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some fantasy/supernatural!au i want to do for r76

I’m really fixated on this idea about the Immortal Soldier, a powerful being commonly seen during epic battles or times of war, he can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. But there are legends around him saying that he is also an ill omen - that whenever he appears, catastrophe is sure to happen - may they be natural disasters or destruction made by human means or even pandemics - he is a harbinger of death.

but that is far from the truth…

It is not where the Immortal Soldier goes, death surely follows - but rather he goes where Death is surely to be there. He travels endlessly, following Death - immortality being a blessing and a curse. He is not immortal by his own means but because Death refuses to reap his soul.

And the battles he fights in or the towns, cities he travels to - the reasons why he is there is not that he enjoys to watch Death do his work, but the Immortal Soldier does what he can to help the living - reduce as much damage as he can… because he knows that once the spell is broken and the man that is now the vessel of Death finds out how much devastation he has done, it will break him.

[edited: 5/22/17 - Titled this fic We’ll hold each other soon, in the blackest of rooms - Prelude is now up as, well as on AO3 <— read it here for a cleaner version]

What if...

Reaper is now back in Overwatch, his redemption story is almost done… he is now among friends and trusted allies. This pseudo-rebirth of his isn’t as torturous as before. He feels like Gabriel Reyes again.

- And together with Overwatch, they are slowly dismantling whatever is left of Talon, destroying Talon facilities, hacking through their databases and reclaiming old Watchpoints.

But what if during one of these missions, while scavenging through the basement of a now abandoned Talon base for anything useful - they come across a still functioning Cryo chamber - containing the body of Gabriel Reyes. Both Mei and Angela confirms the authenticity - Mei looks through the data of the cryo chamber, confirming that it was sealed a day after the Zurich explosion and Angela, through careful extraction of a DNA sample, confirms that it is Gabriel - a 100% DNA match.

The body is in a state of suspended animation and Angela with Mei’s knowledge of the cryo chamber’s design are finding ways to careful extract Gabriel from its confines - meanwhile “The Reaper” is brought in for questioning… the heavy interrogation is lead by both Ana Amari and McCree while supervised by a very distraught Soldier 76. Other members of Overwatch scour old Talon records and documents for any explanation as to what the hell is going on…

As for Gabriel.. or is he Reaper? He has no words as to what is going on and he begins to doubt his very existence on who or what he is…

[another fic idea? maybe? i have a lot on my plate so i writing this down here…]

Undo Delete - Reaper76, BunnyRibbit (1/4)

Summary: Lucio and Hana, with the aid of Athena, find some old music files from what remains of the original Overwatch database.

(This was suppose to be shorter, but my urge to add some angst got the better of me…)

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