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Do you think Beast Boy and Raven would ever get married? What about Sans and Frisk?

If we’re going for the very-super-accurate-canon-characters i doubt it (it doesn’t mean they can’t live together and be happy but, for example Raven as an alf demon wouln’t be really into her element)

But since they’re my OTPs and I’m a sucker for everything that involves marriage\family\children\happy endings\soulmates\true love\happy ever after and it’s my thought we’re talking about I say HELL YES!

Also smol Sans and tol BB because of reasons

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Lol so does anyone know why Baek and Suho are in San Fransisco? Or are they there just to chill? Haha

nobody knows why they were in San Francisco. it was a private schedule.

however, the fact that they went to see the stormtroopers

the Golden Gate Bridge

and came back with Star Wars and Disneyland merchandises

i guess it’s safe to say that the boys went there for a short holiday to recharge and now they are back safely ^^