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I’ve been picking away at the Landgraab lot (well, exterior + three rooms) makeover, because I have this scene with the Worthington siblings ready to go and I would love to have at least one scene under my belt in terms of progress on the next update.

It’s my usual sort of thing: no major overhauls, and mostly working within the constraints of what was already there. Their sitting room is the most changed, and that’s where the majority of the scene will take place.

I’ve added captions. I’m open to suggestions re: some of the things I’ve mentioned there.

Last time we saw the Worthington-Rai household: 

- They were running the fire hall as an always-open business, and the customers spent most of their time dancing to the radio in the kitchen. 
- Frances continued working on his eternal quest to make a zillion bricks get a toymaking badge.
- Jasmine got some useless business perks. 
- Life was generally uncomplicated but fun. :) 

anonymous asked:

Frances J Worthington III?

He is set up to be a rich snob that need no one, but his money.  So his role model must be Malcolm Landgraab.

He does have one friend, Guy Wrightley, but I think he was someone that Frances knew from high school (no memories of private school for rich kid, so I am assuming he went to public school).

Of course, everyone on campus knows Frances as he is something of a gossip queen and is never too far away when drama starts.  He is outwardly shy though and has a bit of a mean streak that can only be classified as sass.

ccuhea  asked:

Frances J. Worthington III for the headcanons?

I don’t have a lot for him, most of my characterization I get from @strangetomato, lol! But let’s see…

  • I dunno if it’s supported by his actual family history but I figured Frances is a unisex name and the family names their firstborn that regardless of gender
  • He’s not very sociable and doesn’t have a lot of friends
  • HUGE SNOB. his attempts to join the secret society have failed because he rubs people the wrong way, lol
  • Excellent taste in home decor. Reads home design magazines in his spare time for fun 
  • Guy Wrightley and him are childhood friends & have a secret relationship. They have conservative families who would not approve & feel a lot of pressure to live up to expectations. 
  • I just thought of this idea for Pleasantview Plus but I’m thinking next time I play him he might get a girl to move in with him rent free in exchange for being his beard, hijinks ensue? 

oresha hoh var boys.

Guy Wrightly is torn between wanting to enjoy his time at LFT, and his desire to see the Fraternity succeed and live up to his grandfather’s name. He hopes to be a successful business owner in the future and so is studying Business Management.

Mickey Dosser, Guy’s best friend, lives up to his name. He just wants to have fun. Still, the threat of getting kicked out and spending a semester on academic probation has made sure that at least he’ll do the bare minimum to stay in. After all, he wouldn’t want his party years cut short. He’s a Drama major.

Matthew Hart is exceedingly dull is chasing a dream of perfection. Accepted into college - check! Joined the best (ahem only) fraternity on campus - check! Stunning sorority-girl girlfriend - check! Graduating with honors… still in the works. He’s not really sure what he wants to do job-wise once he graduates, but he can’t wait to settle down with Sarah and start a family… and maybe one day see his own sons pledge OHV.

Frances J Worthington III is here because he heard that Fraternity connections set one up for business connections in the future. So far, given the calibre of his brothers, he doubts that will be the case. But now he’s here, he might as well attempt to do what he can to raise that calibre and increase OHV’s reputation.

Johnny Smith is also a brother, but doesn’t live in the house here.

Back: Max Worthington / Frances Worthington II / Jeremiah Worthington
Front: Frances J. Worthington III / Dahlia Worthington

The matriarch of the obscenely rich Worthington family, Frances II (named for her dad) is a fiercely proud mother, a leader in the business world and long-time debutante. She took the throne of her parents shady financial empire straight out of college and hasn’t looked back since. Jeremiah was working at a discount tux rental store when he met his wife and he feels constantly overwhelmed by the expectations of high society. Frances claims not to have a favorite child but only the reader of her will knows for sure….the oldest, Maxwell (Max) is a college dropout who spends most of his time chilling in too-hip nightclubs and burning through his trust fund. Obvious heir Frances J. is in a top-secret prep school (and growing some pretty sweet sideburns) while Dahlia may or may not be joining a coven (she’s considering her options…)


Magic: Please stop fighting and adopt me. :(

Good point. Frances doesn’t need to wait for the puppies to grow up when his appointed dog is already an adult! 

Buying back the puppy he used to own and gave away for free seems like the sort of thing that would leave a bad taste in a Fortune Sim’s mouth, but Frances doesn’t complain. 

In fact, he looks so happy to be reunited with his grown-up pup again, I almost feel bad for separating them. 

Dodger: Do you have room for one more…?