framing and position is everything

ME: So, to conclude, if you look at Serena’s cheekbones, combined with the line of Bernie’s jaw and the tendon of her throat, you will have no choice but to find me Not Guilty.

JUDGE: This is traffic court. This image is completely irrelevant.

ME: Yeah, but that shit is hot.

JUDGE: Case dismissed.

@ Ruiz…. I like most of your writing and consider it useful, but some just doesn’t make sense. If something isn’t okay for me to do to someone else, there is no good reason why I am under an obligation to frame it as some kind of magical, wonderful learning experience when someone else does it to me. Some things just simply aren’t positive and trying to frame everything as unequivocally positive and claiming I’m “unaware” or distant from Truth if I don’t is just as unhealthy and wrong as someone saying I’m naive if I don’t frame everything as unequivocally negative. Life comprises of both forces and there can be no fight against forces of hatred and injustice in the world if we just tell ourselves Everything Is Okay.

anonymous asked:

how do you juggle uni, work, gym, having a social life and sleep ? just 2-3 of those completely exhaust me!

1. Be productive. Take account of how much time you spend doing things- log your hours and be aware of how much time you actually sit doing nothing or texting or whatever those trivial activities are. Because 5 minutes of texting adds up! 

2. Prioritize. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few hours of sleep, or a date, or cooking a nice meal. You need to know what you value and what you want- and filter out the practices that are not conducive to you achieving your goals. 

3. Budget in down time. Yesterday I allowed myself an hour to sit around and make a quesedilla and watch 20 minutes of eat pray love. But I was conscious that I was relaxing, so even though my day was hectic as hell- I savoured that.

4. Know what environments you work best in. If you need to get all your studying done in 2h, don’t sit in your room and lay in your bed, or be around friends. Go to the library, or a cafe, or somewhere where you can focus and do your best work.

5. Attention is everything- My philosophy is you can get anything done in half the time you anticipate it will take you, provided you give your full attention to it. Don’t study with music, or with friends, or in a distracting environment where your attention will be divided.

6. Be resilient and flexible. Even though I structure my days like a nazi, if something comes up, or if I get delayed for whatever reason- accept it. Life happens and not every reality is in your realm of control. So be adaptive and have a positive attitude. For example today I intended to study for my psych midterm- but I’m working 5-1030 tonight. So obviously I have to cram and work a lot harder. But I’ll do what needs to be done in order to succeed. And I’ll do my best today, and do my best when I get home and that’s that. 

7. Be optimistic. You can do it all and you can balance it all. It takes time to figure out a flow, but you can do it. Be resilient and have a positive attitude in everything you do. If you’re at work in a dreadful mood- it’s going to be hard to pull yourself out of that state and be productive and motivated. So frame everything you need to do in a positive way- and I promise- having high spirits makes the whole process so much more manageable. 

8. Don’t overextend yourself. There is a fine line between being a powerhouse of productivity and exhausting yourself everday. Be kind to yourself and your body- eat well, think good thoughts, hug people you love, kiss cute boys, drink good coffee. The nuances make things easier. 

With love x