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malec + 229?

229: “Somebody’s in love!”

magnus had barely stepped inside the institute and had the chance to take a breath before alec saw him from across the room, giving the weekly report to a group of shadowhunters only moments before. a dopey, insanely happy grin spread across his face that made magnus’ heart flutter like a hummingbird’s wings and he felt a smile of his own tug at his lips as alec excused himself from the conversation and practically sprinted over to magnus.

“hi.” alec said breathlessly, his eyes wide and he was looking at magnus as if had hung the moon and all the starts in the sky and had mapped out the constellations by hand.

“hi there.” magnus replied flirtatiously, laughing in surprise when alec suddenly grabbed his waist and pulled him flush against him, that stupidly enamored smile on his face.

“i missed you,” alec’s hands came up to frame magnus’ face, his fingers cold and soothing and famillar. magnus hummed and leaned into the touch and he wrapped his arms around alec’s waist. “i’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“i missed you too, love.” magnus shook his head, a look of wonder on his face and alec kissed him tenderly, like drinking coffee in the morning, the light casting an ethereal and warm glow on your face. magnus pulled back, his eyes still closed and an almost sleepy smile on his lips as he rested his hands on alec’s chest, but made a startled noise when alec pulled him back for one kiss after one, his hands moving from magnus’ face to his back to his waist to his shoulders.

“alexander, there are people staring.” magnus giggled in between kisses, turning his head to look, an attempt to deter alec but this only prompted him to start peppering kisses on his cheek. and there were people staring, not that magnus minded, but he wasn’t so sure if alec shared the same opinion. alec huffed and glanced over at the other room, the few people who were, in fact, staring quickly avoiding eye contact and hurrying off to do their jobs.

“i’m the head of the new york institute. if i want to kiss my beautiful boyfriend over and over and over again,” he responded, punctuating each “over” with a kiss to magnus’ lips. “i can. especially when said beautiful boyfriend is the high warlock of brooklyn.” magnus scrunched up his nose when alec poked his chest to emphasize his point.

“well, you’ve won me over with that argument.” magnus said and he pulled alec in for a kiss by the back of his neck, thier lips meeting like waves crashing but muted, passionate but still gentle.

“somebody’s in love!” a gleeful voice shouted and they pulled apart to see jace and isabelle watching the scene, smirking triumphantly.

“jace, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” isabelle turned to jace and pretended to wipe a fake tear away.

jace sniffled loudly and put his arm around her, acting as if his body was being rocked with sobs. “no, it’s just-WHAT WAS LOVE BEFORE ALEC LIGHTWOOD AND MAGNUS BANE?!” alec rolled his eyes but he smiled, knowing that his siblings’ teasing only indicated how truly happy they were for him.

“of course i’m in love with magnus. have you met him?” alec asked and magnus looked at him adoringly, tucking himself into his side and putting a hand on his lower back. alec kissed his temple and he made a face at isabelle and jace, who had just erupted in shrieks of “ooooooooh!!!!!!” as if they were five year olds.

“very mature, your brother and sister.” magnus chuckled when they rounded the corner and his heart skipped a beat when alec intertwined his fingers with magnus’.

“they’re just jealous cause i have you.” alec replied and magnus stopped him suddenly, wrapping his arms around his neck, a cheeky grin on his face.

“i think somebody’s in loveeeeeee.” he taunted lovingly, using the same tone of voice jace had when he had shouted out to them a couple of minutes ago.

“well, you’re not wrong.” alec shrugged and captured magnus’ lips in his only, beaming against his lips when magnus murmured “that makes the two of us” and pulled him closer by his jacket, the stain glass window in the hallway casting a colorful, heavenly glow on the couple so lost in each other and in love.

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“On page 2, the National ran a picture of Clinton meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed in Washington in April 2009. She was the same woman who had traveled from Washington with us on that plane, and yet in that old photo she looked different. Her hair had grown from her sharp presidential campaign cut into a softer style, blonde locks framing her face, a shade lighter than in years past. Chelsea had asked her mother to grow her hair for the wedding, and Hillary had liked the results.”

-from The Secretary by Kim Ghattas

Sasuke Headcannon

He messes with Sakura by moving objects around the house. To hint he’s back home.

She’ll be doing laundry, and there’s a single black glove in the dryer.

A picture frame is faced down in the living room. She places it back, moments later it’s faced down again.

She slips downstairs because she thought she heard the back door open, only to hear the cringe worthy sound of her bedroom’s window sliding up. All day she’s finding/hearing little things, until the sun goes down.

She wants to blame Sarada but she’s out for the night training with her team.

And then.

The fuse box is powered down. And suddenly she’s stumbling in the dark.

She fumbles a couple of times until she turns the generator back on…to find her husbando sitting on the sofa.

The look on her face is priceless.

Tsk. Tsk. “Those pesky light bills.” he reaches for the picture frame and adjusts it.

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“describe a person close to your life in detail.”

No, this isn’t Ev or Jared, I’m throwing a curve ball at you.

Amazing blue eyes, they look like water reflecting off a mirror, kind of warped but in a good way. You look into their eyes and you see a home, and you know you shouldn’t go away. Dirty blond hair, it frames their face nicely. A smile, that looks like it was made of stars. A voice that sounds like a late night afternoon in autumn. When you walk with them, they bounce, just slightly, making the whole day better. Intelligence that is beyond their years, they grew up too fast. Kind to people who don’t deserve it. A soul that speaks even when they don’t say a word. Courageous in ways that no one should have to be. Radiant, absolutely radiant, inside and out. I could hear them talk about nothing for hours. A person I’d walk through hell for. Guess who?

1x11 “Scarecrow”
Standing Tall

This has nothing to do w/ anything and I know people have talked about it before BUT I want to as well. Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. But anyway, a delve into Victor’s love of fairytales!

I can recall on 2 occasions Victor specifically comparing Yuuri to a fairytale.

Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Anyway, I just think it’s so damn cute that Victor considers Yuuri prince-like. Even the visuals and story of On Love: Eros is like a fairytale!

We go on about how extra Victor is (and he 200% is…that 50s pink cadillac tho) but I wanna here more about how much of a true romantic Victor is. 

This entire thing is like an hc-palooza courtesy of me. Here we go!

I like to think of a little Victor, watching all these fairytale movies–Disney or otherwise–and dreaming of one day finding a prince of his own.

A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor thought he had found his prince, until one day the affection faded and his mind focused on other things. 

A teenage Victor, going through various relationships like others would go through clothing. He’s a busy young man after all, and no one seems to want to look beyond the Victor Nikiforov on screen, one the ice, and actually date him. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. 

Victor as a young adult, still a romantic at heart, but has pretty much entirely lost hope on finding his true love. No one sticks around, and he hasn’t found anyone he cares deeply enough about to chase. Victor’s lonely, to put it simply. He sits up at night sometimes, and watches all those fairytales from when he was a child. Victor smiles sadly at the end of them all, and dreams of a prince of his own. 

And Victor in his late 20s, as we see him pre-series. He’s frosted with depression and loneliness; the never-ending cold discs of metal, the isolation from other skaters, people kissing up to him left and right. Everything is predictable. He’s running out of motivation, out of ideas. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. It’s a saddening thought, that Victor is not lovable as himself. Some people were not meant to find a true love, he supposes.

Until one night, a night we all know well. 

The Sochi GPF banquet. Victor is intrigued by this attractive man flitting through the room, clearly intoxicated, but with this charming energy no one can resist. Not even Yuri Plisestky, himself pulled into a dance with Japan’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

Victor manages to escape from his sponsors to laugh and point and take pictures from the sidelines. Yuuri whirls past him and the way the light shines on his hair and eyes makes Victor’s breath catch and his heart skip. 

Victor watches as Yuuri dances with Chris–and wow, is that a show and a half. Yuuri strides over to Victor and holds him in place, hips shaking and Victor can only stare on in wonder. This beautiful, energetic, charming young man is staring up at him, like he’s the only person in the room. Victor can’t understand Japanese, but that doesn’t matter–what matters is the warmth of Yuuri’s body, the sparkle of his eyes, and the earnestly fond tone he speaks with. Victor’s heart is beating out of his chest and he can’t imagine this moment getting better until-

Be my coach, Victor!

Victor’s face flushes with a little gasp and he can’t find it in himself to refuse the request or the next dance they share together. 

As Victor laughs spins and smiles like he hasn’t since child, looking at Yuuri all the while, he can feel it in his chest. 

A prince. A prince is with him!

And oh, when Yuuri dips him low, the lights above framing his face and hair like a halo, Victor knows that his prince has finally come for him.