frances rings

ID #11668

Name: Milo
Age: 16, 17 in October
Country: France

Hey, so I’m Milo, I’m 16 and live in France as you can see above. I’m quite an introvert so sometimes I’m a bit awkward and I’m sorry about that…
Country doesn’t really matter to me but I’d like to meet an English-speaking person so I can improve my English. I’m looking forward to learn new languages too, any language really !
I like drawing and spending time on the Internet, and playing videogames even if I’m not really good at it.
I also enjoy The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit (yes, I’ve read the book and still like the movies), Star Wars, Doctor Who (even if I’ve only watched a few seasons, I’m trying to catch up), Sherlock, Stranger Things, Over the Garden Wall and many other things. I’m open to discover new shows, movies, books, everything.
I’d rather do Skype, Tumblr chat or mail, but maybe sometimes I can do snail mail.
Ah, yes, I’m pansexual and polysexual, and uh, still questionning my gender identity (I know I’m not female as my XX chomosomes would like me to be, but I’m still not sure whether I’m trans or agender, or genderqueer), so please if you contact me, be LGBTQ+ friendly. I’m also an atheist, but if you’re religious it’s absolutely not a problem, as long as you respect my lack of religion of course

Preferences: I’d like to talk to anyone around my age, so 15-25 is good to me. Otherwise gender, sexual/romantic orientation, skin tone, country and religion doesn’t matter to me.

Phone: ring ring ring

France: *picks up*

France: Oh? Angleterre? It’s the middle of the night, what do you need?


France: … England?


England: Do we need ageless products.

France: Huh?

England: I mean, as immortal nations–

France: England, are you drunk?

England: Or are we made out of ageless products??

England: You’d– You’d know something about this, you’re all about beauty!

England: Are we made out of ageless product? Or are we actual ageless product??


France: Which pub are you at

Mistakes We Learned Growing Up (Ch. 1)

Summary:  A childhood rocked by World War II left Francis and Arthur each reeling in their own way. Years later, they are still struggling to move forward and form a future in post-war Europe. But as they fight to put childhood demons aside, new problems continue to arise, and they are no closer to knowing what their futures hold. (Sequel to What About the Children?; can be independently read)

Chapter summary: Arthur decides to take a trip

Chapter title: A Fork in the Road

AO3 |


When Arthur J. Kirkland was 20 years old, he decided to go to Paris. Why he chose Paris was unfathomable to the friends and family he informed of this abrupt decision, but to him, it seemed the only suitable place to work through the shadowy malaise gripping his brain.

               He had reached an age where he was meant to know what he wanted to do with his life, and in absence of that, be prepared to follow in his father’s footsteps. Two of his older siblings were married already, and Daffyd had been working the same job for three years now. Arthur had quit his position in the same brewery two weeks ago, in preparation for his trip. If it would be there when he got back, he didn’t know.

               The thing was, Arthur had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, and although he had been of a young age when the war ended, he felt as mired in its bog as his father, with his missing half a leg, and the others who had fought in it. Every conversation still seemed to swing back around to the war, as if it hadn’t been six years since its end. Six years! Every time he thought of it, he was shocked anew. It had now been longer since the end of the war than it had lasted, at least for Britain. Everyone was still picking up the worse-for-wear bits of their lives and trying to reconstruct them into something manageable, Arthur no less.

               But the wretched business of it was that he couldn’t put a name to the foot-dragging unease in his heart. He hated that—it was a feeling he couldn’t even understand, let alone explain. His father had sat him down for a talk after he quit his job, and he had utterly failed to give an accurate explanation of why he had done it.

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