francesc spring 2012

NYFW Review: Frank Tell's FRANCESC Spring 2012

The devil wears…FRANCESC, apparently. With double-horned French braids and an orange smoky eye, Frank Tell’s models prove that luxe does not have to mean lady-like…or refined for that matter. FRANCESC dresses the downtown denizen that can splurge on sex appeal. Slips? Outmoded! Models marched in sheer French Chantilly lace mini dresses revealing (full coverage) undergarments. Tempering ruffled peplums, luscious leather panels and cropped jackets hardened all airs of fragile femininity inherent in delicate chiffon & lace. Transparent seams traced every curve on skin-thin wool separates layering another level of body-con to deceptively conservative styles. Cord corsetry details raced around waists and sleeves in yet another element of exposé. A girl can have her quality with a heavy dose of coquette! Somewhere in lower Manhattan, in a subterranean basement of a bar, some young thing will be dancing table top in one of these tattoo-lace frocks with no intentions for dabbling in the demure. 

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