fran and maxwell

We interrupt this regular transmission for an important announcement:

Before there was tumblr, there was The Nanny. Before there were shippers, there was Niles. The Butler.

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He’s sassy, adorable and has more patience than anyone should possess.

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I watch his relationship with the other characters and I can’t help but draw comparisons between us and the SPN writers. For example…

Shippers: Do we get some cute moments? Any? At all?

SPN Writers:

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Us, after the Season 12 finale:
SPN Writers:

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Us: We could have this, but you be playing.

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Then there all my other favourites, who seem to portray our lives so well. For example:

How the cast, writers and generally the world view us:

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….or when we find out that certain cast members are reading certain fics on AO3:

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Us, every time they kill a BADASS. FEMALE. CHARACTER.

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…or “Destiel doesn’t exist”:

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And this will be us in 35 years when we finally get what we’ve been waiting for:

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Thank you, you may now resume normal transmission.