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For Portugal and France, what will happend if I cut your long hair? For Spain, did you miss your long hair and who cut it for you?


Port: “NO DON’T CUT MY HAIR, it’s one of the only things that keep me from looking like spain.”

Spain: “and also, back then, England cut my hair back then so I didn’t look like port.”

Italy has a time-out chair at the world meetings. All a nation has to say to Italy is “chair,” and he will begin his slow walk of shame, similar to the way a puppy is after it’s told “Bad dog!”

Germany slips him some snacks sometimes, and France will occasionally let him move his time-out chair close to his spot.

Prussia is known as the chair veteran, for when he took part in world meetings, he had a chair too. And was damn proud of it.

Hetalia Mystic Messenger AU!
Not sure if this has been done already but here it is!

MC: England

707: America cause he’s a meme loving troll

Zen: France because he’s FABULOUS

Jumin: Germany because instead of it being Elizabeth 3rd, he’d obsess over his dogs

Jaehee: Japan because he’d be forced to look after said dogs

Yoosung: Italy because he is a ball of sunshine that makes you smile