franchise: star trek

  • me on a date: so you said you like star trek?
  • them: yeah! i love kirk, and spock, and the enterprise, and all the aliens-
  • me, slowly standing up: i'm sorry, i have to-
  • them: and bones! i love bones so much. a lot of people seem to forget him, but he's very important.
  • me: *sits back down* continue

i know that vulcans are all proper and logical as a people and blah blah whatever theyre their own thing it makes sense a lot of vulcans would be similar but actually also given the existence of spock, spocks rebellious brother, spocks own dad marrying a human, and spocks ancestor making out with a human seconds after making first contact i gotta say im a little skeptical that they all “act the same” and are “logical and put together all the time” because either sareks family is just fuckin’ wild and and he needs to stop pretending it and he is anything else, or vulcans are a damn lot more complex and different than they want aliens to think like,,,,

anonymous asked:

Star Trek and Wonder Woman crossover fics pls???????? 🙏🏻😘

Perhaps unsurprisingly there are several of these. ;) I haven’t read all that’s out there but here are a few I’ve enjoyed:

Star Trek - WonderTrev AU – by @blueincandescence 

More Time – by @thewanderinguniverse 

On the Wings of the Wind – by IntuitivelyFortuitous and TAFKAB 

To the Stars – by @randomingoftherandomness 

(Note – most of the ST/WW crossovers I’ve seen go with the premise that Kirk is a reincarnated Steve Trevor. Some, though, are just straight up WonderKirk. If the difference matters to you be sure to double-check each fic’s tags before reading.)