francis dancing

The EDM DJs as teachers

Zedd: that math teacher that everyone is in love with, he’s the only reason people sign up to take his class

Porter Robinson: strict japanese teacher that expects you to get 100% in the class or he fails you

Madeon: the cooking teacher that only teaches kids how to cook baguettes and cookies

Dillon Francis: the funny teacher everyone loves but can get easily angry if you don’t do what you’re supposed to, drinks alcohol with other teachers when the principal isn’t looking

Martin Garrix: the student teacher that every girl thrists for

deadmau5: hates everyone, cusses at the kids everyday, gets fired within the first week

Skrillex: gives 50 point curve on every test

Diplo: has secret sexual relationships with his female students


“Bun up the Dance” by Dillon Francis & Skrillez | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

Haley Fitzgerald
Ashley Gonzales
Stephanie Mincone

Bailey Sok
Sean Lew

Anthony Westlake
Hugh Aparente
Jordan Viscomi

Charlize Glass
Tati McQuay
Bailey Sok


Do you remember the British army uniform appreciation post? Well, it was time for the British Navy to show their beautiful mix of navy (duh), gold, silver and white.

There’s no way to not love this.

Images from top:

  1. “Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson”, 1799, Lemuel Francis Abbott.
  2. “Captain James Cook”, 1175-6, Nathaniel Dance-Holland.
  3. Commodore the Honourable Augustus Keppel”, 1749, Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  4. Royal Navy Post Captain uniform coat.
  5. “Edward Knowles, captain of the HMS Peregrine”, Francis Cotes.
  6. Russell Crowe as Capt. Jack Aubrey in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”, 2003. Peter Weir (director), Wendy Stites (costume design).
  7. Ioan Gruffudd as Commander Horatio Hornblower in “Hornblower”, 2003. Andrew Grieve (director), John Mollo (costume design).
  8. “Augustus Keppel”, 1779, Sir Joshua Reynolds.

“How Many Licks” by Lil Kim | Choreography by Yanis Marshall, Danielle Polanco, & Aisha Francis

Heels masterclass at Edge Performing Arts Center in LA