framed chalk art

12 Cute And Cheap Ways To Spruce Up Your Space

1. Chalkboard paint can easily spruce up anything you wish at a low cost. Apply to appliances, cupboards, walls, dressers, etc. 

2. Create your own black and white collage. Decorate any wall or space with cute photos, quotes and whatever you wish. Looks great in bedrooms, work spaces and bathrooms!

3. Color coordinate to add a cool look. 

4. Add a pop of color or design to your shelf edges using washi tape. Easily removable and replaceable for many different looks!

5. Or you can use that washi tape on appliances to make them stand out!

6. Liven up any space with some memorable photos. 

7. Get creative with your photos and artwork!

8. Washi tape is cheap and comes in many designs. Use it to add a quick frame or border to your artwork/photos. 

9. A pop of color can help spruce up any white spaces. Trying painting unexpected places like insides of cupboards, drawers, door edges, etc. 

10. Decorate your old boring hangers with paint, tape, sparkles or anything you wish!

11. Bored with your one shade walls? Try an ombre effect. I love this!

12. Wallpaper or paint the insides of selves or cupboards for a fresh look. 

have  fun!