france quidditch

Does anyone else ever wonder how the wizarding world in Eastern Europe, the Stans, and the rest of the former USSR was impacted by muggle communism and the fall of the Soviet Union?

Like, did the wizarding world also have a block of communist states? Were they all one state? If they were, is it still one big central government? Did they bring kids with Quidditch skills in young like the USSR and Yugoslavia did with gymnasts and figure skaters? 

Doesn’t that last one give new thoughts on Viktor Krum he would have been 14 in 1991, so perhaps he was put in intense Quidditch training soon after starting at Durmstrang. 

Speaking of Durmstrang, where is it; we don’t even know the country. Al we know is that it’s in the North, near mountain and lakes, and presumably by open water. So, Norway, Finland, Estonia, some part of Siberia? But, the name sounds like the German Sturm und Drang, which means storm and stress (and was a 18th century literary movement). 

Do wizards have translation spells, because Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have students from multiple countries who don’t speak the same language natively. Or, do they have to know French or whatever the language is for Durmstarang’s country to attend the school? Come to that, do they have English classes at school, or did the Triwizard candidates have to learn on their own? 

All the ramblings…. This is what happens when you’re a political science and language major who’s reading Krumione fanfiction while watching Hunt for Red October.