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…gone back to traditional art while the electricity is out. I haven’t done this for like… (more or less) 2 years. My sketchbook is old. Easily peels of when I erase, that’s why it left dirty smudges here and there. ^^;

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Where you going for a shark girl and lava boy mirror for the kids

Nope, they were based on Bakugou and Kirishima themselves. Now the real question is, has Horikoshi based Kirishima and Bakugou on shark boy and lava girl? That’s a question I got no answer to, though.

Anon said: That smiling Sero… my heart… can’t take it. You contribute so much to the BNHA fandom… I appreciate you, I appreciate you so much. Thank you, it’s great, all of it is so good

I wouldn’t say I contribute much at all, honestly lol just doodles, but I’m glad you like them! :D

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Echoes of laughter. A fear submitted by Lisa to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! You can find Deep Dark Fears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

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The pizza prompt with Tsuna enma and xanxus please


*Admin Enma screeching in the distance* HOT DAMN LET’S FUCKING GO


  • His S/O loves and trusts him so much that he knows how to unlock their phone. They have nothing to hide, they know Tsuna knows they’re loyal to him and him to them.
  • Tsuna likes to go into their phone sometimes to just look around. He’ll scroll through their photo gallery and look at all the selfies and photos they took together. Sometimes, he’ll change their wallpaper to a selfie he just took that day.
  • Other times, he scrolls through their contact list just to laugh at the names his S/O puts down for everyone. He finds it hilarious how his S/O has Gokudera listed as ‘Puppy’ with dog emojis next to it or Yamamoto as ‘Baseball Bat’ with baseball emojis.
  • His biggest pride and joy is being listed down as ‘My One and Only” with heart emojis. Tsuna was originally listed down as ‘Tsuna’ but when you had changed it to his current contact name, he spent that evening ravaging you.
  • So imagine who much Tsuna exploded when he saw a new contact listed as “My Love” in your phone. He had originally thought it was his new contact name, but then saw “My One and Only” listed after that.
  • “What the actual fuck? Who the fuck?”
  • Tsuna checked the contact information and wrote down the number before deleting the contact all together. He sent the number to a cloud squad to investigate and told them he wanted answers fast.
  • Later when he heard his S/O ask, “Tsuna, have you seen my phone,” he practically threw the phone at at them. He was outraged and disappointed. How dare his S/O see someone behind his back?
  • Tsuna and his S/O went to bed that night, fuming and confused respectively. The air around them was cold and distant, causing his S/O to worry that something wrong happened.
  • The next morning when Tsuna got back news about “My Love”, he internally screamed at himself. How the hell did he forget his S/O loved that hole-in-the-wall pizza joint? He should have remembered since they always insisted on ordering from that place whenever they wanted to eat pizza.
  • Tsuna’s S/O was extremely confused but glad to see Tsuna later that night was a box of their favorite pizza. They were even more confused when they looked at their contact list to see “My Love” renamed as the pizzeria’s name instead.


  • He is well aware of how much his S/O loves food, both cooking and eating it. He married a chef after all and many of their dates involved eating out or cooking food together.
  • The Shimon guardians are always excited to eat food made by his S/O because there is always a wide spread of food for them to try. They usually are the taste testers for any new recipes.
  • Even if his S/O decides to order out, they’re excited because Enma’s S/O knows the best high quality places to order from for low prices. Most of these are small, family run restaurants so food always has that homemade feel to it.
  • Enma also knows how much his S/O loves their mother, who inspired them to be a chef. He too loves it whenever his mother-in-law comes to visit and cooks for the guardians.
  • It was one of those days when Enma was craving his mother-in-law’s cooking. He had asked if he could borrow his S/O’s phone to see if she was free to come to the Shimon mansion for dinner.
  • The moment his S/O tossed him their phone and said that if he could convince her to come, they would cook with their mother, Enma knew he had to accomplish this in order to have the best dinner in all of history.
  • That being said, he got easily distracted when he saw the contact name “My Love” before he saw “Mom”.
  • “Dear, are you cheating on me?”
  • Enma was practically shaking with anger as he stared at that contact name. He was ready to have heads rolled if he didn’t get an explanation for this.
  • “That’s the pizza place my friend runs, babe. I’m not cheating on you.”
  • The Shimon family ate pizza that night instead his Enma’s mother-in-law’s cooking because he wanted to make damn sure it was actually the number for a pizza joint and not some asshole his S/O was seeing.


  • The staff in Varia HQ is constantly changing, mostly because they can’t deal with the insanity that is Varia. This is especially true for the kitchen staff, who either quit or are fired because they cannot keep up with the extravagant and/or eccentric tastes of their employers.
  • It’s not uncommon to see Lussaria cooking in the kitchen. Sometime he can’t cook, forcing the group to order out.
  • Pizza is a common food that is ordered. It’s quick, filling, and has numerous possibilities. Most of the Varia usually get one whole pizza to themselves out of their unique tastes.
  • Xanxus’s S/O, bless their soul, shares a pizza with him. He refuses to eat leftovers so his S/O usually eats whatever he can’t finish. They’re fine because food is food and it’s not something to waste.
  • It’s Fran who discover’s the contact list. He was using Xanxus’s S/O’s phone to call his own because Bel had hidden it somewhere in HQ.
  • “I didn’t know you and Boss had that kind of relationship. You have him listed down as ‘My Love’.”
  • “Fran, I have Xanxus listed down as Xanxus. That’s someone else different.”
  • That was when the S/O realized how much of a little shit Fran was. The two of them were just passing by Xanxus’s room when he started this conversation.
  • Needless to say, Xanxus was pissed and loud crashes were heard throughout the HQ. He went on a damn rampage.
  • It took his S/O a week to get him to talk to them in order to explain the misunderstanding. It took two homemade dinners, with help of Lussaria, to actually get his attention.
  • The pizza place that had the phone number listed under “My Love” had to change numbers. Xanxus’s S/O left their number down under their actual name instead.
  • Varia HQ never ordered from them again.

Request : go to a party, lose track of Kian, find him with another girl. He texts and calls and eventually shows up at your door, you forgive him with cute fluff.

“Babe, we have to go!” I shouted up the stairs. Me, Fran and Kian were heading off to a party at Trevor’s house and we were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago. “I’m coming I’m coming!” He runs down the stairs and kisses my cheek. Twenty minutes later were pulling up in front of Trev’s house, which already has well over 200 people partying. We walk in and Kian goes off to get us drinks. We find someone with some shots and I do a couple shots with Fran. “I’m going to go find Kian” I shout at Fran over the music “you coming?” She nods and we walk off arm in arm to go find my drink & my man. We have checked all over and can’t find Kian. Fran taps my shoulder and points behind me, I turn around and see Kian’s arms around a blonde girl in shorts and the shortest crop top I’ve ever seen. She’s laughing at he’s whispering something into her ear. My drink is on the table next to him. I grab my drink from his hand and throw it at him before I turn and walk away with Fran. We get an Uber and head back to my house. “I can’t believe he would do that to me.” I’m crying. “I know babe.” Fran says trying to comfort me. “Guys suck.” We finally get to my house and we walk in. I haven’t even been here in six months since I moved in with Kian and his roommates. I open my door and lay down on my couch. “There’s more tequila in the freezer.” I tell Fran. “I need to be drunker than this” she gets up and grabs it from the freezer and brings some shot glasses to the couch. “You deserve the world.” She looks at my sad face.

My phone keeps going off, Seven texts from Kian.
“Baby wait, let me explain”
“Please y/n”
“Y/n talk to me”
“Babygirl please”
“Y/n I love you so much please.”
“Come home baby please”
“Princess I am so sorry please just pick up the phone.”
I hand it to Fran, “I can’t deal with this, can you just take care of it please?” I beg. She kisses my cheek “anything you need.” I hear my phone ring again and she answers it this time, speaking before he has a chance. “You fucked up Kian. Big time…. no you can’t talk to her…. because she doesn’t want to talk to you!! You’re an asshole. Your fucking girlfriend is sitting on the couch drunk and crying because you can’t keep your dick in your pants for ten minutes while you’re away from her.” She hangs up the phone and turns it off. “No more Kian tonight.” She promises.

We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know my doorbell is ringing. I get up and answer the door, I don’t exactly remember why I was so upset last night, but as soon as the door opens and I see his face I remember everything. I try to close the door but kian put his foot in the doorway so I couldn’t. “What.” I glared at him. God I fucking hate him right now. “Get tired of Blondie so you came crying back to me?” I knew I was being mean, but fuck him. “Babe please, nothing happened, ask JC. I shouldn’t have been anywhere near her, I know and I’m so sorry, but nothing happened. I didn’t kiss her or anything. You threw your drink at me and left and I called JC to come get me so I could chase you down. I would have came last night, but Fran answered the phone and I thought I should wait until today, please y/n, I need you, please don’t leave me.” I looked down at his face unsure of what to say. He started crying as he realized that I wasn’t just going to jump back into his arms. “I’m so stupid. I fucked up the best thing in my life. I’m so sorry, please.” He kept begging. I started to cry, but it wasn’t because of what he did, but because of his reaction to me possibly walking away. Kian never cried. I’ve only seen him cry once and it involved a snake. Other than that in the past two and a half years he has never cried. “I don’t know kian. You broke my heart..” I trailed off trying to choke back the tears that were forming behind my eyes. He pulled me into a hug “I am so sorry that I hurt you Princess. I swear it will never happen again. Please just give me one more chance to prove myself.” I paused before I answered looking at his tear stained face. I leaned in and kissed his cheek, wiping away the tears that were still falling from his eyes. “Okay.” I whispered. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and I trusted that he wouldn’t do anything stupid again. He picked me up off the ground and held me tight. “Frans going to kill me” He whispered in my ear. “Probably, but you kind of deserve it.” “I know I do, I love you so much Princess. I won’t let you down again.” “I hope not”

I let him inside my house and went in the kitchen to cook breakfast. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here dickwad?” I hear Fran yelling. “Fran I’m sorry.” I hear Kian try to explain himself and what happened on the porch but Fran cuts him off, “How fucking dare you try to come back and hurt her again, I swear to god kian you have lost your fucking mind.” I walk into the kitchen and give her a hug. “It’s okay franny, I let him in. We talked, I’m going to give him another chance.” I gave her a squeeze and went back into the kitchen before my pancakes burnt. “I swear to god Kian, if you ever fucking hurt her again, I will personally kick your fucking ass.” “I know, I wouldn’t expect anything else Fran. Thank you. Thank you for taking care of her always, even against me.” He walks into the kitchen and wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him. “I love you babygirl. Forever & always.” “I love you too Ki.”


This is a late birthday present for @selenba / @f-r-f-t! I hope Gray taking care of a drunk Natsu counts as domestic in your books, Fran :)


Gray peeks an eye open to check the message on his phone. You should have come! Lucy texts for the second time. Gray almost agrees. The house is too quiet without Natsu in it. He pulls Natsu’s muffler over his mouth and shrugs. He was just too tired to do anything other than send Natsu off with a have fun, be safe. Hell, he’s still too tired to do anything but lay here.

Gray’s phone beeps again and he opens the snap Lucy’s sent him. His eyes go wide at the sight of Natsu on a table, shaking his ass and sensually pulling his vest off while Cana and Loke cheer in the background. He barely gets a glimpse at the black bar before the video is gone. He’s imitating you.

Gray snorts. He strips to music once and Natsu never lets it go. Tossing his phone aside, he decides to nap before Natsu calls him to be picked up.

His phone rings an hour later, and after a minute of blindly fumbling he manages to answer. “Stripper Boy,” Gajeel greets before Gray gets a word in. “Salamander’s pretty drunk, you better come get him.”

“Fuck’d you say, Gaj?!” Natsu barks somewhere on the other end.

“Mind yer own business, Pinkie!” Gajeel says. Gray can practically hear him rolling his eyes. “And hurry up, would ya? He hasn’t shut up about you for the last two hours.”

“You know what, Gajeel-” Natsu roars.

Gray chuckles. “Yeah, I’ll be there soon. Don’t strangle him before I get there.”

Gajeel barely gets in a, “No promises,” before Gray hangs up and rolls out of bed.

Gray parks the magic-mobile outside Cana’s house and unhooks the SE plug. Natsu is easy to hear, even as he walks up the driveway.

That bright pink hair is the first thing he sees when he walks in the door. It’s heartwarming, even sends a giddy swoop through his stomach. Gray has missed the sight of this ridiculous dragon the last several hours. The moment is short lived as Natsu jabs an accusing finger in Gajeel’s face. “And it’s not as if you haven’t been foaming at the mouth talking about Levy’s legs all night!”

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‘Please believe me when I say I’m in love with you’ /K.L./ Part 1

(Not requested, a future idea for a story. If you would like to view the story I will put a link in the bio and I will post about it once the story has been published.)

This is going to be kinda short mostly because I want to make this a two maybe three part thing so I hope you enjoy this Kian imagine, request will be open soon!

PA: Sorry if this sucks. 

Kian x reader

Warning: Cursing, some smut.


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It’s been a week since I’ve been back from Florida, I was visiting family that I haven’t seen in almost a year  so I was out for the past month. Today Kian, my boyfriend of 2 years, the house hold and I are going out to see one of my best friends perform her first ever singing gig and I couldn’t be any more proud. 

“Y/N! come on we have to go!” Kian yells from outside our bathroom. 

“I’m coming I’m coming!” I yell back finishing off my makeup with some lipgloss. After smacking my lips together and ruffling my black hair a bit I stepped out of the bathroom to be faced by Kian’s tall hot self. 

“You ready baby?” He asks stuffing his phone in his pocket and smiling at me. I couldn’t help but feel giddy inside. 

“Yes, lets go.” I chuckle grabbing his hand and walking out of our room.


(Skipping the car ride and performance)

“That was fantastic Fran!” I cheer as we strangle each other in a big hug. 

“I was so nerves! Thank you so much for coming!” We pull away and we all start walking back to our cars to head out somewhere to get some food. In Kian’s car it was me, him Jc and Harrison while Corey, Fran and Boddy went in Jc’s car. Something I did notice though is that the boys that were sitting in the back wouldn’t stop giving Kian these looks from time to time, and Kian noticed because he started becoming nervous. As we were driving Jc and I were talking about videos we could film for his and mine’s channel, mean while I would slightly fiddle with the fingers of Kian’s free hand that rested on my lap across the console. 

Once we got to the CheeseCake Factory, Fran’s choice, we all walk in and get a booth. 

“Hey Y/N, Come to the bathroom with me please?” Fran asked before we both get into our sits. 

“Sure.” I hand my phone to Ki and walk away with Fran towards the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she immediately makes sure there’s no one else and closes the main door to the bathroom, putting the lock on it.

“Fran what’s going on-” I start to ask but she cuts me off. 

“I have to tell you something Y/N, I’m not telling you this to hurt you or to cause harm between you and Ki but you’re my best friends and I don’t want you to get hurt-” 

“Fran what’s going on what are you talking about?”

“I walked in on Kian and Corinna having sex.” She bursts out right as I finished my question. Once she said those words I felt my heart sink to my stomach yet anger started to build up in my stomach. I’ve never liked Corinna, I don’t mean to be jealous but when the man you love the most constantly gets messages and getting flirted and touched on by someone you don’t really like you tend to grow a jealousy bubble whenever that person is around. 

“You’re joking.” I told her while taking a step back trying to convince myself that those words didn’t come out of her mouth. 

“I’m not Y/N. Look,” She pulls out her phone types around. “I was filming for a vlog when I went to ask Kian if I could borrow his camera and I walked in on them.” She shows me her phone screen on a 10 second clip before the next clip was her running out of the room. the clip was clear as day, which made my feel sick. I immediately stepped into one of the stalls feeling the content from earlier crawling up my throat. Fran pulls back my hair as the content went from my throat to the toilet. When nothing else came up I was left with choking coughs and warm tears running down my cheeks. I fell back in full blown cries. Fran kneels down next to me holding onto my hands. It felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. After crying for what seems hours when it was only minutes Fran pulled me up and cleaned up the smeared makeup on my face. 

“Want me to tell Jc to take you  home.” She says taking my hand and looking at my face for a reply. I only give her a simple nod and she opens the door, there at the door stood Jc.

“I came to check up on you guys, what happened?” He asks noticing the red and puff of my eyes.

“I had to tell her Jc, you know damn well Kian wasn’t going to say anything.” Fran says as we step out of the bathroom. “Take her home Jc, she’s not going to want to stay around.” Jc nods pulling me into his embrace making tears well up again and started leading me out of the place.  We were about to step outside when I felt a hand grip my wrist. 

“Y/N What’s going on? What’s wrong?” Kian asks with such a concern look in his eyes. I pulled my hand away and stepped away from him. 

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me, Lawley.” I say in a bit of anger mixed with sadness. A shock expression covers his face as I grip Jc’s hand and walk out of the place in a bit to a rush to get as far away from his has possible.