francis sparkle

I drew this for you I hope you like it, I’m a female thirteen brony and this is my…okay art! Signed, Kittilot

Mod: Oh man this is perfect! The skateboard; the corndog ( THE CORNDOG CUTIE MARK ) ; the microphone. Why is he so angry though? Does someone not know he likes corndogs?

This is great, though. Thanks so much. <3 I really had a lot of fun voicing Francis.


Mod: Very nice female/Twilight cover of “It’ll be Ok” from Friendship is Witchcraft : Foaly Matripony. The new vocalist can sing quite well, and puts some great character into her interpretation!

Posting also because they still used my vocals for Shining/Francis, so at least it’s a relevant post. Sounds like she Mastered my lines a bit differently than how they were in the episode.

Foaly Matripony fan art. Foaly Matripony is a fan parody of “A Canterlot Wedding,” so this is fan art of fan art.


  1. That’s a direct quote from the episode in the image, so spoiler warning: if you haven’t seen it, don’t look at that image.
  2. One of the keys to drawing good horses I learned this year is remembering they don’t have cute fat legs. Think of a potado propped up by four toothpicks.