framed on fifth


I’m here for it


Everybody give it up for Normani!”

- Ally before singing “Gonna Get Better” to Normani


The 100 S3 premiere countdown - 3 days to go 

you cried   w o l f
so i came running

(insp by)


I was unable to translate some of the shots (I’m not very good at english).

Someone in russian sw-ask asked  “Why do you have such beautiful eyes? Are they from your mother ?”

third frame “a lot of bad words” and “whaaaaat?????

fifth frame “f May this be a shot where Asajj has done.. something ”

and at the end”Thank you, of course” and “ But, can you imagine, all the Kaleesh have such eyes. Unexpected, isn’t it? ?”

friend: omg callie looks so young here, do you know what season this pic is from? (screencap of callie) 

me: *doesn’t skip a beat* season 3 episode 12, 9 minutes and 12 seconds into the episode, fifth frame in, when she’s having a conversation with addison and she casually strokes addisons arm and says “hey! you haven’t ended up anywhere" 

friend: … . 

 me: ….I think…I-I’m *coughs* not sure or anything.

Framed on Fifth | The Juicy Vertical Garden

When Kate McCollough recently saw one of landscape architect Patrick Blanc’s “vertical gardens” she immediately thought: Fifth Avenue. It seemed the perfect backdrop for all the tropical foliage and jungle critters popping up across our summer collection.

The labor intensive installation covers 1500 square feet and the rigging was nuts. McCollough tells us she used a rigid plastic net, attached moss to it, and then zip-tied about 800 pieces of foliage—palms, birds of paradise, purple orchids, ferns, grasses—wild!

Check out our inspiration on Pinterest.

Framed on Fifth | House of Couture

If you think erecting a masterpiece in a storefront window is any small feat, well, guess again. Our recently unveiled vision, “House of Couture,” features a massive black, white and neon trompe l’oeil. Kate McCollough, Director of Visual Concept for Juicy Couture, gives us the lowdown on exactly what it takes to stop traffic on Fifth Avenue.

the numbers * 30 feet high * 75 feet wide * team of 12 * start to finish in 2 months *

What makes this particular window so special?

A lot of people asked me why I didn’t do vinyl—I thought it would be more theatrical to suspend a giant backdrop, where passerby could peek behind and see how it was rigged.  Window installations are so rare these days and I think people get genuinely excited by tangible installations they can really study and appreciate.

What inspired the concept?

One of these great things about our Fifth Avenue store is the ornate architecture of the façade building behind the glass. Looking at painted French trompe l’oeil architecture, notably the interiors of Christian Berard and the sets of Jean Cocteau, we realized that we had the perfect space to hang a trompe l’oeil backdrop of our own that would replicate our permanent architecture.

Tell us a little bit about the production process?

The backdrop is actually three canvas panels seamed together. I worked closely with Sarah Oliphant, New York’s premier backdrop painter to the fashion industry (she paints for Annie Leibovitz, countless Vogue editorials, fashion shows, etc.) to create a look that felt a little French, girly and whimsical. We used neon paint to get a strong pop of color and reference Juicy’s signature hue.

What was the most challenging part of making this happen?

MATH! The painting of the drop was actually quite technical—we had to cut out the windows on-site, meaning that every line had to be painted accurately to the exact inch. We spent countless hours measuring and drafting the drop before any actual painting had begun.

Tell us what we can expect to see in Juicy’s Fifth Avenue windows?

We have some really exciting windows coming up! I don’t want to give away too much, but I can say we’ve been working on a computer-drawn lace pattern and we’ve also been experimenting with glow in the dark paint!


Framed on Fifth | Neon, tassels, chains…Oh my!

Couture now glows in the dark thanks to the creative vision of Kate McCollough, who transformed our Fifth Avenue Flagship into a gorgeous fluro-o-fied, completely handmade art installation. Here, we give you the making of. Enjoy! xx


Framed on Fifth | One Juicy Holiday

We went behind-the-scenes to capture all the special little details—no matter how big or small—that make our Fifth Avenue holiday windows sparkle and shine. Enjoy! xx