framed moth


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fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem  asked:

Nile crocodile

What kind of things do you collect / want to collect?

@fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem thanks for the ask :DD

- i pretty much hoard animal / fish tank supplies, but i think we all do lol
- i have a growing collection of plants! :D i have mostly succulents and cacti, but i also have a dwarf aboricola and a pothos and a ton of aquatic plants as well. i want my apartment to have lots of greenery! :)
- i think vulture culture is pretty cool, and i brought home some neato vertebrae from my aunt + uncle’s house from my last visit! there were some rib bones as well but i couldn’t carry everything in my hands ^-^”
- insects! when i was little i had a beetle + butterfly collection :p i have a really awesome framed polyphemus moth but for rn thats all i got (which i also found, so does that count as vulture culture too??)
- stationary (i have a *ton* of scrapbooking/crafting supplies currently! but i’d especially like to have a collection of japanese mechanical pencils *3* i grew up in japan and i had a huge pencil + stationary collection as a kid and i’d like to start collecting again because their writing utensils are so dang c u t e)
- pets! i don’t mean collection as in i think they’re possessions, but I’d really love to have a ton of different animals :) invertebrates (millipedes, beetles, tarantulas, crabs), fish (so many fish), small mammals (hamsters, mice, rats, buns) and a few reptiles and amphibians :) ideally they’d have their own special room(s) in my future house with some good lookin enclosures / tanks :3

Twisted Kiss

For the Miraculous Week! I just couldn’t no participate! I had to!
It’s a short drabble. I hope you enjoy!

Twisted Kiss
Words: 561

Ladybug waited in the shadows. She was sitting perfectly still between two gargoyles on Notre Dame, feeling the cool autumn wind against the exposed flesh of her face. She didn’t have to wait long until he arrived, landing not far from where she was hiding. A mischievous smile spread across her features and she leaped.  

“Good evening, kitty” she almost purred from behind him standing on her tiptoes to let him feel her breath against his ear and covering his eyes.

“M-my Lady?” he asked, deeply confused.

“Your lady” she confirmed, and it was the first time she called herself that. She wrapped her free arm around his shoulders and made him lean a little so she could kiss his cheek, leisurely and almost sensually.

“Wh…?” he was dumbfounded and speechless.

What was going on? Ladybug called him a few minutes earlier and asked him to meet her. She didn’t say why, but he had run to her nonetheless. He was expecting an emergency, an akuma attack, maybe even being asked for a favor. But this? This made no sense.

She chuckled, still a hair away from his face.

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