants to ask you but would get distracted by the babies’ cuteness, cooing and playing with it as you watch in amusement. He would be supportive of whichever decision you wanted to make, though he would try to say that you two should keep the baby, as it seemed especially happy around you.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald would stare at the child for a long, awkward moment, unsure of the normal way to react in such an odd situation. He’d feel even worse as the baby began to cry when it saw his stern face, pushing it back into your arms and telling you to do as you please. Once you coax him into holding the baby when its diaper wasn’t soiled, he’d soften, the baby giggling and reaching up to smudge his glasses.

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hello! can you do something like what the allies would order from mcdonalds and how they would place their order like what would they say to the cashier or something... thanks^^

America (Alfred F. Jones): He can’t pick a favorite. He loves the whole menu. And so naturally, he orders just about one of everything. Most often though, he’ll tend to get more hamburgers (with no pickles because he does not like the pickles) than anything else, and coke products are a MUST. He’ll be talking so fast and ordering so much (then changing his mind and completely contradicting what he asked for earlier) that the cashier won’t even know how to keep up. He’d probably take 20 minutes just to finish ordering. 

England (Arthur Kirkland): If he’s absolutely starving and in a hurry, he’ll go to McDonalds and get a small salad and maybe a fillet-o-fish. He won’t ever buy the iced tea to drink though. He only goes through the drive through and has a bit of trouble hearing out of the little intercom thing. Somehow he thinks that means the person taking his order is having trouble hearing him too and will lean into the microphone as close as he can and shout into it. It could be kind of annoying. 

France (Francis Bonnefoy): No. Not happening. He might go to get a drink if there’s nothing else around, but never any food.

Russia (Ivan Braginsky): He’ll go for the Chicken Bacon sandwich, but he’s not too crazy about McDonald’s. (It’s sold in Russia and maybe some other places, but I don’t think it’s in the U.S.) But he’s a pretty average orderer. He might be a little intimidating to the cashier due to his size and aura, but he’s relatively polite when he’s ordering food and won’t say more than what he has to in order to get in, get his food, and get out. 

China (Yao Wang): A Rice McWrap, which is sold only in his country (because nobody but him can even stand to look at it). It’s basically a tortilla wrapped around beef/chicken, sesame-rice, mushroom, salad and BBQ sauce. Yes, that’s all mixed together inside of the tortilla. None of the other nations seem to like it but him. When he orders, he makes a big deal about how much he likes it and how lucky he is that he lives in the only place on Earth that sells it to the cashier and any other customers behind him. 

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Foaly Matripony fan art. Foaly Matripony is a fan parody of “A Canterlot Wedding,” so this is fan art of fan art.


  1. That’s a direct quote from the episode in the image, so spoiler warning: if you haven’t seen it, don’t look at that image.
  2. One of the keys to drawing good horses I learned this year is remembering they don’t have cute fat legs. Think of a potado propped up by four toothpicks.

I drew this for you I hope you like it, I’m a female thirteen brony and this is my…okay art! Signed, Kittilot

Mod: Oh man this is perfect! The skateboard; the corndog ( THE CORNDOG CUTIE MARK ) ; the microphone. Why is he so angry though? Does someone not know he likes corndogs?

This is great, though. Thanks so much. <3 I really had a lot of fun voicing Francis.


Mod: Very nice female/Twilight cover of “It’ll be Ok” from Friendship is Witchcraft : Foaly Matripony. The new vocalist can sing quite well, and puts some great character into her interpretation!

Posting also because they still used my vocals for Shining/Francis, so at least it’s a relevant post. Sounds like she Mastered my lines a bit differently than how they were in the episode.