framed moth


30 Days of Vulture Culture - Day 3 What is your collection mostly; bones, pelts, taxidermy, a mixture?

Definitely a mixture! It’s not hard to tell that taxidermy and pelts are my favorite, but I have a few skulls and other things to make it a nice mix. Lots of antlers, some framed moths, tails, miscellaneous bones and oddities, feathers, etc.

Some things need to be arranged and displayed a little better, but I am really happy with my collection right now. Everything has a special place in my heart. (There is actually quite a bit not pictured…)


This is a shelf in my room that I put things that I’ve found or made that reminds me of Nancy Drew.  

- A skull candle holder that reminds me of the crystal skull in CRY
- Nancy Drew tile/coaster
- Roses that I’ve dried kind of like the ones found in MHM
- A lantern that reminds me of SAW
- Framed butterflies/moths like in the hidden room in TRT
- Old picture frame (with pictures of my grandparents) and lamp that reminds me of lots of hidden places in various games
- Framed collage I made that makes me think of Houdini and FIN
- Framed keys that look like so many of the keys found in the games 

Framed bats, butterflies and moths are back in stock!!! Framed bats are also available on our website. Come find the prefect one for you!