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—  Basically I’m so fucking tired of all these videos and shit about white people doing this and doing that. What I’m talking about is color people shouting down white people for approaching their “culture”. Like Iggy making an Indian themed video, white girls rapping etc.  I really dont see the problem here. It’s a theme, It’s not racism at all.  For example, I am a big fan of every culture, I like japanese culture with samurai, geisha, their food, anime ; I love korea with kpop, hanbok, their language, their history ; I like Africa with tribes, their music ; I like Arabic music, I like Russians with vodka, adidas, gopniks, cyka blyat and all this shit. Instead of being happy that someone is interested in your culture and is trying to look like you or something like that you fucking rip them off. why? why the fuck would you even do that? And you really can’t say white people dosen’t have culture, because we don’t have a culture for a whole, we have a culture for EVERY.SINGLE.COUNTRY. Hungary has a different culture, Romania has a different culture, France has a different culture, Irland has a different culture, Holland has a different culture, Russia has a different culture, Germany has a different culture.  In 2014, a south korean couple made a traditional romanian wedding and I was really happy seeing someone that liked our traditions so much they made a wedding that way. Should I did shut them down for that? I really don’t understand why you Americans are so narrow minded sometimes. Being a country mix of all races and cultures and shit, wake the fuck up. Why don’t you rip off Asian girls rapping? Does them have something special and white girls dont?  Why don’t you rip off Honey Cocaine or CL. They’re not black and they’re rapping o.m.g. For real now, what is wrong with you all.

Studying 📚📓✏📏 with Kiseok (Boyfriend 😘)

Kiseok : I don’t find the results of You + Me , can you help me. I think my calculator is dead 💀! He said, putting his head on your shoulder.

You: Search a little more , you will find !

Kiseok: That’s what i do !!

You: It’s simple…Look, you write down You + Me and now you must find that result… Kiseok + (y/n) = 💖… It’s that simple !

Kiseok: Woa… You are very smart Babe , i didn’t know that you can solve this equation ! He applauds.

You: Now let me study…Please !

Kiseok: OK… *wait 10 sec * Babe ❤ ?

You: I can’t hear you 🙉 !

Le monde ou rien
Le monde ou rien

J'suis dans ma bulle, bulle, bulle
Oh shit, le shit, le shit, bulle
Sang sur l'pull, pull, pull, olala olala
Dégage ton boule, boule, boule
Oh shit, ton mal mon bien
Ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais
Tout pour les miens
Ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais
Le monde ou rien
Ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais
Moi ça m'convient
Ouais ouais ouais ouais ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais

Sur Ma Route
Black M
Sur Ma Route

Sur ma route, oui
Il y a eu du move, oui

De l'aventure dans l'movie
Une vie de roots
Sur ma route, oui
Je n'compte plus les soucis
De quoi devenir fou, oui

Une vie de roots

Sur ma route

Sur ma route, j'ai eu des moments de doute
J'marchais sans savoir vers où, j'étais têtu rien à foutre
Sur ma route, j'avais pas d'bagage en soute
Et, dans ma poche, pas un sou, juste la famille, entre nous
Sur ma route, y'a eu un tas d'bouchons
La vérité : j'ai souvent trébuché
Est-ce que tu sais que quand tu touches le fond
Il y a peu de gens chez qui tu peux te réfugier ?

Tu peux compter que sur tes chers parents
Parce que les amis, eux, disparaissent un par un

Oui, il m'arrive d'avoir le front au sol
Parce que Dieu est grand et, on est seul, on meurt seul

Sur ma route, on m'a fait des coups en douce
L'impression qu'mon cœur en souffre, mais j'suis sous anesthésie

Sur mon chemin, j'ai croisé pas mal d'anciens
Ils me parlaient du lendemain et que tout allait si vite

Ne me parle pas de nostalgie
Parce que j’t'avoue que mon cœur est trop fragile
J'suis comme un pirate naufragé
Oui, mon équipage est plus qu'endommagé
Je sèche mes larmes, j'baisse les armes
J'veux même plus savoir pourquoi ils m'testent, les autres
Si y'a plus rien à prendre, je sais qu'il m'reste une chose
Et, ma route, elle est trop longue, pas l'temps de faire une pause

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Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra ft. RacecaR - Impact

All lyrics written by Racecar. All songs written by B. Peyrot des Gachons,
D. Battestini Quadri, Elvis Martinez Smith, J. Baptiste Feyt & L. Berton.
All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded works reserved, unauthorized copying, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. ℗ & © 2017 Office Home Records. All Rights Reserved.

- Masta Conga - congas, minor percussions, amplified tablas, Korgs, Moogs, production, mix, mastering, artistic direction
- RacecaR : vocals
- Elvismartinezsmith - guitars, co-production, artwork
- Benjamin Peyrot des Gachons – keyboards
- David Batestini – double bass
- Max Hartock – drums
- Jean Baptiste Feyt - buggle, trumpet, trombone
- Victor Dos Santos – bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax
- Philippe Vernier – baryton sax, flute, clarinet
- Prosper Nya – trumpet
- Matthieu Lecomte – violins
- Marianne Launay – choirs