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It was then that Itward appeared before the two skeleton children - seeing the horrors inflicted upon their young bodies filled him with rage and the desire to save them from this fate.

He promised to take them away from the misguided Dr Gaster, whom seemed unable to try and stop the other. Itward stared down at the other, yellow cat like eyes burned in rage. The guilt and remorse rolling off the other did not satify the taller being -  but the doctor was in no state to stop them, Itward picked the children up and began his journey though the realities with his new, young companions.

‘You cannot come with us…not yet.’ Was all Itward said, not even tilting his hat to the other as he made his leave. 1-S did not look back, but 2-P did - like the other was waiting for the doctor to follow them into the portal.

But the Doctor shook his head and turned away from the monsters he grew… technically his children. The sparking of ozone was the only thing that told of the others departure…

Leaving the doctor, in the not quite empty lab - the tall shadowy figure of Remor curled his claw around the trembling doctors shoulder. Remor grinned  down at the other.

‘You’ll never be worthy to even join them…’ Remor taunted, before he left the other to his despair.

Now this is either really happening or the smol skele’s are a little drugged from their last beating…IT’S REAL AND THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE A CRAZY, FUN ADVENTURE THOUGH ALL THE REALITIES!

I love the handplates au comic, makes me sad but i love it - if you haven’t heard of it please check it out :)

Handplates au @zarla-s


also who would win, Itward or W.D Gaster?

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Here are a few things you should know about our solar system this week:

1. The Bright and the Beautiful

In its lowest-altitude mapping orbit, at a distance of 240 miles (385 kilometers) from Ceres, Dawn has provided scientists with spectacular views of the dwarf planet, especially of its bright, young, hexagonal craters like Haulani.

2. Mars Needs Brains

NASA is soliciting ideas from U.S. industry for designs of a Mars orbiter for potential launch in the 2020s. The satellite would provide advanced communications and imaging, as well as robotic science exploration, in support of NASA’s Journey to Mars. This effort seeks to take advantage of industry capabilities to improve deep space, solar electric propulsion-enabled orbiters.

3. Seeing Double

NASA measured a solar flare from two different spots in space, using three solar observatories. During a December 2013 solar flare, three sun-observing spacecraft captured the most comprehensive observations ever of an electromagnetic phenomenon called a current sheet.

4. Set a Course for Europa

This artist’s rendering shows NASA’s Europa mission spacecraft, which is being developed for a launch in the 2020s. The mission would place a spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter in order to perform a detailed investigation of the giant planet’s moon Europa—a world that shows strong evidence for an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust and which could host conditions favorable for life.

5. Go Deep

Jupiter is huge, powerful and spectacular. But what lies hidden inside the giant planet? The Juno mission arrives at Jupiter in July to help us find out. Join Dr. Fran Bagenal to learn more about the mission and how it plans to delve deep into Jupiter’s secrets this year.

Want to learn more? Read our full list of things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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The Ultimate Whedonite Frozen Dreamcast

Felicia Day as Princess Anna (It’s perfect! Look at their mouths! And their adorable freckles! <3)

Nathan Fillion as Hans (Because Hans is the best combination of Captain Hammer and Captain Tightpants. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

Fran Kranz as Olaf (Just because.)

Alan Tudyk as Kristoff (Even though he’s actually the duke of Wesleton. Shhh.)

Alexis Denisof as the Duke of Wesleton (I mean, come on, his NAME was Wesley. Plus, have you seen him dance?)

And finally…

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Queen Elsa (Because who else could play such an awesome badass blonde with super powers?)

I’ve just scrolled past this on a post and realised something when I zoomed in. Francesca Rollins, 2 down from Vivian Darkbloom. Rollins as in Mrs Alison Rollins. Maybe Fran is Dr Rollins sister? By the date you can tell she was at the resort 6 days after Alison… Surely this Fran has to be connected somehow!!! What if they were trying to track her down for some reason…