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Have you been to Elfia? We have! Lao, Future, Huggiebird and many more joined us these two beautiful sunny days of music, fantasy and beauty!

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The Hetalia countries as random Spongebob quotes

EsItaly: I’ll have you know I stubbed my toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes.

Germany: Welcome to the Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?

Japan: And say hello to used napkin!

America: You like Krabby Patties, don’t you, England Squidward?

England: Just blew out of Stupidtown?


China: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?

Russia: You’ll never guessed what I found in my sock last night.

Poland: Am I a pretty girl?

Prussia: I can’t see my forehead.

Austria: No, Prussia Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

Lithuania: I’m a good noodle!

Romano: Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuoli.

Canada: I’ll remember you all in therapy.

Greece: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma



Iceland: Imagination.



Finland: He has such a way with words…

Sweden: Happy Leif Eriksen Day! A tinga tinga torgen!

Nations in Theater

America, such a good actor it’ll make you reconsider how manipulative he is in real life.

France, that over dramatic actor who takes his roles to heart and off stage.

China, the actor that’s been there forever. Has been in everything

England, the Stage Manager. 

Germany, the Director.  

Poland, in charge of costuming. 

Japan, in charge of lights and sound.

Canada, head of stage crew. 

Spain, Romano, Prussia are said stage crew. 

Russia, built the set. 

Italy, all the extras. 

Hetalia Hotel AU

Italy: Porter. Is literally always happy to bring your bags up. Or anything. As long as there is a cart.

Romano: Concierges. He makes you feel like you’re bothering him when you ask him for something. But his heart is in the right place. 

Germany: Hotel Manager. Runs a very tight ship. You do not want to be reported to this guy.

Prussia: Housekeeping Supervisor. He’s very adamant about making sure every room is cleaned to perfection.

Japan: Housekeeping. Is one of the few people who can live up to Prussia’s tight standards.

America: Front Desk Clerk. Upbeat and always happy to help. Very good at making small talk while you’re being checked in.

Canada: Front Desk Clerk. Is all smiles and makes the customer feel welcome. He is better at dealing with complaints that Alfred.

England: Front Desk Supervisor. Makes sure all the guests are happy with their stay. Has a pretty annoying job but tea helps.

France: Executive Chef. Nothing but the best. Only 5 start dishes leave his kitchen.

Russia: Bartender: Seems too serious at first but once he does a few tricks and starts small talk, the customers realize he’s pretty funny.

China: Kitchen Staff. Lives up to France’s standards. He and France do clash from time to time over who should really be in charge.

Meanwhile, in a World Conference
  • England: Alright, who broke the coffee machine? I'm not mad, I just want to know.
  • Japan: I did it.
  • Arthur: No, no, you didn't. Romano?
  • Romano: Don't look at me! Look at Italy!
  • Italy: What? I didn't break it.
  • Romano: Funny, how'd you know it was broken?
  • Italy: Because England just sat down and told us!
  • Romano: Suspicious.
  • Italy: No it's not!
  • America: If it's any help, and it probably isn't, but Poland was the last one to use the machine.
  • Poland: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • America: Then why did I see you over by the machine earlier?
  • Poland: I use the stirring sticks to push back my cuticles. Every one knows that, stupid American!
  • France: Let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it.
  • England: No. You're not just taking the blame so we can forget about it. Who broke it.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Prussia: Canada's been really quiet...
  • Canada: Fucking really!? Really!?
  • Prussia: Ja, really!
  • Everyone: (Starts screaming at each other)
  • ...
  • England (aside): I broke it. I hate coffee, France, and America, who drink it, so I broke it. Any moment now, they'll be at each other's throats with war paint. Good. I love causing chaos!
  • Prussia: hey, West! Can you draw me?
  • Child Germany: h-huh?? What's this all of a sudden?
  • Prussia: well, I'm sick of Spain and France always showing off how well or cute their little siblings draw, and so I want you to draw the awesome me so that I can show off how good you are! And hey, I've never actually seen you draw!
  • Child Germany: ... I don't want to.
  • Prussia: Ehhhh??? Why not??? Don't you love me, West???
  • Child Germany: that's not it... it's just... I can't draw well...
  • Prussia: it shouldn't be that bad! I mean, at least do something that portrays my awesome personality through art!
  • *The Next Day*
  • France: Prussia, why the long face?
  • Spain: did Germany manage to illustrate you well?
  • Prussia: yeah... through a hundred pages annotated essay about me... double spaced with bibliography and footnotes...
The 2ps as shit my friends (and family[and me]) have said pt.  2
  • 2p America: Listen bucko I've seen more pussy in my 17 years of life than you ever will
  • 2p England: The first time I tried to cook I caught an oven mitt on fire and burned an orange. Don't ask how because I don't know either
  • 2p China: If you can't remember my name you can call me ling-ling or dumpling, I don't care
  • 2p France: I will literally break your finger if it comes any closer to my face
  • 2p Russia: *pouring 4 packets of sugar into a cup of tea* it's 6 in the morning and I went to bed at 4. I have so many regrets
  • 2p Canada: I'm going to slit the tires on my neighbor's car if he doesn't stop coming onto our land I swear to fucking god
  • 2p Italy: *breaks finger after catching a football**completely monotone* it seems that I'm in a bit of a situation. How unfortunate. Now, if you'll excuse me *goes to the nurse crying his eyes out*
  • 2p Germany: Yeah, I can speak German. Eat meine Dick
  • 2p Japan: The only thing darker than my soul is my hair
  • 2p Romano: *in response to 'you should wear a suit to bed'* you're right, I'll look dapper as fuck while I take a napper as fuck
  • 2p Austria: I can play skrillex on my ukulele
  • 2p Prussia: *nearly in tears* she took my flower crown