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Comic by @live4love136 inspired by fanfic by @skelegirl-fanfic

Music from Hamilton

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I’ve been working on this for the past week and actually so proud of it :’) This may not be the most viewed popular series of games @therealjacksepticeye has done but in my opinion the games I loved watching him play.

I doubt Jack will see this but if you do, I really love your work! It’s helped me cope through my bad times and made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t. Your love for your work and your fans and positivity inspires me to keep going and hopefully I can meet you one day! It’s just a goal tbh… Keep up the good work Jack, thank you for being you!

Совсем забыл выложить последнее задание челленджп, бёрдтейл. Что ж, это был весьма полезный опыт, хоть я и не могу сказать, что мои навыки хоть как-то улучшились.