francis and manga


OKAY SO I MADE MY FIRST COMIC. ( ; w : )/ Introducing my kind of OCs (Name-wise, so they cud call each other something other than spy or sniper)

Spy: Francis Jacques

Sniper: Mundy Harrison

this is the first time ever for me to make a comic, so please excuse everything ;_; some of the drawings don’t match and the brush sizes may not be the same cuz i didnt do this all in one day. gomene ;^;

I might make a backstory of how these two met, and some other random stuff. ._.

smol-bumblebee  asked:

Im crying I glanced at your background picture y'know? Heading picture or whatever and I thought Alfred was dabbing I swear-- (If you dont know what it is, be happy. It's stupid lol)

Matthew: Please don’t start him

[Is this more what you were thinking of? lol. Also, transparent dabbing Alfred available at request]