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Name: Raven
Nicknames: Rae, Rae Rae
Birthday: February 23
Star Sign: Proud Pisces
Gender: Female
Favorite Colors: Purple, Blue, Black, Silver
Current Time: 9:43pm
Average amount of sleep: 4 or 8 hours because i don’t have control of my life
Lucky Number: 23 or 17
Last google search: Random characters from X-Men because I wanted to know their comic backgrounds
Amount of blankets you sleep with: 4
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Bands: Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, RHCP, Incubus,The Civil Wars and this list could really get way too long 
Last film I watched in the cinema: Sinister 2

I am tagging: joshifercrazy danisu21 buffygrotto @sorryisankthetitanic, awkwardokays and pretty much anyone who sees this and decides they want to so tag me so I can get to know you too