Opening Ceremony x Margritte AW14 Collection at London Fashion Week

The press preview of the Opening Ceremony x Margritte collection proved to be an amalgamation of Fashion and Art. And boy did it live up to expectations! Inspired by the vivid works of the surrealists prints into accessible fashion. The twelve reproductions of Magritte’s paintings are featured on knitted sweaters, dresses and neoprene zip tunics. 

This limited edition collection also includes shoes collaborating with Vans, Birkenstock and Manolo Blahnik. Each of which dedicate their most well know styles with iconic paintings such as the ‘double reality.’ This really offsets the feeling of dreaming with practicality. The surreal paintings against the backdrop of fashion really elevates both creative art forms to new heights.

Love Twenty6 x

Words: Christobelle Batchelor