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Sweet Tears Pt. 1

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Mature themes, abuse, graphic descriptions, violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  

Wordcount: 2k+



“Why did it have to start pouring right when I get out of work?” Your words are drowned out, the harsh drops of the rain being the only thing to reach your ears. After a long day of typing up reports, making not one, but two power points for a meeting coming up, and staying over three hours later than you had planned at your desk, you just wanted to go home. It was dark, and you were freezing in your business attire. Curling up on your couch with some tea and a Korean drama sounded like heaven at the moment.

Your heels splashed through the puddles that were covering the once light gray sidewalk, the water soaking through all the way to the black tights around your feet. By now you were almost running, the deadly weather catching you off guard when a strike of lightning hit nearby. Jumping slightly at the sudden blinding light, you noticed a figure hidden in the shadows. Even if you only caught it for a split second in the corner of your eye, you knew someone, or something was there.

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Scott McCall x Reader x Stiles Stilinski 

~ Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Slight sexual content, dom!reader, sub!Scott, sub!Stiles
Word count: 1 521

A/N: Thank you for liking this imagine so much! ♥

Tags: @queenlovve, @luciferwaitsformetogethome, @pissheadofficial, @fangirlfreakingout, @17jenny​, @lildoog-ish​, @peacefullytatted01, @greek-geek481

Scott winched when he suddenly saw Stiles standing behind him in the mirror. He was leaning against the door frame, pursing his lips into a thin line and his eyebrows were hanging low on his forehead.

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anonymous asked:

1 and 14? 💛

1.The skirt is supposed to be this short.

14.Take. It. Off.

You had been wandering in the shop for way too long. You only wanted to find a suitable dress for tonight. Was this so much to ask for? No matter how many stores you had already visited, nothing would catch your eye. You promised yourself that was the last shop you had entered. If you couldn’t find anything in there too, then you would return to your flat and try to create an outfit with your existing clothing items.

“Do you need any help dear?”, a lovely lady, who worked in the shop most probably, asked you and you smiled politely.

“Yes please. I am looking for a dress for a girls’ night and I have found nothing so far. Do you have anything to show me?”

“Of course darling! Follow me this way”. Hope started building up inside you when her response matched her cheery face. Maybe this shop was your savior. The lady kept picking up some dresses off the racks and you felt yourself imagining what you would look like in them but you still weren’t impressed.

“Well, those were the dresses for such an occasion. If you didn’t find yourself liking any of those, we can go on looking  for a skirt”, the lady informed you and you felt dumb. How did skirts escape your mind? You were so caught up looking for a dress that you forgot skirts existed at this point.

“Yes sure!”, you said excitedly and you followed the lady, praying you would at least find a skirt for tonight.

“Okay. I feel like this particular skirt matches your eyes dearly. It is our last piece and I think it is meant for you to buy”, the lady spoke and you gasped at the sight of the skirt. It was navy blue and it was nothing near tight, which meant that you would be deeply comfortable wearing it all night long.

“Yes! Thank you so much! I will buy it!”, you said still not really comprehending that you had finally found the half of your outfit.

“Well, the cashier is over there sweetie. I am glad I could help you. Have a nice rest of the day!”, the kind lady said and you made your way towards the cashier to pay. Now the only thing remaining was the blouse or the button down shirt you would wear with your skirt.

Walking back to your house you felt your phone buzzing. Picking it up, you saw that Harry was calling you.

“Hello, Harry”, you greeted him.

“Hi love. Are yeh quite done with your shoppin’?”, he asked.

“Well, yes. I am actually outside the door. Is something wrong?”

“No don’t worry babe. Yeh were just taking so long and I was afraid yeh would stay there all day long. But since yeh are comin’, I better hang up. See yeh!”, Harry jokingly said and you huffed.

“Yeah right, Styles. Love you!”, with that you entered the key in the keyhole and left your bag on the floor.

“See? Already here”, you said to Harry, who welcomed you with a kiss.

“So, let me see the skirt yeh bought babygirl”, he said but you cut him off.

“You will only see it when I wear it for the night”, you pecked his cheek and you went to the kitchen. You could really use a glass of water right now.

“I can’t wait till then though”, he said coming towards you.

‘Too bad you have to. You wouldn’t even have a skirt to admire if it wasn’t for that kind lady who helped me”, you said referring to the lady who told you to buy the skirt.

“Hm I see. Anyways, I am heading to bed. Will yeh join?”, Harry said and you contemplated his offer since you still had a few hours since the gathering.

“I’d love to”, you said taking his head and going upstairs. You didn’t know how much you wanted to rest your body till you found yourself lost in Harry’s embrace and on your soft mattress.

After what seemed like a good two hour sleep, you heard your phone ringing. Thank God you had set an alarm to wake up because if it was up to you, you would wake up the next morning. You tried to wriggle yourself out of Harry’s arms and you stormed off in the bathroom. Deciding on a refreshing shower, you let the water wake you up completely. You couldn’t wait till Harry saw you in your completed outfit. You were already feeling hyper to wear it. Getting out of the shower, you straightened your hair after doing your magic with your makeup and then went back to the room to try your clothes on; your brand new skirt along with a white button down shirt stuffed inside it. Your heels were the final touch and you were ready.

“I think I am ready. What do you think?”, you turned your attention to Harry who was checking his emails on his phone. When his eyes met your frame though, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Y/N, love, what’s this?”

“This is my new skirt Harry”, you answered, checking yourself in the mirror.

“Y/N, I thought we were somewhat over this. This skirt is rather short”, he said, his eyes becoming darker.

“Harry it is a regular skirt. Besides, the skirt is supposed to be this short. It is how it’s made love”, you said trying to calm him. But it did nothing.

“Yeh won’t be getting’ out of this house in this. Take it off baby before I come and do so myself”, Harry warned with a hint but you had made up your mind already.

“I’d like to see you try”, you sassed back.

“Take. It. Off”, Harry snarled and as you checked the clock, you realized you were running out of time.

“Seems like I am going to be late. See you later my love!”, you said and leaned down to kiss him but before he could grasp your hand, you were flying down the stairs, leaving Harry behind with a irritated mind and a bit of a problem between his legs.

Thank you so much for your request lovely anon! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Stay awesome!

Forget What You Saw (m)

Originally posted by nnochu

Summary: Officer Namjoon catches you sneaking from your rich neighbors place with a stolen wallet. He’s tempted to take you in but he’s willing to compromise for you to have a clean record.

Pairing: Officer!Namjoon/Thief!Reader

Warning: rough sex. face fucking. slut shaming. namjoon calls you “pet” and “little girl”.

Count: 2,152

A/N: there’s no kissing in this fic. i didn’t think it felt right to do it. Professor!Jin is up next!

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Zach Werenski - Mistakes

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: Cursing / Drinking

Part One / Part Two / Part Three/ Part Four

You are originally from Toronto, but for the past four months you’ve found yourself stuck in Columbus, Ohio. You weren’t complaining however, since the reason you were there was due to the fact that’s where your boyfriend of two years lived. The two of you met while you guys attended the University of Michigan and have been inseparable since.

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Six months after graduating from Tulane University, Sadie Neal is on a one-way trip to Buffalo, New York to start her first real, big girl job with the local professional hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres. The problem? Sadie knows next to nothing about hockey. They use pucks, not balls. They wear skates, not cleats. And they play on ice, not grass. That’s it. How is she supposed to represent them on social media when she doesn’t even know what icing means outside of baking?

Louis Tomlinson (#91 / RW) is coming off a career high season (79 games, 20 goals, 30 assists, 50 total points) that he’s trying to recreate. The goal: Lord Stanley’s Cup. There’s a magic in the locker room that feels like it could be their year. He stays focused by keeping hockey and his personal life separate. Everyone knows that.

Everyone except Sadie.

Bright Eyes / chapter one

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Summer Break(bills)

Welters Challenge Submission!! 

Words: 1665

Summary: Eliot convinces Margo to stay with him at Brakebills for the summer vacation between first and second year. Margo tries to control her feelings for him, but a sudden blackout offers her a chance to act on them.

NOTE: I don’t ship them, I just enjoy writing Margo suffering over Eliot. Plus, we all know that this probably happened.

“I have literally no desire to live. That’s how bored I am.” Margo exhaled dramatically. “I can’t believe I was persuaded to stay here with you all summer.” She glared at Eliot. “We could have done something fun, but nooo–”

“I just had to ruin everyone’s summer and insist that my best friend stay with me during the break.” Eliot smirked. “You’re welcome, by the way.” He took a drag on his cigarette so that grey swirls of smoke spilled from his lips with every word. He held his hand up and rubbed the tips of his index finger and thumb together. “Do you know what this is.” He never truly seemed to raise the pitch of his voice to signify a question.

Margo pressed her lips together to avoid laughing. “A tiny, tiny violin playing a sad song.” Despite her effort, a laugh bubbled up around her words anyway. “Just for me.”

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Coping Part 5

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Leave it to Dean to show up at the most unfortunate time as possible. You clambered to pull your jeans back on, tugging Chuck’s hoodie on and stumbling after Dean. You couldn’t believe he was home. “Dean!” You shouted, hoping he would just take a moment to breathe, to explain what happened. He suddenly turned to face you, standing in the library. You just stood and stared at one another, fifteen feet or so away. Then you found yourself moving closer to him, and fast. You threw your arms around him, his chest strong and firm, almost knocking the wind out of you, but you didn’t care. His arms closed around you and he hugged you as close to him as possible, his fingers carding through your hair. “Thank God you’re alright,” You murmured, speaking into his chest. “You’re safe.” He exhaled, sounding a bit relieved.

“Wish I hadn’t walked in on that.” He mumbled just under his breath, almost making you chuckle.
After the long and well-deserved embrace, you release one another and wondered what to do next. Did you even dare ask about Sam?

Luckily you didn’t get the chance to think about it too much because your trance was interrupted by Chuck’s awkward entrance. “Dean… You’re-you’re here.” He said with a bit of a stammer, an unsure expression on his face.

“Yeah, sorry to interrupt your ‘bonding’ time,” Dean paused to grimace, “but Sam’s in trouble. He’s in trouble and it’s my fault, so we’ve gotta get him out of it.” You nodded, hanging on his every word, eager for more details. “…Where is he?” You asked, worried about what his response may be. “The cage.”
“Okay, where’s Cas can’t he just-”
“Cas is gone.” Your heart plummeted. Sam in the cage, you could get him out, you’d done it before, you could do it again, but Cas- that was beyond you.
“Wha-what happened?” You sputtered, your eyes starting to water.
You thought of your last visit with Cas, how tightly you had held him, the kindness in those blue eyes that you loved.
“Lucifer happened. He’s on the loose, running around in Cas’ meatsuit.” You fell into a chair, a sadness tearing through your chest. “He’s just gone?” You asked, looking up at Dean.
“I can’t imagine he’s alive. Sharing a vessel with Lucifer? I don’t think it’s possible.” He told you honestly. Dean looked like he hadn’t slept in days, but despite that fatigue that plagued his face he looked young. He had been crying, you could tell, his eyes were puffy and brighter than usual. He looked like a scared little boy.

“Cas has come through worse,” Chuck reminded you, hope evident in his voice. “He swallowed all of Purgatory once, remember?” He said, resting his hand on your shoulder. You forced a smile. “I suppose that’s true.”
Dean didn’t say anything, just stared at the two of you. “I’m sorry I’ve gotta ask, how did this happen?” He questioned, gesturing to you and Chuck.
You looked at the prophet, unsure of how to answer the question. You hadn’t intended on getting involved with Chuck; truly it was the last thing on your mind… Until you started reading those books…

“I’ve been in this relationship longer than she has.” Chuck said simply, like that was a suitable answer. “Relationship?” You questioned, glaring at him from over your shoulder.
“Yes, relationship. Anyway, Lucifer’s just… on the loose now?” He inquired, not-so-stealthily changing the subject. You didn’t disagree with him; you just turned back to Dean for his reply.
“Rowena.” Dean answered in a growl, turning on his heel to look through your massive library. Dean hated research with a burning passion- if he was this eager to hit the books then it had to be serious.
You stood and followed. “What are you looking for?” You questioned, trying to keep up with his gait. His hands were running across the shelves, every few seconds he’d grab a book and pass it to you.  
“I don’t know, anything. There’s gotta be something in here that can help.” Dean answered roughly glancing over some of the spines lining the shelves.

“Okay,” You agreed, moving to another row to search as well, Chuck following suit.
The three of you spent hours practically camped out in the library, books scattered across the deep brown tables, Chuck seated at your left and Dean directly across from you. You glanced up and Dean; he could barely keep his head up, his green eyes fighting to stay open.

“Dean, you need to go to bed.” You instructed, reaching across the table for the book. He swiped it away from you, flashing you an irritated glare. “No way that’s happening, sweetheart.” He replied, almost sounding like he was challenging you. You raised your brow.
“You’re no good burned out.” You told him, using your best ‘mom’ voice. He’d driven God knows how far on little to no sleep, the last thing you needed was him passing out from exhaustion. He kept your gaze until finally cracking.

“Fine.” Dean said reluctantly, tossing the book onto the table with a scowl on his face. He wandered off, leaving you and your apparent ‘boyfriend’ alone. “Wow.” You muttered quietly, leaning back in your seat. “Think he’ll ever tell me the full story?” You asked, sighing and closing the book of lore you had been skimming.
“When I get a vision I’ll tell you all about it.” He said with a soft smile, reaching for your hand. That wasn’t really the response you wanted; especially after his last vision, the last thing you wanted was to see him in pain. But he meant well, so you mustered up a smile.

“So now I’m your girlfriend?” You questioned eager to change the topic. You couldn’t help it; you hadn’t had a boyfriend in years and the idea was foreign to you.  He nodded. You hadn’t seen him so… confident? He was usually so nervous and awkward, stumbling over words, avoiding your gaze. But not now; now he was smiling, holding your hand in his, even daring to press a kiss to it. “Well… alright.” You suddenly agreed, not knowing how else to reply. Did you want to be his girlfriend? Absolutely. What was there to not like? Although you had only known him for short amount of time, you’d been through a lot and just the sight of him made you all warm and fuzzy- all that lame shit.
“We should get back to work.” You said quite suddenly, breaking your gaze and turning back to the old leather bound books. He didn’t say anything; he released your hand and opened the nearest book, sticking his nose into it.
You weren’t sure what else to say to him. The whole relationship thing wasn’t something you were particularly good at. Being a hunter meant being doomed to a life of solitude, and you had accepted that. Until Chuck came waltzing into your life. He hit you like a semi truck. You decided to simply swallow your fear for now and continue your research.
Finally after what seemed like hours of work, Chuck called you over, pointing to a paragraph in a musty old journal of sorts. “Rowena got us into this mess, right?” He questioned, raising his brow suggestively. “Holy shit,” You muttered, practically snatching the book from his hands and skimming quickly over the faded words.
You grinned before slamming the book shut. “Let’s make this witch our bitch.”

You rushed down the hallway to find Dean, excited to share with him the research Chuck had dug up. You weren’t sure how he’d found it, you’d never seen the book before and you could have sworn you’d been through that library three times over. You didn’t care, you just wanted to get Sam home. Not even bothering to knock you threw Dean’s door open and walked in, waving the book around. Dean almost jumped, alarmed with your sudden excitement.
“What’d you find?” He asked, his brow knit together. “The answer to your prayers. Actually, Chuck found it.” Dean’s eyes scanned over the page getting wider with every line he read.
“Think Crowley will help us out?” You wondered, glancing up at the elder Winchester.
“I think he’ll do anything to put Rowena in her place.” He replied truthfully.

Dean left with the information you found to discuss a deal with Crowley, once again leaving you and Chuck to your own devices. Your initial thought was to resume your earlier activities, but ultimately you decided to talk to him. You found him in your room seated at your desk, a pen in hand, paper in front of him. “Chuck,” You said quietly, almost feeling guilty for disturbing him. Immediately he looked up at you, those cobalt eyes melting yours.
“Hm?” He questioned, leaning back in the chair looking far too good for your liking.
“Why did you stop writing?” You inquired, leaning against the door frame. He pursed his lips and looked from the paper to you. “I didn’t. I stopped publishing.” You sat on your bed and looked at him almost in wonder. This man was so incredibly talented. The more you thought about him the more you realized just how much you admired him. “I didn’t want to please anyone. I wanted to write the stories how I saw them, not how publishers and readers wanted them to go. After my last book they told me to kill you off. They said my female readers were too jealous and you weren’t relatable. So I quit.” You were in awe. How do you respond to that? You muttered a stupid ‘oh’. He smiled and sat down next to you, his hand tentatively reaching for yours. “I’ve written four more. I just… I didn’t want to… share you.”  His cheeks were a bit pink; he looked embarrassed, his gaze dodging yours. “…At least not with an audience that wasn’t going to appreciate you.” He elaborated.
Your hand reached for his cheek, gently caressing it, the stubble tickling your hand. You pulled him into another kiss, a hungry one that you’d apparently been holding back. You didn’t understand why he was so infatuated with you; why he was so protective of you. He was so easy to talk to, he felt safe. For the first time ever you felt safe with someone.
His hand instinctively gripped the back of your neck pulling you into the kiss, desperate to have you closer to him.
Once he’d found out Sam and Dean were real he prayed every night that you were too. Finally when you showed up at his door he knew there was no way he could let you get away.
You leaned back and grabbed at the bottom of his shirt and gave a good tug. Chuck obeyed, pulling it over his head and tossing it carelessly behind him. You followed suit, throwing your V-neck somewhere near his, your hands immediately roaming over his chest, eager to touch all of him that you could. His eyes followed your hands as they moved down from his ribs to his hips, then to the elastic of his underwear poking up above his jeans. You unbuttoned them and slid them down his legs then reached for his already half-hard dick.  You slipped your hand into his underwear and carefully stroked him causing him to suck in a deep breath. You started with a good pace, you moved him back and forth, his hands entangling in your hair. He let out little gasps; his eyes screwed shut, mouth open in awe. You leaned forward and pressed tender kisses to his hip bones and stomach, his hand reaching for your free one. A few minutes later Chuck couldn’t handle the teasing anymore; he grabbed your wrist and tugged it out of his underwear, and pulled you up to meet him, his lips crashing back against yours. You smiled at his eagerness, his hands working to remove your clothing. He tossed your shirt aside before pushing you back onto your bed. You landed with a laugh, Chuck a bit too distracted with removing your pants. Finally when he got you exposed enough he kissed his way back up your body, lingering on your center, the valley between your breasts and your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding against his hard cock, a moan leaving you. “You sound so beautiful,” He rasped out between firm kisses, reaching down to remove his boxers. Tossing them aside, his eyes met yours. “Can I…?”
“God, yes.” You replied breathlessly, holding him as close as you possibly could. He smirked a bit and thrust into you, filling you up. You dug your nail into his back and threw your head back at the feeling, his name leaving your lips like a prayer. He started a smooth pace, pumping in and out, complimenting you, his hands running over every inch of you he could reach. “You are so fucking beautiful,” Chuck told you, moving stray hair out of your face, his lips finding yours. His hand reached between your legs and he moved your clit in circles, his kisses making their way back to your neck. “I’m close.” You told him, your fingers running through his curly hair, an easy smile coming to your face. “Me too baby, let yourself go.” He encouraged, thrusting particularly roughly. The sound of his voice did it for you and you finished, clenching around him, his hand finding yours. Chuck finished just a moment later with a beautiful groan of your name. He pulled out and slumped on the bed beside you, a wide, dazed smile on his face. “I love you.” He exhaled quietly, pressing a kiss to your knuckles.

You and Chuck stayed in bed, hands entwined, eyes locked on one another. You were terrified, but in a good way. This was a man that knew everything about you. You didn’t need to lie, there were no secrets and it was perhaps the most liberating feeling you had ever had.
Suddenly you remembered the task at hand- capturing Rowena. You wondered if Dean had gotten the collar from Crowley.  You wondered if he had left without you. With a sinking feeling in your chest you disentangled yourself from Chuck and began getting dressed.  “Y/N, where are you going? I thought maybe we could get dinner or-“
“Chuck, Sam is still in Hell I can’t… I can’t let myself get distracted.” His expression changed in a second; he looked as if you’d just punched him in the face. “I’m sorry,” You mumbled quickly after. You didn’t mean to hurt Chuck, you just needed to get Sam home. And then Cas. They had to be your top priority. “Cas is missing-”
“I get it.” He interjected, nodding a bit. “I know; they’re your family, I’m the prophet.” Chuck said stoically, like it was obvious, like he meant nothing to you. You took your face in your hands, aggravated with yourself and your inability to talk about your feelings. Finally you decided to just blurt it out.
“Chuck I’m falling in love with you and that terrifies me and I don’t know what to do about it. But I can save Sam and I can find Cas. So I’m sorry that I’m so bad at this,” Chuck pulled you into a kiss, gentle and reassuring. “Let’s go save them then.” He told you simply, a little shrug of his shoulders. You looked at him in awe, total confusion across your face.
“Well I’m going with you. I can help.” “Chuck, I-”
Your phone began to ring before you could get out your next thought; Dean’s name sprawled across the screen. You answered it immediately. “So what’s the deal?” You asked taking a step back from Chuck.
“You alone?” Dean asked pointedly.
You were caught off guard by his harsh tone. You decided to lie; there was nothing that he could say that you wouldn’t tell Chuck anyway.  He exhaled tiredly before saying: “Chuck is the deal. We’re giving him Chuck.”  

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Hi! After they met at Langley, Elizabeth traveled to Minster Lovell alone which led to some speculation she didn't want to see Henry and that he had gone after her to make amends. You can see his comings and goings in his privy purse accounts-no mention of minster Lovell but it appears in EOY's account book. Hope this Helps!

I genuinely think it’s hard to understand what was happening during this time frame.  Privy purse accounts are helpful, but they don’t tell us the full story.  Of course everyone is free to speculate, but it will only ever be speculation.  For my own part, I honestly don’t know what to make of everything between summer of 1502 to her death in February of 1503.
FLECHBILT handbags vintage purse, hard frame with fabric cover, Multicolor pattern, Great condition, clean
Vintage Flechbilt purse, hardbody with fabric. Liner is black and has no tears. Inside pocket zipper works fine. The handbag is clean and in great condition. This retro purse is 12 long, 6 tall. The bottom is 2 wide. The design of this vintage purse is that 70s combination of green, orange, pink, blue, lavender and yellow. While I am not sure of the exact date of production, the bags stopped being produced in 1993. It is likely a mid century item from the late 60s early 1970s. Whether you need a day bag to go with your spring wardrobe, or a colorful accessory every day of the year, this handbag will meet your needs.

SWN Spring Fic Exchange gift for @stilesinwonderland

Word Count: 2095

Rating: G (minor language)

Tags: canon compliant, future fic, pack is in college, pre slash

“Jonathan” is not the first evil villain to try to infiltrate the pack’s ranks through smooth-talking and wide, puppy dog eyes. Nor is he the first to completely succeed as a direct result of no one listening to Stiles.

Same song, different verse. Stiles has made his peace with it. Sort of.

But he knows now, after so many years, that he needs more than just his gut instinct for anyone to believe him about this shit. He’s learned that the hard way. Feels like he’s learning it the hard way all over again every time he thinks about it, to be honest. But it’s the way things are, apparently, and so he swallows back the hurt and gets on with business.

The first step is investigating the guy’s past. “Jonathan” is probably an alias, but Stiles is an old hat at this by now so he’s already got the guy’s fingerprints being run by a friend of a friend of the sheriff’s station night-shift desk clerk who owes Stiles a favor.

While he waits for the results, he logs into his dad’s home computer and runs the plates of Jonathan’s stupid tricked-out Jeep Wrangler. Stiles is the Jeep guy, okay? That’s Stiles’ thing. And his baby is not going to be intimidated just because this douche’s air conditioning actually works.

Scott claims things are different now that they’re in college. That Stiles is just projecting his own insecurities onto the situation because he’s spent the last few months away at school only to come home for break to find that his best friend has started seeing other people in his absence.

“You aren’t being replaced,” Scott assures him.

“Damn straight I’m not being replaced. Because that dickbag is freaking evil.”

“He’s my friend, Stiles. He’s the only person in my study group that actually cares about his grade, and he let me win at Wii tennis yesterday. That takes some strength of character, dude.”

“He’s got shifty eyes, Scott.”

Scott sighs dramatically. “Lydia likes him, too. And so does my mom.”


Stiles is not jealous. And he’s not consumed with fear about all of his high school friends moving on and away from him. At least, not anymore. He gets it, okay? He’s even made a couple of new friends at school, too. He knows that Scott will always be his brother, and sometimes brothers grow up and kick it with other people occasionally, but that doesn’t change the brotherly bond.

But Jonathan is bad news. Stiles knows it in his bones. Only he can’t really do too much about it over winter break, with his limited time back in town and everyone overwhelmed with god damned holiday cheer or whatever.

He makes his concerns well known, and then heads back to school like the totally not paranoid and completely average college student he pretends to be.

Spring break a couple months later he goes back home again, and Jonathan is still there. And still makes Stiles’ skin crawl.

So now here Stiles is trying to gather enough evidence to convince all of his supposed friends for the billionth time that he’s right about this newest threat. He has a very perceptive eye for evil, alright, and they know this.

In theory, they know this. In practice, he needs hard proof before they’ll let him break out the pitchforks.

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❛ ☆ — wyzvyr !!
from      ( here )

fumbling fingers managed to guide the keys through the keyhole, the click of the lock giving a signal for entrance– but before she could even take that first step in, xzavier happened to creep up and perch himself right against her door frame. lips pursed into a tight line and anne couldn’t help but release a breath through her nose as the familiar, itchy sensation of defeat crawled beneath her skin. 

Jinsoo, just forget it, go back home.” with a long drawl of his name, thin brows drew together and anne jutted her bottom lip out in a small pout, lifting her heels to stomp back down in some semblance of a fit like she was some toddler begging an adult for something they wanted as if it were a matter of life and death. childish as she was being, anne did know better: xzavier’s sense of determination was as unyielding as when she first met him so of course it was safe to assume he wasn’t budging in his decision to pry. it was known from experience that he wouldn’t let it go until she finally gave in; and so- with much reluctance- she did just that.

“Fine… Come in, then.” anne clicked her tongue, reaching forward to press the tip of her finger to his forehead and pushed with some ( albeit, little ) force. “Annoying little bug.” she mumbled under her breath before turning to enter into her apartment and leaving xzavier at the door with the refresher of one of their first, more… memorable, exchanges ( though in this time, anne didn’t meet it with the same malice as he had way back when, but she trusted that he caught her sarcasm in the act ).

anne dropped her bag haphazardly over onto the couch before rounding her way over to take a seat. she moved her gaze xav’s way and with a sharp nod of her head, signaled him over before opening her bag to fish out her laptop. it was only a few short seconds in passing before she managed to open up one of her bookmarked links, pulling up a site of scheduled events taking place in korea this time of the month, one of them being the annual flower festival coming up. it was a possibility of an eventful experience happening over the next few days, something anne had always looked forward to with never a chance to actually go, so of course she’d think this time would be a good opportunity– for the both of them. 

upon opening the information page, anne passed her laptop onto xzavier for him to look at before falling back into the couch cushion with hands fallen into her lap. “It’s a small street festival in the city over.. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening over there: there’s art, and music, and dancing– you can even make your own alcohol there, I thought you’d like that part.. It looked like it could be fun, so.. y’know..

“I was planning on just kidnapping you and explaining on the way, but since you botched the surprise, I guess I’ll go ahead and give you the head’s up. As for your uncle,” she continued, “I don’t really think he appreciated a total stranger- me- walking in to ask for one of his employees’ time off. At least, not at first- but you know I can be persuasive.” anne gave a self-satisfied grin and lifted a shoulder into a small shrug and left it at that– and though there was little reason of needing to explain her whole process, she just couldn’t put a stop to the bad habit of babbling that she possessed.

“Your job is taken care of, and as far as the theater directors are concerned, we’re not busy for the next week; You’re not exactly dying, so I was pretty sure you didn’t have any important doctor’s appointments, no practices, or anything like that – and I’m pretty sure I take top priority over all your friends, so any plans of you going out is automatically trumped in favor of my attention – so I think I covered all the bases, for the next two days. I did a good job, right?” following her ( rather big-headed, but jestful ) remarks, anne perked up with a grin on her lips, giving a little wiggle in her seat in a fit of pride as she lifted a hand to give herself a congratulatory pat pat pat to the top of her own head. “Excellent work, excellent work~”

even though anne ran the risk of xzavier possibly becoming upset at the lengths she went to to do all of this without his permission, she decided it would be well worth the scolding ( and whatever else he’d dish out ) if it came her way. after all, it wasn’t as if she had done this selfishly; as true as her wanting to go to this festival was anyway, the planning was done solely with xzavier in mind. as close as they were, it wasn’t as often anymore that they really got to hang out with one another and he was always doing things for her, anyway.. she just really wanted to return the favor for once- besides that, anne just thought it would be something xav would enjoy, giving him something to positively overwhelm himself with in place of any troubles, or idleness.

“You’ve also had a lot on your mind recently, right? I just thought you could use a distraction, even if it’s for a little bit.” … “And so I can make up for the days I avoided you like the plague.” she peeked over expectantly with brows raised in anticipation of his response; even if he refused it, it was very little of a problem – it was anne’s initial plan to bring him on the ‘surprise’ trip anyhow, so if she had to, she’d drag him cross-district by the ear. it was a win / win situation either way; however, anne decided to humor the both of them in giving xzavier the illusion of choice. 

“So.. whatya say?”
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close your eyes, i’ll be on my way

Vietnam AU

Claire squinted at her handwritten notes scattered across the battered desk, fingers furiously clacking away at the smooth keys of a typewriter that was likely older than her.

“…privileged to gain over 1,500 surgical hours assisting Dr. Joe Abernathy as the Head Nurse at the 91st Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, South Vietnam. In this position I played a crucial role in performing surgeries on gravely wounded servicemen fresh from the battlefield, and also ensured the basic hygiene of the operating rooms amid challenging tropical conditions and a chronic shortage of basic medical supplies. I also supervised the post-operative treatment of many patients and ensured that the nurses under my command carried out the appropriate follow-ups. Finally, I assisted Dr. Abernathy in determining when – or whether – a patient would be ready to return to combat.”

She hit the return key, paused, and rolled the stiffness out of her shoulders. Early afternoon sun slanted through the dusty windows as a Jeep rolled by outside.

Claire had been fortunate to secure one of the few vacant offices attached to the Ft. Holabird library – with Christmas just around the corner, many of the Military Intelligence officers who normally occupied the space had gone home to be with their families.

Nurse Claire Randall’s putative family would arrive at the base any day now, fresh from wherever he had been posted all these months. Not that he – or his brother officers in the Ft. Holabird administration building – would tell her.

She’d completed applications for three medical schools – one in Pennsylvania and two in Massachusetts. Four more for schools in Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and New York needed to be completed and mailed in before the first of the year – but given that she could easily modify her essays and already had blanket letters of recommendation from both Joe Abernathy and Ned Gowan, it wouldn’t take much longer to complete this first step to launch the next chapter of her life.

Just how Frank fit into this new life was something she’d turned over and over in her mind for the two weeks since she’d arrived in Baltimore. Military Intelligence always kept its men on the move – Frank had never been tied to any particular location since he’d gone in three years before. The Army wouldn’t pay for an apartment or house for Claire to live in while Frank was away – not now that she’d been discharged, anyway. So she didn’t particularly *need* to be where he was.

But would he want her to be where he was? Or at least, to be somewhere close to where he would be stationed next?

There was so much for them to talk about.

She sighed, and turned back to the typewriter.

“I am confident that these experiences make me uniquely qualified for your program – ”

The door to the tiny office slammed shut. Claire jumped up in her chair and whirled to face the doorway – she hadn’t even heard the handle turn, the damn ancient typewriter was so loud –


A man stood ramrod straight in the doorway, head tilted, appraising. His dress uniform hung perfectly from his frame, collar crisp above his smattering of ribbons, tie neatly tied. The deep-cut lines on his face perfectly framed his thin lips, pursed, thinking. Watching.

It was the face of a stranger.

But that voice –

Adrenaline surged. She slowly stood, rooted to the spot.

“Hello, Frank.”

She blinked harshly, then felt her legs step around the desk. Bringing them closer.

They watched each other – waiting to see who would make the first move.

Claire raised her chin. Swallowed. And pasted a smile on her face.

“It’s good to see you.”

She extended her left hand – and he saw his ring glint on her finger – and enveloped her fingers in his cold, cold grasp.

Dark Framed Smiles

TITLE: Dark Framed Smiles


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff /angst

FIC SUMMARY: Eliora is late for work and overly self-conscious about her over sized glasses she was forced to wear. But while she thinks she looks dorky and hideous, her new client thinks it’s…cute.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Hello. I am not dead or given up on everything. I’m busy with school from mon-wed so updates won’t happen until late wed night or thurs-sun. I’ve actually run into a dry spell where I don’t have any ideas I want to flush out. I do have an angsty one shot in mind but it’s going to take a long time to write. So, I decided to pick a prompt I received from a reader of mine and write it out. Hope you enjoy and I missed you guys a lot. Messages are always welcomed!

Also this is the first one shot where I distinctly pointed out that the OC is a POC. She’s asian but i never decided where she exactly came from.

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anonymous asked:

What about levi and erwin who both have a crush on each other but they convinced themselves it's unrequited. (You could write it from both POV's)

yay for unrequited love (especially when imagined) !! ty for the prompt!

Levi was a singular entity. He always had been. He was firm on his own two feet, and he needed no one to reassure him of that. Erwin knew the man had grown up on his own without support, so he offered none of his own. It’d do Levi little good. Levi could manage Levi; Erwin would only get in his way.

But he found himself longing to occupy the breadth separating them. Levi was a facet in his mind Erwin couldn’t shut off, and it roared between his ears at night. He was beyond infatuation at this point. Erwin worried it could become something vile if handled improperly.

So he created distance, made excuses to keep his captain far from his side. Levi didn’t express remorse over the change, and Erwin presumed it was because he preferred it.

Perhaps Levi had been aware of his feelings the entire time. The realization punched Erwin in the stomach harder than a horse’s kick. The hand he wrote with suddenly steered down, ink messily dragging itself down the page. Erwin sighed.


The blond looked up to see Levi in the doorway, knuckles rapping the frame. His lips were pursed, his brows furrowed in what appeared to be concern.

Erwin cleared his throat. “Did you finish the paperwork I had sent to you?”


Erwin nodded, eyes veering down to his desk, trying to find something to occupy Levi until later. He trailed over a file, but Levi’s hand fell over his before he could pick it up.

“What are you doing?” Levi’s voice was unrecognizable. Erwin’s insides shuddered under his stare. “Why are you mad at me?”

There was a euphoric touch to Levi’s worry that had his chest tightening in hot knots. He hadn’t been happy with the distance either, and the way the edges of his mouth were turned down only made Erwin relieved. A breathy laugh left his mouth before he could swallow it. Levi tilted his head down and took his hand away.

“I’m not upset with you,” Erwin assured.

Crossing his arms, Levi tilted his hip against the front of his desk. “Why all the nonsense paperwork? You didn’t even drink the tea I made you yesterday.”

Because I was scared, Erwin wanted to admit. The weight that had been resting on his shoulders for a year felt heavier all of a sudden, but his mouth refused to form the words. Levi wouldn’t want things any harder than they were. Both of them weren’t built for relationships. They were built to fight, and then to die. Emotions couldn’t fit in.

“I’ve been preoccupied.”

He could tell Levi didn’t accept the answer. But the man nodded either way, pushed back off his desk.

“Do you want any tea right now? It’s almost three.”

Erwin’s gut flipped, trying to fight him. “No, thank you. I need to get back to what I was doing.” Scooping up the folder he’d seen before, he handed it out to Levi. “Finish these. You’ll be returning patches tomorrow afternoon with Hanji.”

The subtle dismay on Levi’s face speared Erwin’s heart on his ribs. “Alright, Erwin.” He took the folder and left without another word. Erwin heard his footsteps retreating fast down the hall, and he wondered if Levi was upset. Guilt wrapped his lungs up tight enough to choke him off, so Erwin pushed it aside and returned to his work.

Levi could take care of Levi. There wasn’t any room for him.


November Nostalgia

All the drastic ups and downs in temperatures recently have made me super grumpy and not interested in getting my picture taken. So while I am adjusting to the colder temperatures, we are going to share some old photos with you! For the rest of the month (and possibly longer), we will post a mix of old and new photos. We’ll mark the old ones so you can tell which pictures are new.

First up: Photos of me inspecting a mini purse Mommy donated over the summer! Mommy got this pretty purple purse as a present when she was a little girl. She doesn’t have any use for it these days, so we donated it to a charity. But first, I inspected the purse and its tiny mirror!