Tribeca 2017′s 45th anniversary Godfather reunion, as captured by J. Cavallini for Street Dreams Magazine.

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Looks perfectly normal, right? Look closer. Patrick Swayze is standing on a brick to look taller.. Thank you Rob Lowe for pointing this out.


There was a princess… Elisabeta. She was the most radiant woman in all the empires of the world. Man’s deceit took her from her ancient prince. She leapt to her death into the river that you spoke of. In my mother’s tongue, it is called “Artzeche”, River Princess.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

breebree908  asked:

Please please please. Head canon of if dally were to have lived and how he would deal with Johnny being gone.

Oh my God, why would you do this to me?! Thank you so much for requesting though xx

Headcanons For Dally Reacting To Johnny’s Death

-At first, he would do reckless things and become really violent. He would speed drive, pick up fights for no reason and wouldn’t fight back to replace his emotional pain with physical pain.

-He would run away. He would leave Tulsa and probably go back to New York. Sometimes he’d call the Curtis Home in the middle of the night and talk to Darry or Pony and ask them how’s everything in Tulsa.

-He would never mention Johnny’s name again. He’d think that if he didn’t talk about it he’d eventually forget it.

-He’d be drunk 24/7 for a couple of months at first, and try to silence his pain with sex and drugs.

-Every year, he would secretly come back to Tulsa and visit Johnny’s grave on the anniversary of his death.

-After a few years, he would return to Tulsa because the gang is the family he never had.

Hope you’ll like these 💕

anonymous asked:

Hey!! I love your blog sooo much!! You are such a good writer and I could ramble for about 10 hours. I was wondering if you could do NSFW headcanons with Johnny Cade!! Thank you so much for your time!

Oh my God, thank you so much, darling. You really made my day, thank you for being so nice and kind 💛

NSFW Johnny Cade Headcanons

-He is a fan of lingerie. Like he would rather see a girl in her underwear than seeing her naked.

-He’s not the type of guy who would continue making out when having sex. He would need to concentrate, so he would actually forget to show extra affection, but he would kiss you occasionally to show you that it means more than just sex for him and that he’s only too focused on his actions.

-Not a PDA guy, but would never stop holding hands.

-Wouldn’t like to talk about his sex life because it’s something that he shares with his loved one, it’s too special.

-When making out, he would immediately take his lover’s shirt off and continue on like that.

-He’d be so touchy, like his hands would be all over his partner when making out or having sex.

-He is crazy about perfumes by the way. He would even smell the pillows after his lover leaves.

Hope you’ll like these 💕