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who framed roger rabbit and pee wee’s big adventure are both manic, cartoon-logic movies with ironically adult undertones. so why does roger rabbit feel so much slower? why is pee wee better?

at the end of the day, roger rabbit has one idea. one joke. the joke is that the juvenility of cartoons is incongruous with the grit of noir, but both are equally fantastic products of the hollywood industry. i want to say it’s pointing out that cartoons are already dark and noir is already cartoonish, but i don’t know that it’s actually doing that. the movie expects us to find adult cartoons and silly noir too inherently funny for me to really buy that interpretation. 

don’t get me wrong, there’s a very cool idea in there, a joke about how looney tunes is funny because it lacks consequences whereas crime is about consequences. but the movie doesn’t do much with that idea. instead it tells its joke a hundred times. it doesn’t complicate the joke. it’s a like a group of writers sat down to brainstorm a single scene, and instead of throwing out all but the best joke at the end of the session, they used every one of them. it doesn’t kill its darlings. it wants us to know all the jokes about cartoons that it can do. this means that despite the fact that it seems like the movie is telling lots of jokes, it feels oddly slow and dragged out because it’s really just telling the one joke.

who framed roger rabbit is tropey in the classic sense: it reminds us of tropes we already know (cartoon, noir), and the pleasure it causes is the pleasure of recognition. the pleasure of the bluntest of remixings. the cartoons in roger rabbit aren’t as funny as the original cartoons because the movie is reminding us of jokes rather than telling them.

pee wee also seems like it has one joke. the joke being: pee wee looks like an adult but behaves like an innocent sexless child. like roger rabbit the movie is a play on a more serious genre, the art house vibe of the bicycle thief. it’s been a long time since i saw the bicycle thief, so i might be remembering incorrectly, but i do not believe that pee wee ever refers to the visual aesthetic of that movie directly. it also doesn’t (again, remind me if i’m wrong) sample from one specific genre of comedy for its lighthearted side. 

but pee wee’s joke is only a starting point, and its references provide context rather than content. pee wee has a ton of ideas. it is a classic example of the “but/therefore” writing adage that south park’s writers once talked about. the gist of the advice is that good stories are not a recitation of events, but a procession of cause and effect. pee wee feels fast-paced because every time something happens in it, a new problem develops. a new weird interlude happens. there is, generally, newness. and when something new might happen, you pay attention.

pee wee resembles the original looney tunes more effectively than roger rabbit does because, like them, it plays with a familiar premise (wile e. coyote always tries and fails to catch the roadrunner, bugs bunny always defeats an unsolicited foe with cleverness, despite his childishness pee wee always floats through the world unscathed), but never rehashes.

tropiness is by its nature reverent. reverent of tropes and the affection we have for them. and reverence is joke-stopping. thought-stopping. despite pee wee’s ‘innocence,’ the movie is way more effectively irreverent than roger rabbit and its cynicism because it is irreverent about tropes themselves. it’s not pledging fidelity to reproducing a trope. looney tunes are similarly constantly culturally referential, and similarly, they never take the references seriously. 

you can afford to not take references seriously when you have ideas. 


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CARMEN KEEPS TELLING WOLFE AN “OUTRAGEOUS STORY” AND HIS FACE IS LIKE ~PRETENDING TO BE INTERESTED~ AND LIKE “mmm yeah ok haha i got you yeah i knw right lol” uefnwenfwuweNSNWUDS???? @ichosim delete her from ur game shes annoying

i feel like nbc hannibal frames up the idea of fatherhood as like inherently distant and destructive + at its worst downright violent which is….Interesting to say the least. there are exactly Zero positive archetypes for fatherhood on the show like they could’ve copped out and given jack a kid but they didn’t and it makes it better imo 

Trying to plan out fanart is a pain, man. Anyone else have that problem where you see things in motion? Picking a ‘frame’ of the idea you’re seeing in your head is reaaally freakin hard. And then sometimes when I pick a frame it doesn’t convey the idea properly so i have to redo the whole thing??? AAgh

You think making a comic would be easier but lmfao 

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Have a question about your bedroom I was wondering where you got your bed sheets an bed frame , btw love the idea of it !

Hi! Sorry for the late response! 

The bed sheets I got from Hot Topic back in January. They MAY still have them in their on line store.

The bed itself my mother purchased for me 4 years ago as a birthday present. She got it off of ebay. All I know is that she said it was handmade by an artist in Texas. I’m not sure how many of them he makes, or if this one is the only one. I wish I had more information to give you on it. :(

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Theory: it was was Kieran that set the house on fire, during the episode while Emma and Eli were in the house it showed a figure rushing by outside, but not any of their features. I figured if Ghost Face had set the house on fire they would have been showed in full. I could be way off, just food for thought

This is something to take into consideration, honestly. I have my suspicions of Kieran, like anybody else, but then again, I am suspicious of nearly everyone at the moment. Part of me always had a feeling that Eli and Kieran were tag teaming?? I honestly believed that the dead bodies were placed to frame Emma until the house got burned and literally destroyed all evidence of it. BUT the framing idea still could work because an anonymous tip could some forward saying that they saw Emma at the scene of the burning house. I mean, you can’t tell me that Eli had NO IDEA this random house didn’t have the bodies in it? Plus why would the killer have known that’s the house they would have gone to for the night? ELI OR KIERAN PLANTED THOSE BODIES IN THE HOUSE TO FRAME EMMA. I’m so convinced. Like I won’t be surprised if Emma gets taken in for questions regarding the burnt house and any evidence they find of bodies being burnt. I’m not sure if Kieran is involved but I definitely think Eli knows more than he is letting on.

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Q: what are the main points you personally take from gender nihilism?

oooooooooooooooooooooo ok for those of you who don’t know gender nihilism is an ideology / framework for examining gender and the way it interacts with society and if it truly exists. You can read the anti-manifesto here. Whilst I don’t subscribe wholeheartedly to this frame work it was a definite catalyst in forming my own ideas and frame work on gender. (Also full disclosure my ideology is fairly fluid with these things so this may contradict things I’ve said before or will say in the future) Okay all that being said lets get into the meat of the question. 

The idea that gender is set upon the subject and is a culmination of the oppression they receive, how society interacts with them and how they present themselves is something I fully believe. I’ve talked about it before with my 3 facet of gender frame work (found here I wrote that a while ago so stuff has changed). Obviously I don’t believe that the only experience of gender is external and that’s never really been my experience. 

RE: my previous framework; I still think that labels for gender identities make sense and I support it in the same way that I support affirmative action or welfare systems. Ultimately I oppose it but given the way society functions currently it’s too useful of a tool to not utilise. (I realise this is probs a challenging idea for some of my younger / less political theory based followers if it’s something you want to know more about or have explained feel free to ask. 

The main thrust of Gender being a broken system I fully support as well as the ideal that within society gender needs to be dismantled / abolished. I think the main point I digress comes around here. I feel like there is an innate gender that every person posses. NOW the point I keep flipping on is that gender some form of universal truth that exists inside all of us or is a form of internalised identity understood thru the lens of how society wants to see us and how we want to be seen. The reason for this is two fold 1) It’s impossible to not consider your own gender if you exist in a society that believes in gender 2) having a personal gender and an ideal in identity I think is a much more positive tool than a negative one. That all being said there is a very strong appeal of the genderless void and I think it a most admirable end goal to strive towards

To be honest I have two main gripes with anti-manifesto. 1) I think nihilism in most forms is predicated on a level of societal freedom which doesn’t exist (at least not for myself) 2) like with most theoretical frameworks it requires a level of understanding that is out of reach for most people entering this discourse for the first time. And I count the lack of a pathway into Gender Nihilism as a failing of the framework itself (not a major failing or that it renders the entire thing useless but I consider it a failing none the less). Also there’s issues with context and not addressing societal gender outside of the western binary but that was already addressed by the author.

So yeah I got side tracked 20 times in writting this but I hope this offers some clarification on my thoughts in relation to this as well as an understanding of where my own deconstruction of gender is at ^^ Thanks for asking.