francesco londonio

The Glory of a Milk-Goat

Anthologia Palatina 9.224 = Crinagoras (Augustan period)

Notes: “Caesar” = Augustus; “the Aegis-Bearer” = Zeus/Jupiter.

When Caesar tasted me – the she-goat with swollen teats,
Most milk-rich of all the goats whose udders the milk-pan has emptied –
And took note of the rich taste I produced, as sweet as honey,
He made me his voyage-comrade, sharing even a ship with him.
I think that someday soon I shall reach the stars, as well.
For the one I offered my teat to is no lower than the Aegis-Bearer.

Αἶγά με τὴν εὔθηλον, ὅσων ἐκένωσεν ἀμολγεὺς
    οὔθατα πασάων πουλυγαλακτοτάτην,
γευσάμενος μελιηδὲς ἐπεί τ’ ἐφράσσατο πῖαρ
    Καῖσαρ, κἠν νηυσὶν σύμπλοον εἰργάσατο.
ἥξω δ’ αὐτίκα που καὶ ἐς ἀστέρας· ᾧ γὰρ ἐπέσχον
     μαζὸν ἐμόν, μείων οὐδ’ ὅσον Αἰγιόχου.

Goat, Francesco Londonio, between 1755 and 1765