[She steps out from the back noticing him at the front desk. Taking a deep breath she steps forward a sympathetic look on her face].

Been waiting for you. [She breaths in, almost relieved that he’d finally made it, she gazes over his shoulder and takes note that Ronnie is there]. You can come too, Ronnie, thank you for finding him.

Fran... [private]

Look. I don’t know where your head has been lately, but I could really use you right now. I could really use your support. You are after all the dad. 

Or are you even interested in that? 

Fran? ~private!~

Stepping into the foyer of the mansion, a place she never expected herself to be, feeling a bit unhinged she was greeted by a maid at the front door asking if she could take her coat and what have you. Audrey politely shooed her away, offering a gentle smile. “What is this in regards to Madame Fairmont?” The greeter inquired. “I’m here to see Fran. It…It’s important…I think.” She stuttered a bit, trying to place her thoughts together. “Is he here?” The woman nodded, and politely excused herself to find him. 

While she waited, Audrey looked about, noting how she remembered this very place. Her friendship with Faye, her “meetings” in private with Nicolas, back when she was a nobody, a simple spy attempting to make her life work here in this strange new world. Surreal. It was all too surreal, as if she had lived another life.

Phone call | Fran + Aud
  • Audrey:[Hesitating, her eyes never leaving Xavier as he watches her, she dials his number, taking a deep breath she feels a sigh of relief when he answers, her heart pounding, practically leaping out of her chest. She opens her lips to speak, but finds her voice is cracky and weak]....Fran?
A Past So Deep That Even You Could Not Bury If You Tried. - Pt. 1

I loved you more than you’ll ever know.                                                                    
Part of me died, when I let you go.

                       “The stages of our grief: anger, fear, guilt,
                  acceptance. And the first seeds of grief…Denial.

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Ummmmmm........[For Audrey and Fran] -Private-

Soooooo….Josiah sort of swallowed one of my earrings…’s ok! It’s ok he’s fine. Becky took care of it but. Yeah…….so he’s kind of where you are, in the hospital I mean.

Don’t kill me please! He just, snatched it right out and put it in his mouth and…..I’m sorry!

He’s ok though, I promise….please don’t fire me.

... [private]

[Jen returns to Audrey and Fran’s lake house, Josiah in his little sling against her body. Seeing the trash bins in ruins, all about, such a mess was enough to cause her to worry but as she stepped into the house, seeing everything so tattered, the beer on the floor of the kitchen…she knew] FRAN?! Uncle Fran?! 

[She tries not to set herself into a panic, pulling Josiah closer to her body she dodges up the stairs to their room, when she finds him it is evident he hasn’t slept a wink, but something in his eyes also told her he knew who had done it]. She–she’s gone isn’t she? She was so scared, she knew something was going to happen. When she dropped of J.J. she told me to stay far away but…I mean she always says stuff like that, it’s Audrey.

Who? Who took her? [He didn’t have to say a word for her to know, it was there in his eyes, it would not have been Sal or Angelo. No they were still faithful loyalists to them as far as Jen knew. It wouldn’t have been the Vorshevskys because she hadn’t done anything to harm them or even offend…It could have been Alessia but…she probably wouldn’t risk the quarrel from Sal if she attempted anything…that left only one more…and it all made sense]. 

What are you going to do? 

  • Audrey:Stumbling forward as she was ushered out of the press junket by her staff, she slipped into the limo awaiting her, a screaming Josiah bouncing on her father's lap, a panicked Audrey pressing her phone to her ear. She sighed and swallowed hard looking at her son, reaching over to take hold of his hand gently to see if it would calm him. As their fingertips met for the mere second he stopped his tears gazing at her with a little hope twinkling in his jade eyes. Audrey couldn't help but smile at him, but as the ringtone kept buzzing going on and on and there was no answer from Fran on the other end, she began to click her heel up and down by way of her knee shaking in an uncomfortable worriment. Suddenly as the phone clicked to life of an answer she gasped. "Fran?!....Fran please...please tell me you're alright. I saw...I saw the television...a bomb? There...there was a bomb?!....are you alright? Are you at the hospital? Where are you?" She frantically flooded him with her trepidation.

She barges into the front door, not even caring. Charging upstairs she finds him in the same place she had left, only with a bottle in his hand, chugging away like a teenager on prom night. Rolling her eyes she scoffs as she storms up to him and snatches the bottle away.

No! No! Before you say a GOD damn thing you listen to me! YOU LISTEN FRAN!” She swallows hard backing away and smashes the bottle into the wall, the glass shattering sending the remaining liquid pouring down the wall onto the floor. Turning from the damage she looks back at him so stern yet tear-filled. “She needs you! He needs you! I need you! We all need you! We need you sober and at your best! If Audrey is going to come out of this alive she needs you strong! Do you understand me?! You are giving him EXACTLY what he wants! You are not a child Fran! Fuck! You are the closest thing I have to a dad do you understand that?! Do you!? I don’t think you do! Get up off your sorry ass and do something! Anything! You can’t do this. You can’t!” Her voice was shrill. Her throat hurt from all the other times she’d been in a flurry. But this mattered most. He needed a wake up call, badly.

Gasping she takes a few steps back and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Get. Up.”


If you are reading this, then you already know that I’m gone and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for things to turn out this way and I never meant to leave you, our family. We were supposed to get married and live our lives out together, that’s what we wanted.. but sometimes life catches up and snatches it away. It sucks, but it happens.. and it’s happened, Audrey.

Never in my life have I felt for someone the way I feel for you. You are my everything, what I look forward to going to sleep at night, the only woman I want to wake up next to, the mother of my son, the woman I would have spent the rest of my life with… And I know I haven’t always shown that to you, I know. I know that I’ve been an ass and I’ve let you down too many times to keep count, I know that, but don’t you ever for a second forget that I did love you.

Now that I’m gone, you are the man of the house, Audface. Trust no one. Especially not Nicolas, dammit. ESPECIALLY HIM. If I’m dead now, he had something to do with it… and if he ever found out that you were involved with Sal, as well… he’d kill you just as easily. But know that you have friends, Audrey. You aren’t alone. Jen, Ronnie, Avery, Ariadne, Anthony… Keep them close.

When you feel weak, when you feel like giving up, you look at our son. You look at him, into his eyes—whether they be green like his daddy’s or that warm brown like his mama’s, you look at him and you tell him that you love him. You don’t give up on him, Audrey. Don’t give up on yourself. You put your faith into yourself and our son just like you put your faith into me.

This is the end for me, Audrey, not for you. For you.. this is a beginning, a new chapter. Don’t waste it.

I love you.


“Did you know he had this favorite pair of boots?  He would always wear them, and when I came home, when I finally actually looked through our things, I saw them, sitting there, with an old pair of socks like he had just worn them, hours prior. And suddenly I thought to myself –No you can’t touch those, no what if he comes home and he wants to wear them, and you’ve moved them and he can’t find them…no. No, don’t touch them. He’ll want them. He’ll want to wear them. – I realize however foolish, however confused I may have been, I was becoming accustomed to our life together, to the little things that made him so great. And though I hated those clunky ugly leather things, he loved them for whatever reason, and it was just one of those quirky, small things that made me adore him, love him even more. And now those moments are gone, they’ll never, ever, happen again…and I have to grow accustomed to seeing them, sitting there in the back of our closet.”

Excerpt from: A Past So Deep That Even You Could Not Bury If You Tried - Pt. 4 (Coming Soon)

Let's Stay Together | Fran + Audrey

Lipgloss. Check. Blush. Check. Hair. Check. It was all falling into place. How she looked, who she felt. It was all right, just right. Perfect. Taking a deep breath as she stared into the mirror she turned about checking out the little black dress she’d thrown on over the top of some very skimpy lingerie. It was about time the two made up, it was about time they actually had some sexual interaction, as ridiculous at that sounded. Pursing her lips she rubbed them together smoothing out the shiny contents of her strawberry lipgloss. Taking in a deepened breath, chest rising and falling, Audrey gathered up her confidence. With a bright smile she put on some music and swayed her hips to the beat as she prepped herself up for what was about to happen. She giggled as she pranced around gathering up her purse and shoes before shutting off the music just as she headed for the door. It didn’t take her long to hail down a taxi, not with the way she looked. Gorgeous, and she felt gorgeous, which was a plus. She gave the driver the address to her boyfriend’s apartment, luckily, even in the murkiness of the day it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t raining too hard as she slid into the leather seat of the cab. 

As the rain began to pour a tad more while the driver drove along to their destination Audrey thought to herself, how important this would be, the next step, what they’d both wanted for awhile now. She gathered her thoughts and kept her spirits high hoping she wouldn’t disappoint and as they pulled onto the street of his complex, Audrey paid the driver and slipped out into the pitter patter of the rain. She gazed up at the top floor where his apartment rested and bit her bottom lip letting the coolness of the humid sky-tears dab against her complexion. She knew she was getting a tad soaked but she didn’t care, maybe it would add to the effect. Her heart pounded as she then raced for the door and headed straight to his apartment. Standing outside the door she hesitated for only a moment before she lightly knocked on the door, swallowing hard, brow furrowed. As the door swung open her heart began to beat even faster against her chest, stepping forward she wasted no time, wrapping her arms around him, resting her wet and chilled body into the warmth of his she kissed him quite heatedly in greeting.