Interactive Comics for Smartphones and Tablets

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Framed is a noir (or Mad Men opening reminiscent) puzzle game where the outcome of the story is up to how the players move the panels.

images from the Framed website

Gorogoa consists of four square panels the player must rearrange to solve the “narrative puzzle.”  

“The First Witch” by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett  is a digital comic that utilizes the ‘tilt’ sensors in iPhones and iPads. Readers must tilt the device to look through elements in the story.

image from Karrie Fransman’s website

Vector V53

Pistol version of the V93, which is a U.S clone of the HK 93. It might be an older model or the owner swapped out parts because normally the V53′s have the polymer frame trigger group housing. Muzzle device is also aftermarket and not the standard birdcage style. Mostly impractical as a pistol, majority of the time they are just used as the foundations for SBR builds. (GRH)