frances uku

  • America: hey england ;) i got you a special present
  • England: *Blushes* Yes?
  • America: *pushes england into the harbor* biTCH U THOUGHT
Face Family during the 1910s





Someone should totally draw this

If you are interested in read some APH England Fanfics, I have this lists with recommendations!!!

Here are the links:



FACE/ACE Family fics

APH England with a partner who isn’t APH France nor APH America

  • Just check the triggers if they have.
  • All the fanfics are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the fanfics are COMPLETE.
  • I update the lists every now and then and also I’m up for recommendations.
The Allies at some point (probably?)
  • America: WHO DAT WHO DAT!
  • Canada: I-G-G-Y
  • Russia: Who da who da?
  • China+France: I-G-G-Y!
  • America: *Furiously pointing at England*
  • America: WHO DAT WHO DAT
  • America: I-G-G-Y!
  • England:
  • England:
  • England: I fucking hate all you assholes
  • China: this is why I-G-G-Y get no friends aru

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