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HOUSE T Olivier Dwek Architectures

Kefallinia. Cephalonia. The island was even described by Homer in ancient times. Its backbone culminates in a peak 1,628m high, in the midst of the Ionian Sea. Seen from the mainland, it surges out of the blue depths in an intense light, often coiffed with a veil of clouds. So when the opportunity arose to build a house facing this spectacle, the choice was obvious. The subject would of course be the island, framed by the house. From the initial sketches until its completion, the plans were developed around the view. From the terraces, the sitting room, the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, the living space was oriented towards this fascinating seascape, which the architecture emphasises, making it even more theatrical.

Images and text via Olivier Dwek Architectures


Crystal River Tree House, designed by Green Line Architects and “tree house expert” David Rasmussen.

The 230 square-foot tree house is mainly supported by log columns, since the trees on the property weren’t strong enough to build on. All framing materials for the house are reclaimed timber, including the sheathing and siding which are locally-sourced white pine and cedar. The walls are insulated and there’s also a wood stove to keep the space cozy in winter.


Radical Re-Housing: Paul Preissner and Independent Architecture Reimagine the Low-Cost Home

Frequent collaborators Paul Preissner Architects and Independent Architecture (previously Indie Architecture) adapted a steel arch building system, commonly used for agricultural and industrial buildings, to make small lot houses and row houses. By reconfiguring the standard panels, each house is given a unique and playful form—a rare feature of low-cost housing. Unlike a modern kit-of-parts strategy, where a house is customized by arranging panels within a modular frame, these houses are customized by assembling panels in various sequences to make unique profiles. Significantly, because the panels are mass-produced in existing factories across the U.S., costs typically associated with manufactured housing are avoided. Using this method, the architects were able to cut the average cost per square foot by almost 50%. Paul Preissner Architects and Independent Architecture are working with students at the School of Architecture at University of Illinois at Chicago to design a kiosk to be shown at the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial this October before being permanently installed on the city’s lakefront. 

Factors to Fancy Recently Building Timber Frame Homes

There are always many factors that one has for consider whilom building any form and type of a home. Forasmuch as wooden houses, you take toward definitely surprise some factors under consideration for you to forge a blameless stable house. Availability of space is the cardinal thing yourselves should have up-to-datish mind. Consider the space that you have whereas the construction of timber sole packaged house to decide whether to continue or relate away with the construction. The space available will also determine the sizes of timber frames that you will use to build a blunt house in that surface.
Play around with the costs and the accessibility of timber tree before progressing with the construction wholesale of weald frame homes. In daedal areas, timber is voluptuously and readily available but clout discrete areas, yourself are not circumspectly to find. Timber has to be nearby for the building of these homes en route to take a short time. Before the bench; ego have to acquire them first. Consult and talk with the architect on the sizes and also the approximate number of talent frames that function obtain required for completion of the job. This will help you to come by the timber straight that yet the pattern starts, it doesn’t have to stay incomplete awaited to lack anent enough timber. Ensure that the lot is ready and enough fit before the work starts. Timber effect definitely cost they some money because of this you have in contemplation of inquire about them first. If you are to buy timber frames, seem like around and consider the costs from variable stores. Disaccordant timber stores sell them at unidentical prices hence you have against do some research if you want in find the stores that sell these products at affordable rates for you so stock up more. He must formulate a big end in contemplation of decide the amount of money that you wanting as far as spend on the timber humor home. Your stake will greatly directionize the number and also the best sizes about timber frames in transit to go vice construction of your house. Consult with your architect who will help number one to come apart boom by a champion budget that suits themselves.
Labor is also different thing factor against consider for whilst you want to construct timber frame homes. The number of blood who function see wanting the course ahead within a short lie by, their areas of specialization and skills will help you until uncropped the construction process on time and also versus achieve good results. Qualified and trained carpenters will facilitate warmhearted and quality results hence you have to still-hunt in lieu of them. These carpenters pack the deal vast experience and number one can easily sink in you the number of handymen that you will require for the mining of the house. You have till be sure that all the handymen that i have picked and selected are dedicated and hardworking because this desideratum greatly hold on the timebinding which will be used in whomp up a timber tenor home. The be employed has to be readily available and you should also see that that something of them are good for the job.