You were getting laundry together when you could hear  roommate!calum’s girlfriend yelling at him. You tried to ignore it but you cringed when you heard a shatter of, what you think, was a picture frame. Leaving the house to give the two of them alone time, you head to go and clean your clothes. 

Stepping into the house, it was quiet. “Calum? Are you still here?” “Yeah im here.” He replied, walking out with a dust pan full of glass to throw away. “Are you guys okay?” “Uh no she broke up with me.” “Oh im sor…” “You know why she broke up with me?” He asked cutting you off. “She called it off because she found this,” Cal held up a pair of your pink panties, “She thought i was sleeping with someone else.” Calum! Why didnt you tell me! I could backed you up!” “In all honesty i was going to end with her anyway. Your panties just gave me an idea.”