frances j. worthington


William gets a call inviting him for an outing downtown. Because outings are my new favourite mini-game challenges, he has no choice but to accept–but judging by the grin, he doesn’t mind a temporary escape from this crazy, snowy household.

Back: Max Worthington / Frances Worthington II / Jeremiah Worthington
Front: Frances J. Worthington III / Dahlia Worthington

The matriarch of the obscenely rich Worthington family, Frances II (named for her dad) is a fiercely proud mother, a leader in the business world and long-time debutante. She took the throne of her parents shady financial empire straight out of college and hasn’t looked back since. Jeremiah was working at a discount tux rental store when he met his wife and he feels constantly overwhelmed by the expectations of high society. Frances claims not to have a favorite child but only the reader of her will knows for sure….the oldest, Maxwell (Max) is a college dropout who spends most of his time chilling in too-hip nightclubs and burning through his trust fund. Obvious heir Frances J. is in a top-secret prep school (and growing some pretty sweet sideburns) while Dahlia may or may not be joining a coven (she’s considering her options…)