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I’d Sing With You Everytime

Genre: Angst x Fluff

Pairing: Jongdae x FemaleReader

Plot: Series built around Chen’s OST Everytime from Descendants of the Sun

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Originally posted by kyungsuhos

You had woken up smiling to a text from him saying that EXO’s flight to Japan had been moved up because of an interview getting added to their schedule. You’d been staring at the message for half-an hour now, trying to think of what to say.

Did you put the frowny face like you were feeling? Did you encourage him on his schedule? Did you tell him that you missed him already? Did you ask him what last night meant? Did you ignore it and see if he texted you when he landed? Did you…

Your mental struggle was interrupted when your phone lit up with a call. Seeing ‘Jongdae’ startled you so much that you actually squealed and tossed your phone on the bed. Taking a deep breath, you forced yourself to answer it before you chickened out and missed him entirely.

“…Hello?” “Y/N! You answered!” “Haha yes Sunbae, I did. I just woke up a little bit ago actually.” “…..” “Sunbae? Are you still there?” you said, thinking the call had disconnected.

“…I thought I told you to call me Jongdae,” he whispered in a low voice, causing your breath to hitch.

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A little update on the PMV WIP. You can really tell when I stopped caring about how the sketches looked lol. There’s already a couple frames in here i’m planning on replacing with something else. They’re just there as filler frames until I think of something better.