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So “my name is Cow… i lik the bred” seems to be the Hot New Meme, and I like it. Here’s an odd thing about it, though; a lot of the cutsey animal talk I see on the internet (especially birb-speak) sometimes reminds me of Middle English, but “lik the bred” takes it even further and sounds downright Chaucerian, and it isn’t just the rhyme and cadence. Some of the “lik the bred” pastiches I see around don’t really work because they’re in just plain doggo-fran speak (haven’t decided if Doggo-fran and Birb are the same thing or not), but the ones that really hit all the same notes as the original have something going on with the mangled vowels and spelling that’s not the same as the mangling in Doggo and/or Birb. Maybe some time I’ll gather up some examples and look closely at the vowels and spelling and try and sort out precisely what’s up.

if u don’t think i will stan house lannister all the way up to the oldest branches of that family tree u are sorely mistaken. like, what kind of throne did cerion lannister king of the rock sit on? what was lann the clever’ stance on women and how did he treat them? why the fuck did king tommen II just HAVE to bring brightroar with him to valyria? @ george r r martin please


I’m just a crap comic creator and aspiring animator.

I’m here to talk about a problem.


Oh. I’m not saying it’s bad. No. I’m looking at the hypocritical antis. The SJW’s.

Maxvid shippers, do as you please. I say, it’s okay. To this day, I’m still a Billdip shipper. The ship is very… bad most of the time. It can be abusive. Underage. Pedophilic. Here’s the funny part… I’ve had other tumblr accounts. I look back at the old Billdip accounts on tumblr, and that hate compared to the hate for Maxvid… is so small. So is RickMorty. Starco. Tomco. Even though these ships, if thought of sexually at all, can be considered underage or pedophilic… they aren’t receiving hate. Cupdice and Mugdice shippers aren’t even hated on as much. When I’ve looked through the Maxvid tag… I saw some of the most wicked, disgusting, evil people on tumblr. And no. I’m not talking about the shippers. I’m talking about the people who tell others to kill themselves. I’m talking about the people who harass and scare people who just… like a ship. People who use the ship to cope, being battered around and deleted from this site just because they found something that makes them happy.

Do you wanna know my theory on all of this? A selective few lost their shit and went to everyone, spreading the word to about the evil ‘pedophiles’ who upset them by existing. I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to have an opinion. I’m saying that if you hate ‘pedophilic ships’, you should hate ALL OF THEM. Not the one that will get you the most followers in the span of a week. You should hate Starco. You should hate RickMorty. Don’t even TRY hating on Maxvid if you ship Frans. Or… Frisk with anybody. You should hate any ship with an older person and a prepubescent child. (Starco counts as pedophilia. Realize, Marco IS technically a full grown adult mentally. His body just isn’t grown in their dimensional area.)Ah… And the best part. Remember Sailor Moon? Remember Fruits Basket, you anime fans? Did you ever think that sailor moon was hot? Were you ever attracted to her? Were you ever attracted to any character below 18? Congrats. That’s a child, and you’re a pedophile. According to you, at least.

Now that we’ve pushed that out of the way, what do you think? Are you a pedophile? No? Neither are Maxvid shippers. They aren’t truly pedophiles unless they’re doing something to REAL, IRL, NON-FICTIONAL CHILDREN.

If they are, have a ball. Do whatever you want.

If they’re not, stop. Shut up. You’re talking out your ass. You’re spewing complete, utter shit when you could be doing something productive. You’re not “Saving Tumblr from pedos one death threat at a time!!!111!!!”. You’re literally wasting your time. In the time you took to get rid of an account, that person has made a new email, and a new account. They’re back. They’re not leaving.

Don’t screw with the Maxvid tag. Please. Leave it alone. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Block it. You aren’t doing anyone any favors. Your acceptance into college isn’t reliant on whether you make a Maxvid shipper kill themselves. If a Maxvid shipper exists, it’s not the end of the world. It is NOT your duty to make them feel like shit. Please. Stop.

If you want to talk to me about this, we can. I’ll be civil. I’ll be kind. Until you start to insult me. Then… I have a lot of pent up frustration over school. I’ll be ecstatic to let it all out on you. Oh. And don’t even think about trying to make yourself seem like a victim in our messages. I’ll expose you ass faster than you can say ‘Billdip’. I don’t play around with fake victims.

Now… Maxvid shippers. Those of you who just like the ship. JUST. LIKE. IT. Not the ones who want to make it a reality or anything. Hey… You guys are okay. It’s gonna be fine. There’s a LOT of problematic ships out there. I promise, this’ll stop soon. When those people find a new series to suck off like their daddy’s dicky, they’re gonna stop. They’ll lose interest. I promise. You’re amazing. You deserve to be happy. You have free will. You can live your life, and pursue what makes you happy. Things always get better. Actually… ANYONE who ships a problematic ship. This applies to you. (Realize… that ‘anyone’ is still selective. NO IRL FREAKY SHIT PLEASE.) It’s okay. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. As long as they’re healthy, you should embrace them. If you need to talk, I’m here for you. If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll refer you to someone else. I promise, you’re allowed to be happy. Don’t let some hypocritical judgemental assholes try to beat you up. Just go tell them to bash on the people who’re really fucked up. Y’know. Those people who kill animals just for sexual gratification? Yeah. That shit’s fucked up. I’m not even going to debate that.

If anyone ships any other problematic ships.. please, try to support other shippers. They need it. Looking at all the ship names I’m dropping in the tag, and then some.

In summary, antis, please stop being assholes. Shippers, it’s a free world. Ship what you please. Wanna talk? I’d be more than happy to.

Featuring @friskyfox159 , a very good friend of mine who honestly deserves more love because… just… Fox is an amazing person. Good friend. If I hear Fox get upset one more time because somebody decided to tell them to go kill themselves, we’re going to have a talk. A very long talk. I will make as many accounts as I have to. We will have words.

Thank you.


pharahmedic  asked:

and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and th

Whatever you do

Don’t imagine Steve Harrington watching football on a Sunday night

With his lucky jersey on and popcorn half spilled on the floor and the couch

Cheering on his favorite team, getting excited, jumping wildly from the couch with his hand in the air

When the touchdown is completed he yells at the top of his lungs and runs around the first floor of his house

And when his dad comes downstairs, Steve tried to explain how the team won the game, his father with a stern face says to him;

“Keep it down and clean up after yourself.

You’re not a kid anymore.

It’s just a game.”


The opening screen for the First Christmas If stories. I translated the text that accompanied the new images. As always, I am no expert translator, but this will give a good idea of what’s happening.

Code: Realize Silver Miracles promo translations.


Lupin: “Dear Miss Cardia. I will receive your smile soon. Gentleman Thief Arsene Lupin.

Lupin: Alright…! With this, we will gather information later, secure reply– ((pretty confident except the last bit.))

Lupin: –Well, wrong! It is not just an advertisement!

Roll up what I wrote and threw it in the wastebasket.

While scratching my head, I looked at the stationary again.

Even though it has been infrequent so far, I have sent letters to Wales.

Even so, today I cannot find the right words.

Lupin: Damn….. it is not coming at all, why is such an ordinary letter so difficult…

Lupin: If it is a preliminary announcement, it should be fairly short. Write down what you think…

When I try to write it, inevitably the pen gets dull.

Lupin: ……. it’s no use frowning, anyway think while writing something.

Then, I will write—



Van: When I think about it again….. it has been a long time since we left London.

Delly: Oh, yes. Even now it does not feel real.

Delly: until just yesterday, I can hardly feel I was really there. (??)

Delacroix’s expression and tone exudes just a little loneliness.

And that….surely I am the same.

Van: ……I wonder what they are doing these days.

Even though we are traveling through the U.K. We have not been back in London at all.

Report to Marquis of Renfield, meetings and negotiations with government officials.

But there were several opportunities to meet this half year.

However, Lupin’s Gang originally, was a gathering of free people with their respective purposes.

Apart from Fran with a clinic in Lower Town, there are many times everyone is gone somewhere….

Even if I return to London, it was a situation that I did not see much of the other friends.



—I cannot speak well.

Not only about myself, but also Fran’s each and every movement and words were much more anxious than usual.

Because I seem to be like that, it seems Fran does not calm down, he looked away from me.

Cardia: ……….

Fran: ………..

Cardia: Well, yes, I will make a cup of tea.

Cardia: Since washing the dishes is supposed to be done, I will call Finis.

Fran: —-! Wait!

Cardia: !

Fran grasped my arms firmly when I tried to leave to escape.

And with unprecedented force, Fran turned me around.

(((Translate says he “turned her over with unprecedented aggression.” That would be head explodingly OOC and this is definitely NOT that kind of story.)))

Fran: ……Do not call for Finis.

Fran: I want to talk to you alone. ………Cardia.



Impey: Okay, with this one! Well what shall we do next?

Lupin: Hey, Impey, I bought the requested ingredients–

Impey: Oh, Thank you Lupin! It has been super saved! (?)

Impey: Because I was wondering what to do without having to stop to go shopping–

Lupin: if delicious dishes come out, that is enough for me–

Lupin: This is a great amount. It will not be 8 servings. The preparation is also strangely fancy.

Impey: Well there is spirit too, because today is Christmas Eve!

Impey: And in a couple of hours! For the first time in awhile! My princess is coming!? I need to put in the extra effort! (((All good except the last sentence which is pretty much just a educated guess based on the context.)))

Lupin: Shall I just wake up with your usual meal….. (?)

Impey: Nonono! The dishes that are made for a man’s taste is a different motivation!

Anyway, that’s why.

Today, Christmas Eve, Lupin’s Gang is gathering after a long absence.

Fran chan is going to come soon, Van and Delly chan also will come in the afternoon.

And also from Cardia, “Scheduled to arrive at night” the letter had arrived.

……..By the way the moment I saw an answer, it goes without saying that I did a high five with Lupin and Saint chan.



Brilliant red and calm green.

Wrapping the contrasting colorful ribbon, the walls of the room will gradually color.

As soon as I started decorating the room, I answered two questions.

Hansel: That is…… are you calling Cardia and throwing a party?

Saint: Yes. As you know, the group is acting apart now.

Saint: So I thought that if I can get together for awhile– the day when everyone is likely to come…

Guinevere: December 24th….So it’s a Christmas party.

Guinevere: … is done, we received permission from Omnibus to help. (??)

(((Guinevere’s statement is being really difficult for some reason. Something about receiving permission from Omnibus, but who and for what needs more context for me to clarify.)))

I love studio art major Grantaire a lot, don’t get me wrong, but consider art history major Grantaire for a minute: 

Grantaire getting really invested in studying the influence of Classic and Hellenistic Greek art on different movements and studying the prevalence of themes from Greek mythology as subjects in art. 

Grantaire arguing with professors about how overrated some artists are and underrated others are. 

Grantaire long-windedly discussing the influence of the Italian Renaissance on the development of art with an exasperated, fellow art history major Floréal.

Grantaire and Floréal arguing about the lack of study and museum prevalence of non-Western art, female artists, and POC artists. (Floréal is naturally disgusted and wants change. Grantaire claims that the Western study of art is too Eurocentric and patriarchal to ever change and they should just take it as it is.)  

Seriously, please talk about art history major Grantaire with me.


since this shit is canon now, give me ALL the college!future fic you can find. I don’t care that I’ve already read like 500 of them, I will read 500 more, I will swallow AO3 whole and make it only about adam’s punk rock tattooed farmer boyfriend visiting him in his prestigious ivy league and making all of his smart college friends collectively wet their pants at how well-dicked adam is, thank you