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Fanfic ideas for Villainous.

· Black Hat goes to shopping. He is bored.

· Dem enjoys a puzzle game and a chewy toy she found. She falls asleep at the end.

· Dr Flug falls asleep on couch watching tv. Nobody messes him, they let him sleep.

· 5.0.5 hugs everyone in town. Black Hat watches and laughs at the discomfort until it comes for him.

· The whole cast meets your oc and makes fun of bad movies.

· Dem and Dr. Flug plays a racing game while 5.0.5 eats popcorn.

· Black hat pranks people.

· Dem finds 12 chewy toys and 35 new foods.

· 5.0.5 is scared of things. It’s adorable. I want to comfort the poor baby.

· Dr Flug tells us about a dream he had last night.

· Dem enjoys skating and tv movies while drawing a picture of her oc.

· 5.0.5 find a tiny lizard.

· We all know that Black Hat is a lovecraftian horror older than sand, tell me what happens when he out lives the rest of the cast. We both know he’s going to do it someday.

· Did Dem have any crushes before our favorite walking villain cliche?

· Dr Flug tries to test dangerous things on himself because science and a lack of test subjects.

· 5.0.5 is terribly fearful of Black Hat. What happened to cause that?

· How many people came before our cast? Black Hat has been EVIL for a long time. I think he’s had people before them. I also something happened to them. All of them.

The boss…

What can I say about the boss?

He was a great man.

A asshole but a great man none the less.

I miss Xanxus/Boss….

I miss his violent tendencies, miss his flames…

Miss hanging out with Belphegor and Lussaria, talking with Mammon, teasing Levi…

Hell, I even miss Fran and his hats, the kid who became the Tenth….

I miss so much from this life, yet I probably will never find anyone again.

Still, I have my memories.

More then I can say for them, since I can’t even know if they’re here in this life or not with me.

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The vonogola, Varia, and Kokuyo gang spending christmas with their s/o please and thank you <3

Sorry this is a day late, but I hope you all had lovely Christmases!

TSUNA: Tsuna paused for a moment, resting the box of ornaments on his hip and smiling to himself as he watched his S/O help his mother decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas music floated throughout his home and his partner was humming one of the tunes, hanging a red ball ornament on the tree. Tsuna walked over and set the ornaments nearby, going over to his S/O and giving them a small hug from behind. “I’m glad you could come help decorate our tree,” he muttered shyly, hiding his blush by burying his face into his partner’s shoulder. “I’m glad you invited me,” they answered back, turning in his arms and pressing a little kiss to his nose.

GOKUDERA: Gokudera groaned as he gave himself yet another paper cut. It had to have been his fifth one. Sighing, he turned to his S/O who was busily wrapping presents and nudged their arm. “Oi,” he muttered, showing them the small cut once they looked up from their work. His partner simply giggled as they grabbed a bandaid and carefully wrapped it around his cut. With a small smile, they gently kissed his finger before turning back to the half-wrapped gift. “Be more careful, Hayato~”

YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto grinned as his S/O eagerly checked off another name on their long list of people they needed to buy gifts for. “Four down, five more to go!” they cheered as they shoved the list back into their other shopping bags. “Who’s next?” Yamamoto asked, swiping the heavy bags from his partner so he could carry them. “Gokudera!” they said, already sprinting ahead to glance through shop windows. “Get him a stuffed cat,” Yamamoto suggested, his S/O giggling at the idea. “Okay. To a stuffed animal store!”

RYOHEI: “Hand me the next string of lights!” Ryohei shouted down to his S/O. They had decided to help him hang the Christmas lights up around his house, so he was standing on a ladder while his partner handed him the bright lights. He hummed some Christmas carols, progressively getting louder as he moved around the porch, his humming turning into very loud yodeling. “WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAAARR!!” he bellowed as he finished hanging up the last string of lights. Light applause met his fantastic finish and suddenly, he remembered that his partner was still there. “Lovely singing babe,” they congratulated him, giggling when he pressed a sloppy kiss to their cheek. “Why thank you.”

TYL! LAMBO: “Lambo!” his S/O squealed as they slapped his hand away from the cookie batter. “Let me just finish baking these for Santa! Then you can eat the leftover batter!” Lambo pouted as he backed away from the kitchen counter and flopped into a chair. “But that’s not faaair,” he whined, slamming his fists down on the table. “How come Santa gets your cookies and I, Lambo-san, your boyfriend, doesn’t?” His partner sighed as they placed balls of dough on a cookie tray. “You’ll get some too, just be patient. I don’t give cookies to whiny boys.” And with that, Lambo shut his mouth and eagerly waited for the cookies to finish baking, his mouth watering as he watched them slowly bake in the oven.

HIBARI: Hibari let out a soft groan when he heard his S/O begin humming yet another Christmas song. It’s not that they had a bad voice, in fact, Hibari considered them to be a pretty good singer, it’s just that for the past two weeks, the only songs they’d been singing were Christmas carols and Hibari was sick and tired of hearing them. They continued on singing, not noticing Hibari’s souring mood, but as the song came to a close, Hibari relaxed. Until they started to sing yet another one. With a sigh, Hibari walked over, spun them to face him, and pressed a rough kiss to their lips. “What was that for-” “Just shut up,” he answered, kissing them again, a bit more softly this time. “I’m sick of Christmas songs.”

MUKURO: “Merry Christmas!” Mukuro’s S/O cheered as they walked into his usual hangout. There were sparse decorations, a sad excuse for a Christmas party, but they didn’t mind as they skipped towards Mukuro. His eyes danced with amusement as they came closer and when they were in front of him, he immediately pulled them down into a long kiss. When they separated, his S/O smiled despite being slightly confused. “What was that for?” Mukuro simply pointed up to where a piece of mistletoe hung above their heads. “Merry Christmas,” he smirked as he pulled them in for another kiss.

CHROME: “Chrome, can you hand me the star?” her S/O asked. They were standing on a step stool by the Christmas tree, ready to place the star on top. Chrome hurriedly grabbed the star and took it to her partner, smiling when they grabbed it from her hands and eagerly stretched to place it on the top of the tree. “Quick, take a picture love!” they shouted as they carefully put the star in its place atop the tree. Chrome readied the camera and pointed it towards her partner. “On the count of three,” she said softly, bringing the lens into focus. “One…Two…Three.” Flash! The camera went off and Chrome looked at the screen a warm feeling spreading through her as she stared at her smiling S/O with their hands on the star, a moment captured in time.

CHIKUSA:  “Hurry up,” Chikusa called out, looking over his shoulder for his S/O. They emerged from the kitchen, two steaming mugs in hand and carefully made their way over to their waiting boyfriend. “The movie’s gonna start without you,” he said, taking the mug from them. “Yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” his partner answered, sipping lightly from their own mug of hot chocolate before placing it down on the coffee table in front of them. “Now let’s start! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys is my favorite Christmas movie!”

KEN: “Kennnn, stop messing around and take a Christmas picture with me!” his S/O whined as they chased the wolf around their house. “C’mon, please?” they begged, finally giving up the chase and collapsing on the cough. The wolf turned back into his human form and Ken sat down at the other end of the couch. “No. I hate pictures,” he stated plainly, crossing his arms over his chest. “Please?” his partner tried again. “No.” Grumbling to themselves, his S/O slid closer to him and pouted, leaning against his shoulder. Suddenly, their pout turned into a large grin and they quickly whipped out their camera, grinning widely before snapping a picture. “Hey!” Ken shouted, blinking the bright flash out of his eyes. “Dammit, ______!!” he snarled, tackling his S/O onto the couch. His partner shrieked as he began to mercilessly tickle their sides. “There’s more where that’s coming from.”

M.M.: “Hurry up!” M.M. demanded, huffing as she turned to face her S/O, arms crossed. “You walk so slowly! They’re gonna light all the Christmas trees before we even get there!” Her partner sheepishly grinned before speeding up a bit. “Sorry, my feet feel like they’re frozen…” “Frozen-are you kidding me? I’m cold here too, but I’m not whining!” Her partner hung their head, ashamed as they came up beside her. “Sorry…” M.M. sighed before gently placing her hand on their shoulder. “Stop apologizing and walk.” She took their hand and gave them a smirk before dragging them along behind her. The two of them made it just in time for the flip of the switch and they watched in awe as the whole lane of Christmas trees lit up before their eyes. “Merry Christmas babe,” M.M.’s S/O said, lightly kissing her cheek. Her lips curved into a smile and she gave them a small side hug. “Merry Christmas.”

XANXUS: Xanxus closed his eyes are tried to tune out the sickeningly happy Christmas music playing around the Vongola mansion. The whole Varia squad had been invited to the Vongola Christmas party, and Nono had forced Xanxus to attend as well. His S/O stood by his side, quietly humming to themselves as the noise of the party swirled around them. “Oi,” Xanxus said, nudging his partner’s arm. “Get me a drink.” His S/O nodded before trotting off to get him a glass of red wine. They returned and handed him the glass, watching as he took a big swing. “At least the Vongola know how to pick their booze.”

SQUALO: “Merry Christmas!” “Merry Christmas…” “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” Squalo was ready to throw something at the dumb froggy running around the Varia mansion, screaming “Merry Christmas” at every person he saw. The next time Fran sprinted by the door to his office, Squalo chucked a vase at his head, growling in frustration as it sailed past the younger officer and crashed somewhere else in the hall. “Damn you Fran!” the swordsman yelled as he dashed into the hall, swinging his sword like crazy. “Woah! Watch it!” he heard a familiar voice cry. When he turned, his S/O was standing behind him, ducking down to avoid his sharp sword. He lowered his arm. “Sorry,” he muttered. “It’s fine,” they said, a smirk spreading across their face. “Merrryyy Christmas babe!” they shouted as they slammed a Santa hat on his head and sprinted after Fran. From underneath the hat, Squalo heard the sounds of a high five and laughter. “Nice one, _____-san.” “Thanks Fran. Now let’s go get the grouchy prince.”

BELPHEGOR: “Jingle bells, jingle bells,” Bel sang to himself as he walked down the halls of the Varia mansion. He twirled one of his knives around his finger as he picked up the pace. “Jingle all the way~” The halls were unusually quiet and the prince stopped. When he sensed that no one else was around, he continued singing even louder than he had been before. “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh-“ “HEY!” His partner as well as Lussuria and Fran, along with Mammon who was holding a video camera came around the corner, trying hard to contain their laughter. Belphegor immediately froze before regaining his composure, a large grin spreading across his face. “And what do you guys think you’re doing?” he asked sweetly, more knives appearing in his hands. Fran, Lussuria, and Mammon backed up while his partner stepped forward and kissed his cheek. “Just messing with ya,” they giggled, swiping one of his knives and chucking it at Fran. The solid thunk told them that the knife had made contact and they smirked, turning to face Bel. “Now why don’t you finish the job?”

LUSSURIA: Lussuria happily belted out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” while stirring the batter for his special chocolate cookies. His S/O sat at the breakfast bar, watching their boyfriend cook and singing along with him. “I just want you for my owwn~” Lussuria pointed the wooden spoon he was using to mix the batter at his partner, “more than you will ever know~” His S/O laughed as he twirled in a circle and went back to mixing. “Make my wish come trueeee!” the two of them sang together. “All I want for Christmas is…” “BIG FINISH!” Lussuria shouted. “YOUUUUU!!” the two of them scream-sang incredibly out of key. Both of them broke into a fit of giggles but froze when they heard loud cursing coming from an angry Squalo who was quickly making his way towards the kitchen.

LEVI: “Leviii, where are you?” his S/O called as they wandered throughout the Varia mansion. But he didn’t answer. Sighing, they trudged to his room and started to push open the door. “Levi, are you in he-“ Suddenly, they were shoved backwards and the door was slammed in their face. A thump told them that Levi was leaning his weight against the door, restricting them from coming in. “Don’t come in!” he said through the door. His partner knocked on the door a few times. “Why not? What are you doing?” “I’m…umm…busy! Yes, very busy. So don’t disturb me!” The lock clicked and his S/O listened as he shuffled further into his room. They could hear the sounds of tearing paper and ripping tape. “Levi…are you wrapping my gift?”

FRAN: “Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” Fran sang flatly as he smacked a wreath onto Belphegor’s bedroom door. “Fa la la la la la la la la~” his partner joined in as they added bits of holly and pinecones to the wreath before running down the hall after their boyfriend. “Tis the season to be jolly,” Fran continued, spraying pine scented air freshener all throughout Squalo’s office. “Fa la la la la la la la la~” they sang, throwing green, red, and silver glitter everywhere before dashing out again. “Don we now out gay appare-“ But Fran didn’t have time to finish as knives whizzed past his head and he heard the sound of a swinging sword. “Fran!” two angry voices shouted as the stomping of boots got louder and louder. “C’mon ______-chan, let’s run,” he said, grabbing his partner’s hand before scooting down the hall, the two elder members giving chase.