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The now broken friendship-M

Unable to hold off anymore, Justin sleeps with Y/N. But the bigger truth is revealed. Mature. but sad.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” 

Justin chuckles at your fucked expression. You had been working all week. You were literally a walking zombie. 

You nod, “Yeah.” 

We were all sprawled out around the living room. Kendall, Khail and Hailey all into Fifty shades darker to even notice your lifeless self. You were seated in the far left of the couch, while Justin was in between you and Khail. Kendall and Hailey seated on the white rug, snacking on their caramel popcorn. Every sunday the group would meet up at one of your guy’s houses, unluckily this week was yours. 

“You should go get some rest.” 

Justin whispers lowly in your ear, narrowing his attention away from the movie for a moment. Justin was worried about you. He knew how much you worked but this week you had to work extra hours because of stupid Becky who had to take the week off due to a ‘sore throat.’ You agreed with Justin and decide to put yourself out of misery. 

“Guys i’m not feeling so well. I’m going to bed early.” 

They nod in understanding, already knowing something was up. You fumble your way to your room, quickly changing out of your jeans and into a pair of sweatpants. You groan lowly, feeling your comfy sheets and blanket cuddle your weak body. You roll onto your side. You really needed to get some rest. I mean you hadn’t gotten any sleep over the whole week. Your body was aching dead, feet about to fall off. The amount of stress was too much. You were torturing yourself, just to earn a couple more dollars. You lived by yourself, the apartment needed to be paid every week. You groan as you realise you hadn’t paid this week’s or last weeks. 

Justin surprising helped you pay off your rent over the month. I mean he insisted he help even though you told him off many times before. You  hated owing people. He was just ‘extra’ nice to me as people like to put it. Even today, he came super early, remembering his presence made me smile. You were grateful to say the least. He came with a bag of popcorn in one hand, the other with your favourite pizzas. 

He just came from taking a shower, his hair freshly damp, straight and blonde. The cologne he wore was musky, almost inviting you. The white t-shirt he wore looked so good on him, large but perfectly showing off his structured frame, his tatted arms and tan skin. His silver bracelet hung perfectly on his wrist, how could a human being look so effortlessly good? 

You suck in a tight breath as you make your way to think about his fingers. You imagined how they would feel touch your skin. His hands were large and structured. You loved holding them sometimes, but little did he know you wanted them to do more. You imagined how amazing they would feel against rubbing against your heat. Your lower stomach tingled as you thought about all the dirty things they could do, all the dirty things they could make you say. You moan breathlessly and you lower a hand into your sweatpants. You touch yourself over your thin panties, you were surprisingly wet already. Wow you thought, you really needed some action. You hadn’t had any over the last couple months. 

You began you fondle with your sensitive bud, moaning in appreciation as the feeling made you feel alive. Wanting more, you quickly insert a single finger in, a loud yelp escaping your lips. It had felt better than you had expected. You slowly began to pace your finger in your heart. You close your eyes shut, loving the feeling of just one finger in your heart. You raise your hips off the bed, the pumping increased. 

You were never the vocal type but today was different. Your loud moan startled the ones in the room. Luckily Kendall, Hailey and Khail left after the movie was done, leaving Justin to clean up.

He heard your throught the walls. He was surprised to hear you yelp but courteously took the best of him and he decided to check up on you make sure you weren’t yelping for help or anything. 

As soon has he arrived to your door, your room was dark, but the lights out the hallway was dim enough for him to make out what you were doing. Your hair was messed, your eyes shut, lips harshly taken between your teeth. Your face was enough to make him let go at that very moment. But the fact your hand was taken under singlet, groping your bare breast or the fact your hips were rising up, he already knew what was happening under those sheets. He stood there in complete shock, his eyes not being able to tear away from you. You were a sight to see. This was something he did not want to miss out. Even though he knew this was wrong, he stood there and watched. 

You were so fucking sexy, it took him everything not to take your hand out of your pants and let him finish the job. But right now he wanted to see you bring yourself to your own high. Your mouth opened in a ‘o’ shape letting out panting little breaths. He listened as you moan last time, before letting go. He took in your every move, the way you clench your eyes tighter and they way you would pant while letting out high pitched noises.

After your orgasm, Justin decides to let you know his he was present. 

“Y/N” He coughs out, walking slowly towards you. 

He sits down on the side bed. 

“Were you lonely Y/N?” 

You eye him widely, not being able to believe he was there while you were fingering yourself. 

“I-m So- How long were you-” 

“Aw, my baby. Do you want me to take care of you?” 

Justin stands up, ripping off your sheets, revealing your risen tank top and halfway down sweatpants. You choke on your words as what was about to happen. Before you could say anything, he quickly touches between your legs, just to test the temperature. 

“So god damn wet Y/N.” He groans lowly at the damp feeling. Your hips lift up on its own, desperately wanting his fingers. He watches your every move, the way you would stare with wide eyes at his fingers. He grins mentally at the thought, he wanted to see you cum because of him.

“Please. I want your fingers.” You whine, desperate for a high again. 

“So greedy Y/N, didnt you just cum baby?” 

You narrow his eyes at him, starting to get annoyed. You reach down to rub yourself faster, hating snail pace his fingers were rubbing over the thin cloth. He snatches your wrist out of your wrap. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” 

You look at his face. He smirks back at you, despite scolding you. 

Out of hunger, you quickly flip your body, forcing justin’s under yours. You straddle him, supporting yourself with your knees, you pull your tank off your body, revealing your bare upper body. Justin stares in hunger, loving the sight in front of him, wanting to appreciate it, he gently smooths over your exposed skin, rubbing against your waist. 

“Can we just hurry? I really need you Justin.” 

Justin looks a little disappointed, wanting to take his time on you, to pleasure you properly. 

“Yeah.” He mumbles softly as he stops touching and lets you do the rest. You harshly yank your sweatpants off in a hurry but they get stuck in the process, being fumbled at your knees. You quickly lay down, despite sitting on top of justin’s thighs. 

“Can you pull them off?” You split you legs straight as justin pulls you at the ankle bit and slips them completely off. He chucks them onto the ground. Now his eyes are in front of your core, only being slightly covered from your flimsy panties. He licked his lips, wanting to devour you right now. Beside agreeing to let you do the work and fuck you now, Justin could help but have a taste of you first. He holds your waist and plops you onto the bed sheet, your hair covering your eyes a little at the sudden movement.

This is was a strange position you thought. Your head was suppose lay on your pillow but at this thought you laugh lightly at how funny you two looked right now. 

“What is it?”

Justin instantly notices your little giggles. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight below him. You were so breathlessly beautiful, he wanted nothing but to take a fucking picture and stick it up on his wall as creepy as the sounded. He grins before leaning down with supporting arms and pecks your soft lips. 

“You’re so cute Y/N.” 

“Enough with compliments. Make me feel good please?” 

You didn’t want to hear those ‘compliments’ anymore, justin would always make little compliments here and there but you never took them seriously, thinking he was just naturally flirty, which he was. 

“C’mon take your pants off already.” 

You try to tug his pants down, reaching down but before you could, he slips off his t-shirt. He half smirked at your eagerness before going down and narrowing to place his face between your legs.You watch as he kisses you through your panties. You groan out, reaching down to his light soft locks, pulling him closer to your heat. Justin gets out of your grip. You whine at the lost contact. 

He pulls the flimsy fabric off you legs and dives straight in, not wasting anymore time. He couldn’t wait any longer at the awaiting sight before his eyes. He groans at the taste. You were so sweet and delicate. He sucks gently on your sensitive bud, the action making your eyes roll back. You push your hips towards his mouth, wanting him to move faster. He ignores the signs and takes his time, enjoying the very moment. 

You let out heavy breathes, the wait nearly killing you alive. He grips the back of your thighs gently, spreading your legs apart and moves his mouth gently against your heat. You tasted like fucking honey and Justin never wanted to let it go. 

“So, so good.” 

He mumbles against your heat, appreciating you once again. You continue to ride against his face, he doesn’t mind this action as he doesn’t hold you down, his grip not tightening. The vibrations of his mouth sending you off. The pit in your stomach tightens. 

“I’m nearly there.” 

“C’mon baby. Cum for me.” 

Justin encourages you. The nickname slightly causing you startle but before you could speak, your orgasm washes over. You feel him smile against your heat. He lets you recover for a moment, maybe a little too long. You support myself with your elbows, glancing down at Justin, wondering what the fuck he was doing. He promised to fuck you, please don’t tell me that he changed his mind. He sat there, slumped back, head against your bedframe. Was this already over. You glance down to his pants, seeing him obviously hard and ready for you. You crawl over to him, palming him through his pants. He chokes on his spit. 


You eye him suspiciously. 

“Do you not want to have sex anymore?” You question him. 

You were confused to as why he wouldn’t want to get off. 

“Do you want me to blow you instead?” You offer him another way out instead, just because you didn’t want to leave him hanging. 

He doesn’t reply for a moment. You grab his face and playfully kiss his cheek, hoping to lighten the mood. 

“I think I should go.” He gently pushes you off him, grabbing his shirt off the floor. Before he could walk out the door, you tug lightly on his arm. He stands there with his bare back facing you. 

“Don’t leave. Have I done something wrong?” 

You sit down the bed waiting for his answer. 


“Then what is it? I can’t seem to figure you out. First you’re happy, now you’re so down. You can tell me Justin. I’m your friend.” 

“A friend?” He scoffs at this comment. 

You gasp at his reaction. Of course you guys were friends. 

“Is this what a friend is? Do you offer blows to your other ‘friends.’” 

His voice was dripping with venom with every word. You gasp in horror to what he was implying. 

“What’s that suppose to mean?” 

“Doesn’t matter anymore. You got off, I can go now right?” 

Well, yeah. No. He did help you get off but his current attitude was bugging you now. 

“What are you acting this way? I don’t understand you anymore.” 

You began to get angry at the situation. 

You raise your voice a bit more, “tell me what’s going on!” 

He pauses for a moment, silence taking over you two. You tug his arm a bit more. He snaps back. He spins and harshly slamming you back onto the bed. 

“You wanna fuck huh?” 

You widen your eyes at his sudden actions. Before you could get a word out, Justin yanks his sweats and boxers in one go and slams his stiff length into you, causing you to let out a loud yelp at the feeling. Justin doesn’t seem to care as he looks down to where you two are joined. He holds you still with one hand, the other gripping your leg above his shoulder. He slams into you whole, feeling him hit the spot you never knew you had. 

The pleasure was so sudden and it hit you as fast a train. Justin’s pace never slowed down, he continues at an inhuman pace.

 A few minutes later, you feel the pit rising again, feeling your orgasm approach again. You clench around him. He finally lets out a loud growl. He feels his high approaching faster than he thought as well. He tugs his head into the crook of your neck, smelling your sweet scent of your hair. He would miss this so fucking much. 

He knew that after this there would be no way he’d be able to hide his feelings for you anymore. He fucking loved you, it tore him apart that this was the last time you’ll ever see each other again. 


He whispers between pants. You hear this but ignore it, too focused on your orgasm to answer him. 

“I’m there” you let out before letting your second orgasm go. 

He feels stupid tears approach his eyes. He fucking hated you at this point. He wanted to tell you. He didn’t know how. 

You see his heavy breathing, looking as if he was struggling to let go, you encourage him a little further, little did you know he was struggling to hold back his tears. 

“Justin,” you moan out his name, knowing it would do the trick. 

“Fucking hell,” He growls. 

He steadies his hands beside the side of your head, your faces facing directly across each there. You see the water in his eyes. He stares deathly at you as he lets go into you, feeling him fill you up. You didn’t notice anything strange. He pulls out of you but keeps his position, letting his eyes desperately focus on the face. 


You say softly hopefully to comfort what ever was going on. You were blind the what was happening. 

Before you could thank him for tonight, he crushes his lips harshly onto yours in a passionate kiss. You desperately struggle to keep up with his pace. You pull away, wanting to laugh at him for this. Before you could open your eyes, you feel wet drops of water on your cheeks. You open them to find Justin’s watery red eyes staring back at you. 

“I love you Y/N” He whispers in a croaky voice, his voice unstable, breaking any second. 

You push him away. 

“Justin? Are you ok? Stop joking with me, this is not funny.” 

“I’m fucking sorry Y/N.” 

You feel horror and sadness coming to rush over you. You knew he wasn’t joking. This was the last straw for both of you. You didn’t feel the same. 

Loyalty (Tiva Drabble)

A/N: During my recent re-watch, I noticed that 3x09 Frame-Up would have been better with a scene between Tony and Ziva while he was locked up. So here it is: a missing scene between our favorites when they were still getting to know each other. Enjoy. :) 

She should have gone home to her apartment.  Showered. Rested. Gibbs was going to work them hard again in the morning.

When does he not, Ziva wondered. She didn’t mind it so much at the moment. This was no ordinary case. One of his own was charged with murder, and the response from the team had been…

Well.  It was refreshing.  These Americans…they were loyal to each other, their team.  In Mossad, loyalty was to country, first and foremost, and everything else was to the success of the mission, regardless of collateral damage.

She was still getting used to it at NCIS.

And she really should have gone home. Except that Gibbs had mentioned how badly his Senior Field Agent was handling the situation, and now her new mini was zipping through darkened D.C. in the wrong direction of home, and she was allowing it.

Visiting hours were long over at the FBI holding facility, but when it was clear she wasn’t leaving until her request was granted, the guards chose against waking their superiors and let her in to see Tony.

What a sight it was.

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