Dragons are feared. They’re dangerous. They’re huge and powerful and could crush most men with a step. Only, Person A? They aren’t. Sure, they’re a dragon. They have scales and some magic and a lair with a nice sized hoard ( though it’s mostly only sentimental value ), but most of the time they travel the world as a human, exploring and investigating the world as a whole; fascinated by the humans and elves and all the other interesting little mortals. Of course, they are a little peeved by the whole bad reputation they have - especially because they wouldn’t hurt a fly. But they enjoy their life largely. Traveling around and pretending to be mortal bard/knight/ranger/etc, they’ve seen a lot.

Person B is another dragon. Their attitude towards the mortals is inconsequential, because regardless of it, they have come under attack. A local lord claims that B was behind the mass destruction of several cities, and thus, B was forced out of their home - their lair - and out into the world. Only, a massive dragon flying through the sky is a little conspicuous, so they’ve opted to go incognito as a human.

Person A is curious though. Having heard of B before, though not having met them, they doubt B actually did anything, and set out to investigate. B’s investigating too, and they happen upon each other - completely clueless as to their true forms. Together they team up to get to the bottom of it, and set out on a quest, facing off against, wizards, giants, knights, and - worst of all - politicians.


Framed by Milica V
Via Flickr:
More from the 50mm lens: www.instagram.com/mikasniftyfifty/


○ Overgrown ○

I painted this fungi fairy especially for this old wooden frame, which I found in thrift store :)
Done with botanical inks and watercolours ♥

In case someone would like to hang it on the wall, it’s for sale (frame included) ♪ just send me a PM or contact me on auberginen.art@gmail.com

17x23cm paper • 22,5x29cm with the frame


Faust by Jennifer MacNeill