While debating whether or not Fitz and Jemma knew each other in the framework before she died I couldn’t get over the idea of AIDA struggling to find a scenario in which fitzsimmons don’t meet and fall in love and it just doesn’t work. No matter what she changes they always meet. She changes their chem lab, they meet in bio. She takes away the academy, they meet at a science convention. She makes them not scientists, they meet in a coffee shop. She puts them on different continents and they become pen pals. And soon she has more AUs than the fitzsimmons tag on AO3 and she just gives up and decides to murder Jemma instead. 

Can I have a framework where the Director of Hydra is Melinda May and she is married with a civil teacher named Phil Coulson and they are parents of a beautiful lady named Skye, who lives in her own apartament with her dream boyfriend Ward, who has a rich best friend, named Leopold Fitz. And somehow, Jemma Anne Simmons only is faking her own death and that person on car is just Fitz's mom!

please, @ aos writers! 


Jeffrey said the SHIELD base had been abandoned after War World II. So there is one tragedy that happened in the Framework that led to all the other shit that went wrong. Peggy Carter did not exist. 

If you erase Peggy Carter from history, everything is possible. Even Leo Fitz being a fucking Nazi.

I’m so glad they put this line in the episode, because after the official confirmation of their connection, I kept seeing posts about Deke’s apparent lack of fitzsimmons-level genius and I felt so bad for him, because he might not have a phd, but he made the most out of what he had.
he didn’t just survive there, but compared to most, he had a pretty okay life. he was smart enough to be friends with important people - both human and kree. he could talk himself out of most situations. he always landed on his feet.
and if you ever doubt his genius, just remember that he built a version of the framework.