francesca rose

The Names of the Next-Gen

Full Name: Nick-Name (in order of most frequently used).

Edward Remus Lupin: Tonks, Lupin, Potter (Never Ted).

Victoire Apolline Weasley: Nike (Do not dare call her Toire or Vic).

Dominique Gabrielle Weasley: Dom, Swan, Duckling.

Louis Arthur Weasley: Lou.

Molly Claire Weasley:

Molls, PJ (Percy Junior).

Lucy June Weasley: Luc, Goosy.

Fred Rick Weasley: Freddie, Rick, Dick. (George felt pretty clever coming up with Fred’s full name).

Roxanne Angel Weasley: Roxy, Rox, Angel/Devil.

Rose Minerva Weasley: Rosie, Ro, Rome.

Hugo Alastor Weasley: Hueg, Huge (He was very small as a kid).

James Sirius Potter: Jamie, Jamsie, Jay.

Albus Severus Potter: Al, Asp.

Lily Luna Potter: Lils, Harpy.

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy: Scorp. 

Lorcan Rolf Xenophilius Newt Scamander: Lorc, Lord.

Lysander Scamander: Sander, Sandy.

Augustus Ethan Longbottom: Auggie, Gus.

Francesca Alice Longbottom: Frankie, Frank, Chestnut.

Catherine Grace Longbottom: Kit (Do not call her anything other than Kit).

Nessuno eccelle, poiché ci sarà sempre qualcun altro più bravo di noi.
La vera eccellenza sta nell'ottenere discreti risultati nelle più svariate materie della vita.
—  Francesca (Ilgiardinodellerosenere)
Yes, the Beast changed. He spoke for now, and did not gaze at Beauty in the same intent, almost pained way, as if you were feeling every emotion she felt. He did not sigh in his sleep when she sighed and his stomach didn’t growl when hers hurt. He could not read her thoughts anymore, and she could not read his. He seemed a bit more clumsy and guarded and distant, too. They no longer ran to the woods together, although they still walked there sometimes. They quarreled and raised their voices to each other once in a while. Each time, after they quarreled, Beauty bathed, combed the tangles from her hair, and began to wear shoes again for a few days. She loved him more than anything, her Beast Boy, but secretly, sometimes, she wished that he would have remained a Beast.
—  The Rose and the Beast by Francesca Lia Block
Perché dovrei arrendermi? Per dare ragione agli altri? Per dare ragione a quella vocina, dentro di me, che desidera ardentemente svalutarmi? No, non mi arrendo, perché, ricorda, è nel momento in cui cadi che trovi la forza per rialzarti. Le incertezze e l'autocommiserazione lasciamole agli altri.
—  Francesca (Ilgiardinodellerosenere)

A WIP color study of my current project, a combination fan art of two things I love: Toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon” and Minecraft.

There are a bunch of things I need to work on, including the drawing, size of the piece itself, how I layer colors, etc. It’s a good experiment though, and I may do another study just to get kinks worked out.


Senior Show 2013 Artwork

“Swooping Osprey”, Photoshop Cs5, $200

“Pouncing Fox”, Photoshop Cs5, $200

“Leaping Caracal”, Photoshop Cs5, $200

“Hunting Frog” (AKA Frogfolio), Photoshop Cs5, $200

These are my final pieces that I have submitted and will be hanging in the Senior Show for the class of 2013. They will be hand-framed and hung by the 15th of May at the Amherst building on NHIA’s campus in Manchester, NH. Whatever does not sell while the show is on display will still be available for sale through me, and smaller sizes can be sold per request. If you’re interested, email me for more info.

I visited my mum’s side of the family this past weekend, and my grandma suffers from dementia so my aunts and uncle have to constantly watch and care for her. It’s very time consuming and exhausting on them, so me and my sister took turns sorta distracting her so everyone could visit and talk with each other.

I couldn’t really go on certain websites with her sitting next to me (explaining stuff to her is more difficult now), so I just opened up Google and looked up oriental cats and let her watch me draw instead.

Such cute expressive faces!