So I uh…bought a house today

And as of right now I’ll be moving the weekend of October 30th

We’ll be honest, we love working with wood but aren’t experts, necessarily. Lucky for us, our friends at Eastside Woodworks in Portland are, and they’ve been dependable partners of ours the past handful of years.

They’ve built retail stores for us. They build each of our Nokori Chairs by hand, week after week. And like us, they have a deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship – they saw, sand, join and finish each with a level of detail that is inspiring. They believe in the value of art and share our vision for a better way to experience something elemental in us all.

To see our new Hardwood Wall Frames and the rest of our Home Collection, explore the link on our profile page. by tannergoods

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13 Jun

Jun/Junhui // 13. “Your button is…” 

You were sitting on the edge of the couch and watched Jun fixed the photo frame on the wall. It was a photo from a photoshoot that was directed by your wonderful photographer friend.

“Tilt it to the left, a little to the right. Wait, more on the left. Okay.” You snapped your fingers. “Perfect.”

Jun moved back and stood next to you as you both looked at it. He nodded with a smile, then he shook his head and placed his hand on his chin. “Does it look weird there though?”

“You wanted it there in the first place and now you say it looks weird?” You scoffed and crossed your arms. “You’re funny, Jun.”

Jun smirked and moved closer to you as you leaned back a little. His smirk scared you a bit.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You stuttered.

Jun moved closer and you fell down onto the cushions of the couch. Jun hovered over you then he looked down at your shirt. “Your button is…”

His hand almost reached for it until you grabbed a pillow and covered your upper body with it as you closed your eyes. “Jun, please get off of me.”

After a second, you heard him laughing. You got up and saw him walking into the kitchen. He smiled then said, “(Y/n), now you’re the funny one.” 

“I’m breaking up with you, y/n.” That was all your boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend, of two years had said to you in the middle of the school hallway. Tears started to spill down your cheeks as he walked away from you, your heart torn in two. Stiles looked up from his locker as your ex passed by him, his arm now strung over another girls shoulders and glanced towards you. You were trying to wipe your tears away as you turned towards the girls bathroom, hoping no one would see you. You felt stupid for loving him, ashamed you were even crying over him as he clearly moved on from you, but you couldn’t help it. He hurt you. Stiles watched as you went into the bathroom before heading over there himself. He had to make sure you were okay and if that meant going into the girls bathroom, then so be it. He would do anything to see your beautiful smile again.

 His eyes landed on your small frame sitting against the wall, sobbing. Stiles rushed to your side, engulfing you in a hug, letting you cry into his shoulder. He rubbed your back, placing kisses into your hair. As you settled down, you pulled back. You wiped the remaining tears away from your face before looking up at him. 

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked, blushing under his intense gaze. He smiled slightly, brushing a piece of your hair behind your ear. 

“Because I think you look really beautiful when you cry.” You hugged him again, thankful he was there with you. 

“Now lets go get revenge on that asshole, yeah?” You laughed nodding as he helped you up off the floor. 

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**Leans out of my frame on the wall, sighing* Well... that was a huge bust. You okay there, buddy?

I finally got to see the love of my life for the first time in months, but she didn’t recognize me…

I saw her get dragged away before my very eyes…

And in the face of that heartbreak…

I reacted in the worst way possible…

I lost my temper and literally exploded in a blast so intense I doubt she’ll ever want to come back and see me again!

After all of that…

Do you THINK I’m okay?

Home office decor: Creative framing {PHOTO: Virginia Macdonald}

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Photo Walls

Who doesn’t love a photo wall! Its the perfect opportunity to creatively display all your favourite family snaps, loved artwork, prints, drawings, sketches & even ornaments.
If you have no idea where to begin here’s a few pointers to get you started. Soon you’ll be an expert in no time!

* Layout all the photos, artwork etc you plan on displaying.

* Pick your frames, same same? Or all different?
All the same works beautifully if it’s a formal area and/or all your photos are the same type i.e.. black & white prints in all black frames.

* Time to work out your layout, there’s so many ways it can be done:

Lay them all out on the floor, move them around, take a photo then move them around again. Cut out paper templates of each and place on the wall, stand back and have a look or leave them there for a day & think on it! sticking templates on the wall makes it easier to visualize & also you can easily move each around until you’re 100% happy.

* Add some string lights to a bedroom photo wall to make it shine!

Got a collection of beautiful cards you’d hate to throw out? Frame them!
What about pages of a book with beautiful illustrations? Frame them!
Wallpaper? too expensive to do the whole wall? Frame it!

Think outside the box, you can come up with something unique and exactly you!

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