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The mobile phone network Three has recently released a new commercial in Italy to promote their network and Netflix. The cast of Stranger Things and Italian singer Fabio Rovazzi appear in the sketch.

Fabio Rovazzi, while speaking to Dustin at the end of the video, says “Please, no spoilers. Thank you.”

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The pizza prompt with Tsuna enma and xanxus please


*Admin Enma screeching in the distance* HOT DAMN LET’S FUCKING GO


  • His S/O loves and trusts him so much that he knows how to unlock their phone. They have nothing to hide, they know Tsuna knows they’re loyal to him and him to them.
  • Tsuna likes to go into their phone sometimes to just look around. He’ll scroll through their photo gallery and look at all the selfies and photos they took together. Sometimes, he’ll change their wallpaper to a selfie he just took that day.
  • Other times, he scrolls through their contact list just to laugh at the names his S/O puts down for everyone. He finds it hilarious how his S/O has Gokudera listed as ‘Puppy’ with dog emojis next to it or Yamamoto as ‘Baseball Bat’ with baseball emojis.
  • His biggest pride and joy is being listed down as ‘My One and Only” with heart emojis. Tsuna was originally listed down as ‘Tsuna’ but when you had changed it to his current contact name, he spent that evening ravaging you.
  • So imagine who much Tsuna exploded when he saw a new contact listed as “My Love” in your phone. He had originally thought it was his new contact name, but then saw “My One and Only” listed after that.
  • “What the actual fuck? Who the fuck?”
  • Tsuna checked the contact information and wrote down the number before deleting the contact all together. He sent the number to a cloud squad to investigate and told them he wanted answers fast.
  • Later when he heard his S/O ask, “Tsuna, have you seen my phone,” he practically threw the phone at at them. He was outraged and disappointed. How dare his S/O see someone behind his back?
  • Tsuna and his S/O went to bed that night, fuming and confused respectively. The air around them was cold and distant, causing his S/O to worry that something wrong happened.
  • The next morning when Tsuna got back news about “My Love”, he internally screamed at himself. How the hell did he forget his S/O loved that hole-in-the-wall pizza joint? He should have remembered since they always insisted on ordering from that place whenever they wanted to eat pizza.
  • Tsuna’s S/O was extremely confused but glad to see Tsuna later that night was a box of their favorite pizza. They were even more confused when they looked at their contact list to see “My Love” renamed as the pizzeria’s name instead.


  • He is well aware of how much his S/O loves food, both cooking and eating it. He married a chef after all and many of their dates involved eating out or cooking food together.
  • The Shimon guardians are always excited to eat food made by his S/O because there is always a wide spread of food for them to try. They usually are the taste testers for any new recipes.
  • Even if his S/O decides to order out, they’re excited because Enma’s S/O knows the best high quality places to order from for low prices. Most of these are small, family run restaurants so food always has that homemade feel to it.
  • Enma also knows how much his S/O loves their mother, who inspired them to be a chef. He too loves it whenever his mother-in-law comes to visit and cooks for the guardians.
  • It was one of those days when Enma was craving his mother-in-law’s cooking. He had asked if he could borrow his S/O’s phone to see if she was free to come to the Shimon mansion for dinner.
  • The moment his S/O tossed him their phone and said that if he could convince her to come, they would cook with their mother, Enma knew he had to accomplish this in order to have the best dinner in all of history.
  • That being said, he got easily distracted when he saw the contact name “My Love” before he saw “Mom”.
  • “Dear, are you cheating on me?”
  • Enma was practically shaking with anger as he stared at that contact name. He was ready to have heads rolled if he didn’t get an explanation for this.
  • “That’s the pizza place my friend runs, babe. I’m not cheating on you.”
  • The Shimon family ate pizza that night instead his Enma’s mother-in-law’s cooking because he wanted to make damn sure it was actually the number for a pizza joint and not some asshole his S/O was seeing.


  • The staff in Varia HQ is constantly changing, mostly because they can’t deal with the insanity that is Varia. This is especially true for the kitchen staff, who either quit or are fired because they cannot keep up with the extravagant and/or eccentric tastes of their employers.
  • It’s not uncommon to see Lussaria cooking in the kitchen. Sometime he can’t cook, forcing the group to order out.
  • Pizza is a common food that is ordered. It’s quick, filling, and has numerous possibilities. Most of the Varia usually get one whole pizza to themselves out of their unique tastes.
  • Xanxus’s S/O, bless their soul, shares a pizza with him. He refuses to eat leftovers so his S/O usually eats whatever he can’t finish. They’re fine because food is food and it’s not something to waste.
  • It’s Fran who discover’s the contact list. He was using Xanxus’s S/O’s phone to call his own because Bel had hidden it somewhere in HQ.
  • “I didn’t know you and Boss had that kind of relationship. You have him listed down as ‘My Love’.”
  • “Fran, I have Xanxus listed down as Xanxus. That’s someone else different.”
  • That was when the S/O realized how much of a little shit Fran was. The two of them were just passing by Xanxus’s room when he started this conversation.
  • Needless to say, Xanxus was pissed and loud crashes were heard throughout the HQ. He went on a damn rampage.
  • It took his S/O a week to get him to talk to them in order to explain the misunderstanding. It took two homemade dinners, with help of Lussaria, to actually get his attention.
  • The pizza place that had the phone number listed under “My Love” had to change numbers. Xanxus’s S/O left their number down under their actual name instead.
  • Varia HQ never ordered from them again.

This is a late birthday present for @selenba / @f-r-f-t! I hope Gray taking care of a drunk Natsu counts as domestic in your books, Fran :)


Gray peeks an eye open to check the message on his phone. You should have come! Lucy texts for the second time. Gray almost agrees. The house is too quiet without Natsu in it. He pulls Natsu’s muffler over his mouth and shrugs. He was just too tired to do anything other than send Natsu off with a have fun, be safe. Hell, he’s still too tired to do anything but lay here.

Gray’s phone beeps again and he opens the snap Lucy’s sent him. His eyes go wide at the sight of Natsu on a table, shaking his ass and sensually pulling his vest off while Cana and Loke cheer in the background. He barely gets a glimpse at the black bar before the video is gone. He’s imitating you.

Gray snorts. He strips to music once and Natsu never lets it go. Tossing his phone aside, he decides to nap before Natsu calls him to be picked up.

His phone rings an hour later, and after a minute of blindly fumbling he manages to answer. “Stripper Boy,” Gajeel greets before Gray gets a word in. “Salamander’s pretty drunk, you better come get him.”

“Fuck’d you say, Gaj?!” Natsu barks somewhere on the other end.

“Mind yer own business, Pinkie!” Gajeel says. Gray can practically hear him rolling his eyes. “And hurry up, would ya? He hasn’t shut up about you for the last two hours.”

“You know what, Gajeel-” Natsu roars.

Gray chuckles. “Yeah, I’ll be there soon. Don’t strangle him before I get there.”

Gajeel barely gets in a, “No promises,” before Gray hangs up and rolls out of bed.

Gray parks the magic-mobile outside Cana’s house and unhooks the SE plug. Natsu is easy to hear, even as he walks up the driveway.

That bright pink hair is the first thing he sees when he walks in the door. It’s heartwarming, even sends a giddy swoop through his stomach. Gray has missed the sight of this ridiculous dragon the last several hours. The moment is short lived as Natsu jabs an accusing finger in Gajeel’s face. “And it’s not as if you haven’t been foaming at the mouth talking about Levy’s legs all night!”

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Ruined// Calum Hood

“please know how sorry I am” I sob as I look down at Calum’s bass which is now split “you’re always sorry y/n!!!” Calum yells at me “every time you break something or you ruin something, you’re always sorry” he picks up the broken bits of the bass gathering them in his arms. “I didn’t mean to_” I begin

“you never do!” Calum interrupts throwing the broken bass against the wall causing me to flinch, all I’d tried to was hover I didn’t know it was going to fall and that I was going to fall on top of it “Calum I’ll buy you a new one” I try with him watching as his chest rises and falls heavily “i’m going for a smoke” he announces heading outside leaving me surrounded by the mess I pick up the pieces of his bass hiding them in the cupboard along side his old football trophy I broke over the weekend. I carefully open the balcony door Calum’s turned away from me, I stare for a while watching him turn his lighter over in his hand “Calum I’m..” again I’m cut off 

“I don’t understand why can’t you be more careful. Do I have to bubblewrap everything so you won’t break it. Just stop been so fucking heavy handed” Calum presses the cigarette to his lip “god Calum you’re been a real jerk about this” I let him know as he runs a hand through his hair “I’m going back to my house, when you’ve grown up call me” I quickly empty my draw from the bedroom into my bag tears streaming down my face. 

With the very little money I had in my purse I could only just about afford a taxi to Ashton’s house, however I really wasn’t in the mood to see him with him been the drummer for the band Calum’s in and all so I walk down Calum’s street sitting on a bench scrolling through my contacts struggling to find someone that I actually want to see that isn’t Calum. I have no idea how long I’ve been sat on this bench for but the sound of a car horn causes me to look up and I spot Ashton climbing out of his car “Y/N what are you doing out here?” He runs over to me but I can’t find the right words and I break down crying “Calum and I had a fight” I sob as Ashton leads me towards his car “here” he shrugs off his jacket wrapping it round me to help keep my shivering body warm “’you’re freezing” he murmurs turning the heating up. 

Ashton was the one who introduced me to Calum at a Halloween party last year Calum was dressed as Elmo and myself as Britney Spears which is arguably one of the weirdest couples ever. Ashton and I grew up living next door in fact I used to have a major crush on him, he was quite literally the perfect boy next door. “thank you” I smile at him sadly as we pull up his drive, he places a hand on top of mine, an action I try not to read to much into “anytime” he smiles at me opening my door for me. Ashton holds the door to his flat open for me I smile at him “I’ll grab you some towels so you can have a shower” I nod walking into the bathroom to allow the water time to heat up. Fifteen minutes later and I’ve given Ashton the shortened down version of the story not wanting to have to go over all the horrible things Calum said. Ashton hands me a steaming cup of green tea asking me “do you wanna get some air?” I nod as he leads the way on to the roof terrace. “you know this is one of my favourite places in LA” I smile at him

“Really?” he shrugs, as I look around at the sofas from his old apartment which our covered with throws and pillows, light up my fairy lights and the view from up here is breathtaking you can see the whole of LA. “it all looks so pretty, you’d have no idea what a big mess it really is” I say more to myself then anything else. “It makes me feel safe” I smile at Ashton “it reminds me of summers back home” I take a sip of my tea, noticing the goosebumps littering my skin “here” Ashton hands me his suede bomber jacket. 

Ashton’s P.O.V

I hand Y/N my bomber hiding that I myself am now freezing I take a seat on the sofa smiling as she drinks in the sight in front of her as if it was the first time she’s seen it. She asked me “How do I look?” pulling the bomber closer to her body and I swear, “you look beautiful” was the biggest lie I’ve ever told, because she didn’t look beautiful, she looked like a dance of sunsets and galaxies, she looked like fairy dust and spring mornings, she looked so much more than just beautiful. She blushes joining me on the sofa. “I know this isn’t the right time to say but damn it I once read that people either say how you feel and fuck it up or don’t say how you feel and let it fuck you up. And I have to let you know how I feel” I hold her tiny cold hands in mine “I love you….I’ve loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you, and I will do until my dying day, I will always, always, always…love you so badly, it hurts” I stare at y/n with pleading eyes waiting for her to say anything literally anything, she opens her mouth to say something but before she can the door to the roof is opened and a dark figure fills the light that otherwise would be shining through. “who?” i begin realising it’s Calum y/n pulls her hands away from mine and feel my heart sink in my chest, in fact I’m pretty sure I can se it bleeding, beating on the cold wooden floor.  oh! Would you look at that it’s broken. I don’t think you know what longing feels like, until the one you love is standing directly in front of you, looking past your shoulder into the eyes of someone else who couldn’t give half a damn as you do. Calum moves towards y/n apologising over and over.


“I’m so sorry, I never should have lost my shit like that it was super uncool of me” he takes her hands in his “I never ever want to lose you again “it’s okay if you don’t love me but I love you. And if anyone lays a finger on you” Calum shots Ashton a look “I will break everyone of their fingers, that’s the kind of crazy you make me, I wanna work everyday to become the best man for you” I bite my lip wanting nothing more than to crash my lips against Calum’s put I with strain myself “fucking hell perfection may not exist but you do and that’s way fucking better” I notice Ashton is leaning against the railing his beer against his lips so I take this moment to kiss Calum and hard  It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.” Calum smirks

“Not what you had in mind?” I cock my eyebrow 

“So inconvenient.”

“I’m not sorry.” i shrug pecking his lips agains

“…me either.”  Calum smiles into the kiss deepening it. “I need to talk to Ash quickly but I’ll meet you at the car” I tell Calum slapping his bum as he walks away. “Ash about earlier-” I begin

Ashton’s P.O.V

“I meant it as a friend okay. I love you as a friend and I don’t want you to get hurt. You and Cal make a great couple” I lie. In life you have to make lots decisions daily. is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? I make the decision every single day to put her feelings before mine and she does’t even notice, would Calum ever do that? probably not. Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels maybe that’s why it felt like I was been shot when i watched y/n climb into Calum’s car and drive home with him. I phone Fran a girl I meet in a bar a week ago inviting her over to distract me. 


1:30 am: 

*phone rings* 

fran:*sniffles* hi
salome:*slurring words* can we talk?

: uh….

:don't even say no you already answered.. can i come in?please frank…


:I'm outside come talk to me ma please…*hangs up*

fran: dude  you’re drunk…what do you want sal?

: *kisses från quickly* that…i miss you

: WHAT THE FUCK DON’T TOUCH ME  haven’t you done enough to me already…you should just go sal. i give you opportunity after opportunity  for years and you always fuck me over even after you decide you want me for real, I'm over it and I’m over you now leave my house better yet ill leave.&you better be gone when i come back.

sal: no no no frank please lets just go inside please let me talk…just listen to me.*hiccups*

:whatever we can go inside only cause I'm getting bit by mosquitoes and you’re obviously not going to go away.

sal: I'm sorry ma i know that doesn’t cut it but i…i hey yo stop crying you’re making a mess. I’m not worth your tears girl. damn girl its hot in here…

:yeah my AC broke ha

: i’m gonna get more comfortable then… *strips down to undies tripping over herself* you’re so beautiful frank you know that? *hiccup*

:  i really wish you’d just leave dude I’m tired i need to go to bed.

:* ha! you don’t want me to leave ma and you know it…. mmm i want you so bad right now….

fran:this we are never getting back together…like ever.

:*smirks* whatever ma.