frances j. worthington

Back: Max Worthington / Frances Worthington II / Jeremiah Worthington
Front: Frances J. Worthington III / Dahlia Worthington

The matriarch of the obscenely rich Worthington family, Frances II (named for her dad) is a fiercely proud mother, a leader in the business world and long-time debutante. She took the throne of her parents shady financial empire straight out of college and hasn’t looked back since. Jeremiah was working at a discount tux rental store when he met his wife and he feels constantly overwhelmed by the expectations of high society. Frances claims not to have a favorite child but only the reader of her will knows for sure….the oldest, Maxwell (Max) is a college dropout who spends most of his time chilling in too-hip nightclubs and burning through his trust fund. Obvious heir Frances J. is in a top-secret prep school (and growing some pretty sweet sideburns) while Dahlia may or may not be joining a coven (she’s considering her options…)

“So am I officially disowned from the family yet?”

“Oh, I’m not sure I’d go that far, but you might be omitted from the Christmas card letter this year.”

“If only that were the extent of it…”

“Oh relax, Frances! It’s not like you’re the first Worthington to cause a stir. Remember great Aunt Laurel and her baby scandal?

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