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sunday, august 27, 2006

there is one single pair of eyes that could ever decode any of this. put another “x” on the calendar. summer is on its deathebd. there is simply nothing worse than knowing the ending- that no matter what curve balls or uphill come your way- it still turns out the same. this year its stripes and pumps, last year it was dancefloors and you. she keeps talking, i keep staying the same. did you ever change your mind about someone and then just realize it was a fucking haircut. put me in a frame on your wall, just to keep me out of trouble. i gotta say i admire bob dylan for being honest about his new record. noone ever is. its like when the ad campaign rolls out everyone is smiling and at their best even if they are not sure. an affectionate friend told me everything i ever needed to know about anything. “freeze! put down that fucking laptop!”. everything is always either digging a hole or digging yourself out of one. and just when you have it all figured out you should just sift through your pile of “never again"s. quite a collection. blow off the dust. im sure they will be worth something to someone sometime. its buzzing in the back of your head and out of your fingertips. pull back the shade- the road outside of my house is paved with good intentions. but it is hell on the undercarriage of the car so we’re gonna have to hire a construction crew. i wonder if anyone else things of you as much as i do, even you.  


Paring: Mai and Joey

Word Count: 2,179

Summary: In the early hours of the morning, Mai and Joey have their first real go at honesty since they were teenagers.

He nearly fell over when she came banging into his apartment. She was a storm of blonde hair, purple, and chaotic energy.  A slender hand clinking with bracelets emerged to brandish something in his face—

“Take, take it right now, Joey!”

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 And did you all see how they looked at each other? I needed their eye contact one more time before I could die in piece.

They way she looks up at him and the way he’s absolutely speechless because goddamn it she’s so beautiful. That panel from his perspective is everything. Because imagine how stunningly beautiful she looks in his eyes how breathtaking and how that smile means the world to him. And while they look at each other there is nothing that needs to be said.

But at the same time Sasuke is such a dork, he’s stunned and unable to say a word at the sight of her leaning in for a kiss and he turns around embarrased and probably blushing as badly as her.

And then that smile as he walks away…this scene was everything.

Home office decor: Creative framing {PHOTO: Virginia Macdonald}

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Photo Walls

Who doesn’t love a photo wall! Its the perfect opportunity to creatively display all your favourite family snaps, loved artwork, prints, drawings, sketches & even ornaments.
If you have no idea where to begin here’s a few pointers to get you started. Soon you’ll be an expert in no time!

* Layout all the photos, artwork etc you plan on displaying.

* Pick your frames, same same? Or all different?
All the same works beautifully if it’s a formal area and/or all your photos are the same type i.e.. black & white prints in all black frames.

* Time to work out your layout, there’s so many ways it can be done:

Lay them all out on the floor, move them around, take a photo then move them around again. Cut out paper templates of each and place on the wall, stand back and have a look or leave them there for a day & think on it! sticking templates on the wall makes it easier to visualize & also you can easily move each around until you’re 100% happy.

* Add some string lights to a bedroom photo wall to make it shine!

Got a collection of beautiful cards you’d hate to throw out? Frame them!
What about pages of a book with beautiful illustrations? Frame them!
Wallpaper? too expensive to do the whole wall? Frame it!

Think outside the box, you can come up with something unique and exactly you!

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