Guess what, the National Gallery of London sells its own branded beer! No, they’re now brewing it themselves, that’d be plain silly. Just imagine, next to Turner, Canaletto and Michelangelo masterpieces, what a match the smell of mash and the copper tubing would be… pretty steampunk now that I’m thinking about it. Ok, back to the point. The exhibition was as expected, no less than awesome, and to add some spice to the “usual classics” like Constable, Monet and Ucello they had a display of… frames!? Not kidding, a room dedicated to centuries old carved and gilded frames on show by themselves. And the beer? The yummy winter stout called Delicious Art, brewed by Chiltern was so spicy and thick that it really left me wanting to heat it, just to see how it’d do…

PM || Frames
  • James:Don’t stop.
  • James:Talking about it, I mean. The movie.
  • Fran:--Really? Because I could literally keep going on and on about it.
  • Fran:It's a really good movie, despite being so bloody terrible and painful.