frances partridge



If you’re into Bloomsbury - Lytton Strachey, Carrington, Frances and Ralph Partridge… Watch this.

Three short 16mm films by Beakus Penrose, filmed in and around Ham Spray, 1929. Two drama-shenanigans, one documentary! Brought out of their rusting tins and conserved by the National Film & Television Archive for ‘Carrington: the Exhibition’, Barbican Art Gallery, 1995.

'Dr Turner’s Mental Home’ featuring Saxon Sydney Turner, Rachel MacCarthy, Lord David Cecil, Dora Carrington, Ralph Partridge, Frances Partridge.

'Untitled’ ('The Bounder’ to me) starring Dora Carrington, Stephen Tomlin, Julia Strachey, Oliver Strachey (?).

'Topical Budget Ham Spray September 1929’ with Dora Carrington, David Garnett, Frances Partridge, Ralph Partridge, Lytton Strachey, James Strachey.