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Day 27/100:

i stayed home sick today and used my time for revising and for preparing for my acid-base test in chemistry tomorrow. i’m really nervous, but i’m trying my best to prepare and hopefully i’ll be okay!

i’ve also recently taken up self-studying french!

je veux parler Français.🇳🇱


Fusil de Marine Mle1842 rifled musket

Made by the Manufacture d’Armes de Chatellerault c.July Monarchy - serial number 5527MB.
17,8mm/.70 cap and ball, single shot muzzleloader, walnut stock, brass fittings, socket bayonet.

Originally a smoothbore musket, this Mle1842 musket was rifled and cut down to light infantry size in 1860 along with all other smoothbore long arms in French arsenals at the time. It however escaped the Tabatière conversion of 1864 to a breechloading weapon, instead retaining its muzzle-loading Minié rifle configuration.


Mle1836 French Gendarmerie officer pistol

Made by the Manufacture d’Armes de Châtellerault c.1865 under the Second French Empire.
15mm/.69 cap and ball, single shot muzzleloader, stock compartment for cleaning kit.

The French army, like other European nations, kept single shot caplock pistols long after revolvers were around. This one would only be replaced in 1873 by the MAS Chamelot-Delvigne design, a double action centerfire revolver infinitely more modern in concept than this here firearm.


MAC 34 T machine gun

Produced by the Manufacture d’Armes de Chatellerault prior to WW2. Originally an aircraft turret gun, fitted in the 1950′s with an Aujoulat bipod mount for infantry support.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle 1929 100-round Mle 1934 pan magazine, gas operated, impromptu military-grade toaster.

These now obsolete aircraft guns were recycled after World War 2 to become an infantry weapon, although their cooling problems meant that they were limited to 100-round magazines spent in short bursts for an average rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute. Water then had to be injected in the gun using a syringe.

Mle 1934 100-round magazine and Mle 1931 150-round magazine for MAC machine guns.

anonymous asked:

Hello I am sorry I'm new but why? does everyone? associate Thomas Jefferson with mac and cheese? Pls show me a meme if there is one I'm just confuzzled

uhh one time he went to france and he ate mac n cheese there and was like “hOLY sHsit!!!!”
after that life changing incident he came back to usa w a recipe and he changed to his own and ate macaroni til he died

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MAC Modèle 1931 ‘Reibel’ machine gun

Made at the Manufacture d’Armes de Châtellerault in France throughout the interwar era.
7,5x54mm MAS mod. 1929 Balle ‘C’ - light bullet - or Balle ‘D’ - heavy bullets for use in fortifications, 750rpm with Balles C, 100-150 rounds pan magazines.

The Reibel machine gun was the French tank machine gun of the interwar era, and thus of WW2. An heavy and reliable design, it was often twin-mounted in fixed position - with many guns being produced to be fed from the left - with large-capacity awesome-looking magazines. It was notoriously mounted on the Maginot line or the B1 bis heavy tank, the obsolete French WW1 armored vehicle that brute-forced its way over German competition in 1940.

B1 bis ‘Normandie’ Heavy Tank, showing a coaxial Reibel machine gun with the 47mm turret gun.

        lazed eyes parry with quirked brow   ,   curiosity wrought features  ,   a vestibule of disinterest lacing snowy features.     offer a yawn  ,  words drowned in dialect and muffled through accent.                         alfred      ?      why are you trying to break into my kitchen     ?       ‘


Life Lessons: Punch Out Edition

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Rebound like Glass Joe

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Don’t be afraid to have your own style like Disco Kid

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Believe in yourself like Little Mac

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Be a little mischievous like Aran Ryan

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Have some attitude like Don Flamenco

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Work hard at what you’re good at like Piston Hondo

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Support the ones you love like Doc Louis