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So “my name is Cow… i lik the bred” seems to be the Hot New Meme, and I like it. Here’s an odd thing about it, though; a lot of the cutsey animal talk I see on the internet (especially birb-speak) sometimes reminds me of Middle English, but “lik the bred” takes it even further and sounds downright Chaucerian, and it isn’t just the rhyme and cadence. Some of the “lik the bred” pastiches I see around don’t really work because they’re in just plain doggo-fran speak (haven’t decided if Doggo-fran and Birb are the same thing or not), but the ones that really hit all the same notes as the original have something going on with the mangled vowels and spelling that’s not the same as the mangling in Doggo and/or Birb. Maybe some time I’ll gather up some examples and look closely at the vowels and spelling and try and sort out precisely what’s up.

*sees hate on me*
Me: Meh
*sees hate on my work*
Me: Whatever
*sees hate on my ship*
Me: … You can make fun of me, you can make fun of my work, but if you make fun of my ship?


Meditation has always been such a daunting task for me. Trying to get my mind to go completely silent never worked. I would always get bombarded by thoughts of the day, thoughts of the past, thoughts about the most random things ever, sexual thoughts, you name it. Because of this, basically me feeling like I wasnt doing it right. I gave up. I stopped trying. That all changed last night. Last night while working on some school work I was getting caught up on The Friend Zone podcast that features heyfranhey, and two wonderful men named Dustin and Asante. The entire podcast spoke to my spirit as they always do, but when Fran starting speaking on meditation I really tuned in. I did not know that there were different forms of meditation. And basically the form of meditition one chooses to use is dependent on the person and where they are in their life. Fran’s form of meditation is to not silence the mind but to listen to it. Allow your thoughts to come in and pay attention to them. Pay attention to the ones that stick out the most. After meditation you can journal about the thoughts that stick out the most, you can take action, you can marinate on it, etc. So this morning I tried it. Immediately after I got out of bed I opened my blinds, I sat in front of the window as the sun was rising and I let my mind wonder. I did this for however long I felt like it because I had extra time on my hands. Immediately after I felt a bit of clarity on a topic I had been struggling to put into words for such a long time. This form of meditation is by far the most practical for me and my journey and I feel that others would greatly benefit from it as well. Meditation should be a way to become one with thy self, not a way to escape thy self. 


since this shit is canon now, give me ALL the college!future fic you can find. I don’t care that I’ve already read like 500 of them, I will read 500 more, I will swallow AO3 whole and make it only about adam’s punk rock tattooed farmer boyfriend visiting him in his prestigious ivy league and making all of his smart college friends collectively wet their pants at how well-dicked adam is, thank you

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LEE auditioning for THRANDUIL

Sounds like Fran W is speaking the other part with Lee.

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