framing films


An insightful analysis that ends poignantly:

“This is called ‘Bumping the Lamp,’ a phrase coined by Disney during the production of Roger Rabbit to describe going above and beyond what was expected of the animators. […]

"It’s an incredible film by its own merit. The storytelling, the heart, and the humor–that’s where the true movie magic is–but it’s those technical subtleties and the dedication to the craft that really inspires new artists, and that’s something to be admired.

"So in your work, always take the chance to bump the lamp, because somebody out there will notice.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jessica Rabbit here. She is sexy, beautiful, tall, curvy, red haired, smart, mature, classy…basically every guys’ dream woman. She has guys throwing themselves at her, going crazy over her and fighting just to get a glimpse of her. She could literally have any guy she wanted. And yet, she falls in love and marries someone who isn’t conventionally handsome, but who has a great personality which appeals to hers and is fun to be around. All her life she’s probably been told how physically attractive she is and been used for her beauty, so it must be so wonderful for her to meet someone who wants to make her laugh and be genuinely happy rather than have her as a trophy wife. Roger appeals to her humour and appreciates her mentality and personality and is the first guy to treat her like a normal girl and a human being. Of course she’s going to be defensive when guys don’t understand what she sees in Roger. He was the first and only guy to respect her personality and wanted to know her as a person so he could make her genuinely happy. She didn’t settle for any less than she deserved.