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Sylvie Vartan at the atelier of her boutique in Paris, Sylvie prepares her new collection of Autumn Winter.
Jours De France Magazine, July 1968

Polish Fashion In Paris In 1966, a group of models presented Polish fashion on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match)

meowdoglover  asked:

May I please ask how the allies would react to their s/o giving them a stuffed animal they won from a crane game?

Alfred (America)- Alfred would be super happy, and while he’d be glad his s/o won him something, he’d want to win them something even better. He’s always been naturally good at crane games, so he’d win as many things as he possibly could and give them all to this s/o as a giant thank you gift. If his s/o didn’t want all of them (because there would be a lot) he’d be willing to take some home himself tooOnce he got home he place the stuffed animal his s/o got him in a safe place to make sure he’d never lose it. 

Yao (China)- One of Yao’s favorite things are stuffed animals, so if his s/o won him one he’d practically be in love with it. He would thank his s/o profusely, and he might eye the crane game a little to see if he wants to try and win them something too. He’s pretty bad at them though, and he doesn’t like to spend too much money on them because he thinks they’re usually rigged, so he might only give it one try before giving up and just buying his s/o something instead. He’d add the stuffed animal to the “small” pile he has at home once he got back. 

Arthur (England)- Arthur might act a little embarrassed when his s/o gives the stuffed animal to him and say something like he was too old for having one. He’d accept it anyway, and he’d insist on trying to win them something as well. He’s awful at crane games though, so there’s almost no way he’d win anything. He’d still try really hard though, and he’d keep going until he was out of money to play anymore. He’d be in a bit of a sullen mood afterwards, but he’d perk up pretty quickly if his s/o didn’t mind he didn’t win them anything. Although he said he’s “too old” for stuffed animals, he totally sleeps with the one his s/o won every night. 

Francis (France)- Francis would find it adorable that his s/o won something just for him, and he’d basically treasure it forever. He’d definitely offer to try and win something for them as well. He’s pretty decent at crane games, so he’d be able to win one or two things to give to his s/o, but he wouldn’t try to get them a ton unless his s/o asked him to. He’d put the stuffed animal somewhere important in his house so he could always know where it was so he could look back on the nice memory his s/o got him any time he wanted. 

Ivan (Russia)- Ivan would be overjoyed that his s/o won something for him, because he usually never receives many gifts from people. He wouldn’t want to risk not wining his s/o something back, so instead he’d just buy a bunch of stuffed animals or an something else he knows they like to show his appreciation. If it was a small stuffed animal, he’d put it in a coat pocket or something and carry it around with him everywhere he went. If it were larger he’d keep it at home but almost always keep it close to him while he was there.