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Can we get more FrUk/UkFr Cardverse headcanon ? 😍 About their relationship 😊

ahhhhh… let’s see…

  • King Francis LOVES to give Queen Arthur extravagant gifts. Since they can’t marry because of political reasons (Francis being the King of Diamonds and Arthur being from Spades), he likes to demonstrate his love the more public as possible.
  • They try to meet all the weekends they can. Usually on a reclusive castle at the borders of Spades or Diamonds, but, from time to time, they like to dress like commoners and walk around Hearts together, pretending that they are your regular travelling couple (since it is harder to identify any of them outside their own countries).
  • Arthur gave Francis a ring with the Spades symbol on it. Francis is always wearing it in a delicate chain around his neck or on his finger under a glove. Arthur loves to know that his small gift is always there with his beloved. 
  • They had met when Francis was still a small Diamond prince and Arthur was just a little baby, the younger son of a Spadian noble. However, they fell in love only when they were both teenagers, a few years prior to Francis coronation. They had been lovers since then.
  • Francis was thrilled when Arthur became the Queen of Spades, because that meant that they could meet more time for “official” business. 

That is what I can think off =3 they are basically the same two dorks from all the other stories XD

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