fran court

  • k but picture this
  • neil and andrew on their bed
  • neil is resting against the headboard fully clothed jerking himself off
  • and andrew is sitting in front of him smoking and watching neil’s hand move so fast it should hurt
  • neil can’t peel his eyes away from andrew’s face, lips barely open, panting and making these little whiny noises
  • andrew looks like he could not give less of a shit
  • and neil is trying to get a reaction out of him just by doing this but andrew won’t let him win and neil won’t give up
  • so neil almost smiling tells him how much he wishes he could be sucking andrew’s cock right now instead of having to touch himself
  • andrew says nothing, so neil goes on,
  • saying how bad he wants andrew to come on his tongue and all over his face and how bad he needs to taste him
  • now, andrew knows exactly what neil looks like before he comes
  • how his voice breaks
  • how his back arches
  • how he can’t keep his eyes open even though he tries
  • so when neil starts showing signs, andrew gets closer, putting out the cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand, and takes neil’s hands out of the way
  • andrew says, ‘just ask nicely next time.’
  • and shoves two fingers that taste like smoke in neil’s mouth so he’ll shut up, and deepthroats him until neils the one coming all over andrew’s face
  • neil licks it off his cheeks afterwards and andrew calls him disgusting, but he lets him anyway

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