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Loyalty (Tiva Drabble)

A/N: During my recent re-watch, I noticed that 3x09 Frame-Up would have been better with a scene between Tony and Ziva while he was locked up. So here it is: a missing scene between our favorites when they were still getting to know each other. Enjoy. :) 

She should have gone home to her apartment.  Showered. Rested. Gibbs was going to work them hard again in the morning.

When does he not, Ziva wondered. She didn’t mind it so much at the moment. This was no ordinary case. One of his own was charged with murder, and the response from the team had been…

Well.  It was refreshing.  These Americans…they were loyal to each other, their team.  In Mossad, loyalty was to country, first and foremost, and everything else was to the success of the mission, regardless of collateral damage.

She was still getting used to it at NCIS.

And she really should have gone home. Except that Gibbs had mentioned how badly his Senior Field Agent was handling the situation, and now her new mini was zipping through darkened D.C. in the wrong direction of home, and she was allowing it.

Visiting hours were long over at the FBI holding facility, but when it was clear she wasn’t leaving until her request was granted, the guards chose against waking their superiors and let her in to see Tony.

What a sight it was.

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