francis becker


The Killing 3.07: Hope Kills
I have an irrationally huge amount of love for this scene.  Peter Sarsgaard definitely delivers as Ray Seward.  He can be so cheeky and those facial expressions just make it better. 

“Running out on your shift.  I’d have to guess family.  Wife and kid doing okay, Frankie?  Everybody healthy?  Yeah?  Problems with the old lady? [laughs] Uh-oh.  Really?  The wife?  She stepping out on you?  That’s hard, buddy.  Um, so, when you left your shift and you left the kid to die, had you just heard about it or did you walk in on your wife banging some other guy?" 


The Killing 3.08: Try
Faced with the reality that his execution is only two days away, Seward suffers a panic attack.  Becker surprises us all by calming him down, rather than antagonizing him as he so loves to do.  After her ordeal with Pastor Mike, Linden’s ready to relax at home, until Seward calls to offer her the chance to talk to Adrian, plead for her help, and finally confess that he did NOT, in fact, kill his wife.

Will Linden learn anything from Adrian?  Can she stop an innocent man from hanging?  Time will tell…just over six hours until our new episode!