Tornami a vagheggiar

(A transcript of Francette’s performance last night at @palazzoaldenard‘s opening night masquerade!  @mugishalffull was kind enough to record a video, and although there is no sound, you can find Amanda Forsyth’s brilliant rendition of the aria here!  Thank you so much to @oleandre-ffxiv for his guidance and dedication, my friends and their support last night, all the behind the scenes helpers, the cast and crew, and everyone who came out to the show last night!  And thank you to @moonhartsffxiv for these pics! Thank you for all your support of the Palazzo!)

With a flourish of jeweled fabrics and a swirl of platinum locks, the next performer spins lithely onto the landing above the stage.  Silver-clad feet lead up upward into slender, gilded legs, only too soon hidden in the shock of color sent whipping about them.

Saturated aubergine feathers, glinting with a hint of oil slick metallics, glisten and catch the light to curve around her side and flow down over her hip and thigh. Tufts of softer blues, no less beautiful in hue, splinter through the center of the lavish coat to make way for a perfectly Gridanian-emerald swath of silk hugging her left side.    

Wearing a light, happy smile, Francette places a hand over her chest and bows to the audience, giving a clear view of the ivory tipped mythrite wings that adorn her shoulders.  She rights herself and the music begins, cheerful and airy, and she starts her slow descent of the stairs.

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First of all!

Long live the DL translators! All of them:

Akui Chansera, Blue (SakamakiHouse), Scurumi, Francette (epithetologist), Rox/Rex (the-precious-sugar-chan). (I haven’t named all all of them, because I don’t know all of them :( But this is about ALL DL translators anyway ).

Respect toward them is very important! Let’s remeber that they are fans aw well, but they help other fans with their hard work. Translating is not that easy and I bet there’s a lot of people here who does not speak Japanese, so… really guys! Respect translators! Without them we wouldn’t be able to learn about the story that much!

Recently, Iwitnessed haters going on anon asks and push  translatora to do more and more translations. But we need to remember that they have their personal life! They have lots of other different stuff to do and people who think that they should only translate should think again.

Just imagine, that you are a translator and people send you so many requests and finally you don’t know what to do fisrt and still have you own life (school, work, personal problems). Asks pill up and you lose your patience. It starts to be depressing, but you’re still nice and polite to other fans and try to please them… Now if you put yourself in translators shoes than you should know it’s a hard work (plus it’s 100 Times worse than you imagined since imagination is not reality and people won’t still fully understand traslators until they become one of them).



They don’t take our money or anything. They do it for the whole fandom and sometimes people won’t even notice, like “Oh, there’s a translations *reads* *leaves tumblr* ” and should be like “OH! MY! GOD! Somebody is finally tanslating!! I looove this person, let me see her/his blog! *becomes a stalker (a nice and harmless stalker xD) * ”

Next time if you say that TRANSLATOR’S are REPLACEABLE or should ONLY TRANSLATE WHAT YOU WANT then please leave this fandom…. or just at least stay quiet!

One more thing about DL fandom (not ranslators related):

There’s a lot of hate and disrespect!

What we want to stay in is a fandom welcome to everybody but some people would rather send hate toward the others. This is wrong. We’re all in DiaHell and what we need is respect other fans. I’m not telling people to start love each others if they purely dislike, but all I’m asking is respect.

I always try my best to stay aside and be quiet but now I really need to write it. This note is not a hate note toward other fangirls. Not at all !!!! I love you all because we are in DL fandom together. But we should sometimes think before acting. I belive that we can make this fanodm a better place. It’s sad that so many nice and polite people leaves it and rude people would stay and keep on sending hate.

Please respect the other fans (and translators among them/us)!

Love, Milky (☆´3`)


I have never before done a blog roll, so… well, I thought I would.  Please find below all five of my currently at least semi-active characters on Balmung in FFXIV.  Please pardon the length of this post!  😅

Mythka Suvi - @smokespun

Mythka is a thirty year old Raen Au Ra male, born outside Doma.  He lost both his parents to the Garleans when he was merely a baby, and has no memory of them aside from a magically induced vision.  Taken in, given a name, and raised in a Hyur-run orphanage, The Black Shroud called to him preternaturally from picture books and texts in school.  As soon as he was of age and able, he made the move to The East Shroud and made his home near Fullflower Comb.  The locals know him as a devoted healer, both in conjury and herbal disciplines, and his cabin is often visited by travelers as well.  He boasts a lush flower and vegetable garden, a few fruit trees, and active bee hives.  Reclusive and quiet but endlessly kind and accepting, he can often be found of course at his cabin, foraging in the East and sometimes South Shroud, hiking and lunching along the ledge by Castrum Oriens, and lending his expertise at Stillglade Fane in the training of novice recruits.  Mythka enjoys reading, gardening, the smell of the forest, rain, touch (with the right people), and the concept of true love.

Corwynn Grey - @smokespun

Cowrynn is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te male who works as an archer at the Archers’ Guild in Gridania.  Adopted into a wildly diverse family boasting Hyur, Elezen, and Miqo'te, Corwynn claims NINE SISTERS.  He took to the bow right away and began training as soon as he was able to hold one properly.  He has a bounding, quick, instinctual style that is often envied by his partner, Raven Alderscorn ( @housealderscorn), who is more methodical and calculating, but no less deadly.  The two are the closest of friends and in their relationship they’ve learned much from each other - from which forks to eat with first to how to properly skin and grill a rabbit.  He can normally be found on patrol in The Shroud, crashed on his bunk in the Archers’ Guild, having drinks with Jacke and Baderon in Limsa Lominsa, or sneaking around the Lancers’ Guild to play pranks on them.  Corwynn loves concerts and plays, tall tales and bawdy stories (listening to them or telling them), cabarets, EATING, and spending time with his inordinately large family.  That includes Raven.

Charlemont Mercaiges - @house-mercaiges

Charlemont - or Char, as his casual acquaintances call him - is a twenty-four year old Duskwight Elezen currently employed as a knight by House Sartigault (A Dzemael vassal house) in Ishgard.  He is largely avoided by most in the House save the head chef Laure, and the head butler, Camille.  He is considered laconic yet fervid, and barely but always obedient in service to his Lord and Lady.  Charlemont accepts and completes his duties professionally and efficiently, proving himself to be a dependable knight for the house despite his often intense countenance.  The Duskwight naturally carries himself with an air of refinement beyond his station, and smoothly changes the subject when queried about his past.  He is usually remembered by his odd golden eyes against his dusky skin, and is rarely seen with a companion. Char possesses a marked penchant for clear liquor over the typically preferred Ishgardian red wine  He can be found in the field or in the city on patrol or deployment, various restaurants in Ishgard, or at House Sartigault.  Char does possess an apartment, though precious few know its location.

Francette Dardenau - @smokespun

Francette - more commonly known as Frankie - is the oldest daughter of Celine & Michel Dardenau and proprietor of Emberfall Parfumerie.  Hailing from a long line of well-bred Gridanian Wildwoods, she inherited her grandmother’s artful soprano voice and cultivated it from a young age, but it was the art of scent that called to her louder than performing.  Though she occasionally graces the stage at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre, or at the newly built Palazzo Aldenard, it is her shop which steals her heart and time.  Frankie has a sunny, jovial disposition and a snarking sense of humor, not to mention a smile that lights up the room.  Much to the benefit of her business, she is a whiz with numbers and finances though often doubted due to her looks.  She has a penchant for late, lazy mornings, sunny days on the beach, rich meals, flowers, and of course creating new scents.  She can be found at Emberfall Parfumerie, out on the town with her squad (Gridania, Ul'dah, or Limsa - she’s never been to Ishgard), having an evening walk in The Lavender Beds, or grabbing her morning cup of coffee and almond cream croissant at the local cafe.

Sahti Nhubalu - @sahti-nhubalu

Sahti (also known as Sister Sahti or Moura Sahti) is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te living deep within The Orn Wild.  She is a crone, the wise woman whom three different families of women seek for knowledge and guidance.  Sahti oversees births, leads rituals for deaths and burials, organizes ceremonies for arranged mating and coming of age.  When Keeper men come calling, it is her they meet with and pay their respects to in order to request a coupling with her girls.  Deeply connected to the energies of The Wilds and the rhythm of the families she is a part of, Sahti is a touch eccentric, intimidating, and mysterious.  She speaks sometimes very little, other times in parables, and only at length and openly in small groups.  While she has no children of her own, she possesses both an innate and learned knowledge of nature, biology, and the flow of life.  She loves bright, lush colors, large flowers, jewelry, running water, and fire.  Truly, the only place Sahti can be found is in The Orn Wild.