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Did someone ask for headcanons? *cracks knuckles*

(Get ready because these are kinda all over the place)

1. Francis likes to sleep in, so when Arthur has to be somewhere in the morning, he’ll leave a post-it note on Francis’s forehead instead of waking him up

2. Francis was an active member of the resistance in World War Two until he was captured and locked up. Arthur found him during the liberation of France and tried to get him out, but Francis was in so much pain that he begged Arthur to kill him first. Arthur obliged.

3. Francis loves when Arthur plays with his hair. And he also loves when Arthur tugs on it during sex

4. Francis also loves when Arthur carries him around. He won’t let anyone else pick him up like that.

5. Arthur introduced Francis to both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. They now have movie marathons together.

6. Arthur is a talented-as-fuck actor. Francis could watch him act all day.

7. Both Arthur and Francis can sing and play piano.

8. At the beginning of their relationship, Arthur worried that he’d never measure up to Jeanne and that Francis low-key still hated him for what happened to her.

9. Arthur is self-conscious of his appearance, so Francis tells him every day (either through words or through actions) that he is beautiful and loved.

10. Francis loves driving motorcycles. Arthur is terrified of Francis’s driving and curses himself for letting Francis convince him to ride with him.

11. Similarly, Arthur is a master at flying planes. Francis is terrified of his flying because he likes to re-enact World War maneuvers.

12. They’re both competitive as fuck, but Arthur will be the one to throw a fit if he loses at whatever they’re doing (chess, tennis, archery, you name it).

13. Arthur is just /slightly/ better at sword fighting. Francis will never admit it aloud. Even though they still sword fight sometimes for fun and Francis usually ends up losing.

14. Both of them switch off topping and bottoming. Francis finds power and confidence to be extremely sexy, so Arthur is 100% capable of turning him into a puddle. On the other hand, Arthur can’t help but love when Francis works his Frenchy magic on him.

15. Francis has tried to teach Arthur how to cook, but everything Arthur touches bursts into flame. Even water. He doesn’t know how he does it.

16. Arthur loves wooing Francis. He’ll buy him expensive gifts and draw him lavender baths and absolutely *refuses* to let Francis pay for any dates they go on.

17. Francis was the first one to say I love you.

18. When Francis confessed his feelings to Arthur, Arthur at first thought it was a sick joke.

19. Francis started falling for Arthur during World War Two but didn’t realize he was in love until the 1990s.

20. One of Francis’s favorite things to do is to simply hold Arthur and be held by him. No talking necessary, just them being close to one another both physically and emotionally.

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I want to explode, these are really cute and I want to cry.

Man and Wife: Allies x(s/o)-(2/??)

“Come on love, one kiss ~”,Arthur said as he reeked of alcohol, he was towering on (s/o),she struggle and whimper as Arthur was pushing her down to the bed more.(S/o) cried in pain as Arthur yanked her hand as he kissed her neck roughly. The other five men watch as they smirk to the scene.Francis was in her right side as he brushed her hair  slowly as in the other side Yao chuckled as he listen to her whimpers. Front of the bed there was a sofa and an arm chair to the right side to it.Alfred leaning back as he watch the scene and his brother Matthew sat there with one of his leg cross as he hugged his bear,Kumajiro.In the arm chair sat Russia as he lean to one of his hands as he had that smile he always wear on. “Hey eyebrows I want to kiss her too”, Francis said as he smacked a bit Arthur’s back head. Arthur got pissed as he turn his head to Francis. “You damn frog! Can’t you see I’m busy here!”, Arthur said as he loose the grip of (s/o)’s wrist. “Well someone is acting selfish as always.Might be maybe you got someone now to love you.”, he chuckled, this irritated Arthur and Arthur launch at Francis as they were fighting again now.Yao sighed but smiled as he lean at (s/o) kissing their cheek, (s/o) whimpered as Yao lifted up her hand and kissed it to her palm to down as he gaze at her. Alfred sighed as Matthew gaze at Francis and England fighting , they sighed as they stood up and pull them apart. “Come at me again frog !”, Arthur said as he pulled away from Alfred. “Sit down now Arthur, you’re drunk”, Alfred said as Arthur sat where Alfred sat earlier. Matthew sat Francis too with Arthur as they glare at each other but they didn’t argue, they just look away from each other. Alfred sighed as he looked at (s/o), were Yao was gently giving her kisses. “You’re so cute when you whimper (s/o)”, he giggled as he rubbed her cheek. Alfred walked to the king size bed as he crawled on top of (s/o). “Don’t leave me out of the fun”, Alfred smirked as he kissed her neck making (s/o) moan. “S-stop”, (s/o) said as she struggled more. She gasp a bit as she felt Alfred go under her bride dress and squeeze her bum. “S-stop! Don’t t-touch me!”, (s/o) yelled as she was kicking her legs a bit. “Don’t be like that sunflower~”, Ivan said as he was at her right side now. He attacked her as he kissed her right side of her neck , she couldn’t handle this. This was too much. “Stop I said!”, she yelled again. “But you look so cute like that , maple”, Matthew join as he took out a camera. “I want join, Mon amour”, Francis said as crawl on the bed , lifting (s/o)’s dress, kissing her thigh , leaving hickeys there. “Don’t leave out of it you damn wankers”, Arthur said as he stumble to the bed and kissed (s/o)’s other thigh as she squirm. “Stop it! You’re all disgusting! G-get of me!”, (s/o) cried as she bit her lips trying to avoid from moaning. Matthew watch her by the right side of the bed and smiled as he lift up the camera. “Say cheese”, he smiled as he took pictures. Alfred lifted her up a bit unzipping her dress. As the other got it what he was trying to do as they all weared a smirk as they pulled of her dress and this caught (s/o)’s attention. She felt sick, afraid,she was screaming now of horror as she felt the dress be pulled of her. She was in her panties, white panties and bra. She felt embarrassed as she heard chuckles around her. “You look so cute in those panties”,Yao said. “Look how much I marked you up, sunflower", Ivan said. “God how much I want you now”, Alfred said. “Your moans are music to my ears , love”, Arthur said. “You’re skin is so soft, Mon Amour”, Francis said. It was driving her crazy, she moan more until her eyes landed on Matthew. “How about you scream more, for the camera, maple~”, he said as he lifted up the camera and the flash of light hit her eyes.

(S/o) awoke as she open her eyes slowly. Her neck sting as hell and her legs hurt too. She look up to see she was alone in the room, the guys weren’t there no more. “Hello”, a voice said, looked around and saw Kumajiro.(S/o) feel a bit nervous around the bear but calm down as the little bear climb in her bed and dat in her legs. “Who are you?”, the bear said. “I’m (S/o)”,she said as she smiled a bit as she found it cute of the bear. “Oh you’re Canada’s bride”, Kumajiro said as he looked at you more. You tried to deny it but he spoke to you first, “Why do you have bruises all around your body? “You tense up a bit as you stood up slowly letting the bear sit on the bed as you walk towards a huge mirror to look at your reflection from top to bottom. She blush as she was in her panties but she saw that she had bruises and bite marks from bottom to top. “I I um…..”, she didn’t knew what to answer to the bear. “Might be of what those men were doing to you yesterday”, Kumajiro said as he got down from the bed. She walked a bit. They only kissed her roughly, nothing else happen, she was relief as she looked at the bear. “Do you know where they are?”, she asked as she looked at the door. “Mmmm they might be doing breakfast right now, I’ll go tell them you’re awake”, Kumajiro said as (s/o) grew alert of what he said. “Wait don’t please d-, she was late to it, he already left. She looked nervous about the place as she looked around, they look fancy,nice place but she didn’t want to be here, they keep her like a prisoner and now she’s their wife. She looked at herself,god,how could she just let them but what else can she do. She wiped the tears that were flowing in her cheek as she looked at the closet.
“I should look if there’s any clothes for me”, (s/o) said as she walked towards the closet and grabbed the doorknob and open to reveal beautiful clothes. Her eyes gaze to a red short summer dress, it look nice and basic nothing fancy. She grabbed it and went to change as she twirl in her dress she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘It’s my size. They must of been preparing for this day’, she thought as she felt nervous as she looked at her neck,hickeys everywhere and her arms. They just got on top of her. They did what they wanted. But she was happy that it didn’t went anything more intense. She sighed as she heard the door creak open slowly, she froze as she heard a voice.

“Rise and shine (s/o)~”


Fake Criterion Covers and the Making of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, and David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

gercan -- so i keep you in my mind

Gilbert calls right as Ludwig is measuring out detergent. It’s not a task that needs his full attention, much to his despair, so Ludwig cannot, in good conscience, simply ignore Gilbert’s call. Moreover, he can’t fully sink into his task of laundry knowing Gilbert is calling him. Not just because Gilbert will leave him voicemail after voicemail listing, in great detail, the number of sacrifices he made for Ludwig (“You’re my nation-state and baby brother,” Gilbert reminds him frequently, in a tone of voice that Ludwig secretly thinks all the former empires perfected during one of their knitting circles. It’s not as though Gilbert does that often–because he associates that kind of behavior–“uncool weak shit, Ludwig”–with Roderich or Arthur or Francis. But he’s not above it, and he has used that beleaguered self-sacrificing older brother act on Ludwig for things like not responding quickly enough to calls and/or texts or not drinking the next next round of drinks that Gilbert decided to get on a Tuesday), but also because–

“Damn it,” Ludwig sighs, looking at the detergent dribbling steadily over the rim of the little plastic cup onto his fingers. He pours some back, pours the rest in the machine, wipes his fingers on one of the sheet corners in the machine, puts down the detergent tub, and then winces because his cell phone starts ringing again.

–because Gilbert will just keep calling.  

And there’s a little notification that tells him that his brother has also left a message.

He answers. “This is a bad time,” Ludwig says, “I’m doing laundry.”

“It’s not Sunday,” comes his brother’s response. Gilbert doesn’t laugh, but his voice does kick a little higher as he teases. “First you go out with the North Americans on a weeknight, now you’re doing laundry on a Thursday–”

Ludwig sighs and turns the washing machine on. Leaning against it, he’s torn between hanging up on Gilbert or just hiding out in his kitchen and rearranging his pantry until he has to arrive at today’s afternoon session.

“And what are you doing up this early?” Gilbert sounds downright gleeful. “Did you just not go to bed? Are you still drunk? Tell me everything, Luddy. Did you help Canada steal another stop sign?”

“I made him put it back.”

“Look, Ludwig. I always encouraged you to be a leader. But sometimes you have to be a follower. Like when you don’t have any friends. When you don’t have any friends–”

“I have friends–”

“Three of them are dogs, and they’re with me in our ancestral home.” Ludwig starts rearranging his pantry and chooses not to have Gilbert elaborate because their ancestral home changes on Gilbert’s mood. Sometimes it’s a cottage, sometimes it’s a park, sometimes it’s a bar. It occurs to him, unfortunately, only later, that maybe Ludwig should have changed the subject and asked just where Gilbert was just to avoid this entire conversation and–

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Promise Me

Promise Me

This is the second chapter of a gift for Maplevogel. Please see the first chapter for notes.

Chapter Two

Time passed, as it always does, and Matthew grew as his worshippers increased and spread. He was powerful in his own right now, though not as powerful as his father. And as time passed, his memory faded. His promise slipped between the cracks and Gilbert became a forgotten dream, an imaginary friend.

His father encouraged the illusion, of course. Gilbert had never existed; he was a figment of his imagination… Matthew was never allowed to go to another banquet and, eventually, he forgot his best friend.

Seven hundred years was a long time to wait, after all.

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ok. so just imagine francis and gil being friends who have these friday meetups to gossip about life and one day the topic of irritating coworkers comes up between them; francis tells gil about the snooty brit who keeps on complaining about francis’ work (also, “mon dieu do you know how long i’ve been wanting to pluck his eyebrows”) and gil complains about the engineer he works with who “won’t shut the fuck up about capitalism and freedom oh my god”.

and then gil, the master of all pranks, gets the idea of setting them up for the lolz.

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