Installation for open house at my studio, The Yawn Shop, in Portland OR, fall 2013.

It saddens me that I may have to let this excellent space go for practical reasons, but that may not happen if i can find a studio mate or two.  If you see this post, live in the Portland area, and are dying for a space to work please email me at  The space has awesome natural light, 24/7 access, has amazing views of the city, and plenty of other amazing artists to meet.  Its $130 a month or less if i find two partners. please get a hold of me!


Outfit of the day, plus m*th*rf*ck*ng fr*me cl*st*r progress. Everything I am wearing today is from the Target clearance section (minus the shoes), and yes, I am one of those people who cannot just say “thanks” when someone likes my outfit, but must expound on the very price of said articles of clothing. Which is why I hide at home a lot.