Me and @vastraven getting down right before her show started… Make sure y'all get the app F L O EMPIRE RADIO and tune in to them live.. Or go to FLOEMPIRERADIO.COM AND WATCH LIVE

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Glasseslit Review

 Hey! If you’re tight on money right now and need glasses on the cheap, you may want to check out this glasses website.

Glasseslit is an eyeglasses retailer based in China. They offer cheap eye wear (prescription/sunglasses) with frames costing as low as $9.90. 

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Carl the Animator: “Ted! Ted! The boss needs this running scene done in the next 5 minutes!”

Ted the Animator: “…what? Why? That’s not possible!”

Carl the Animator: “All I know is he really, really needs it. Can you do it?

Ted the Animator: “No! There are too many leg movements! It’s a ton of frames to swap between!”

Carl the Animator: “Well, can you… like… skip some?”

Ted the Animator: “…everyone would look like they’re magically skidding along the ground, while their legs flash from side to side.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on. It can’t look THAT weird, right? …Right?”